Thursday, April 30, 2009

NASCAR drivers from Martinsville

Trace Adkins at the Martinsville race

As promised, here are the pictures that I took of Trace Adkins.

American Idol

I wasn't able to watch Idol this week--rehearsals for 'Beauty and the Beast' come first. But I just watched a recap of last night's show and I was surprised to see Adam in the bottom three. I'm not a huge Adam fan but didn't expect he would be there and really didn't think he'd be in the bottom two. I'm hoping though that the top two come down to Danny and Allison with Danny being the eventual winner.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

United Airlines discriminates against people of size

NAAFA and AARP have joined forces to fight this latest attempt at discrimination against people of size. If a person is deemed overweight by an agent at the time of boarding, they will be required to pay for a second seat. Fat is the last legal prejudice--when is it going to stop? You can read more about it here:

Beauty and the Beast

Learning new songs is always fun and I'm enjoying the music from Beauty and the Beast. It's also a nice distraction from real life *smile*. Performances are in June so there's plenty of time to get prepared. Blocking which is basically the choreography will begin in the next couple weeks.

Life in the Navy

I should be used to this by now; after all, my daughter has been in for several years. But when "the box" arrived on Thursday, I got choked up once again. The military sends all of the recruit's personal belongings back to the parent in a very unassuming box. It's quite obvious though what's in there and I have yet to open it.

American Idol

Lil Rounds and Anoop went home. I thought that Anoop should've been gone a long time ago but then I don't vote so it's partly my fault lol. I'm sure he'll do fine because he was in the top 10 and I wish him luck. Now as for Lil...she is much better than what she has done in the last few weeks. Her trying to copy the singers is what brought her departure -- in my opinion anyway. Down to the last 5 now so it should get interesting.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

U.S. Navy

My middle son left on Thursday afternoon for basic training in Great Lakes. I am so proud of him. He hopes at some point to join my daughter who is stationed in Norfolk, VA. She's on her third enlistment and works for an Admiral. I admire both of them for their committment. Please remember and support all of our military.

Rodney Carrington

Rodney Carrington was fantastic on Thursday night at the LaCrosse Center. I laughed more in one night than I have in a long time. He had a very nice tribute at the end for a very good friend of his that is not with us anymore. If he's back in the area, I recommend seeing him--you won't be disappointed.

Beauty and the Beast

Rehearsals start on Monday for 'Beauty and the Beast.' I'm very excited because I haven't been in a musical since last year when I played Tweedle Dum in 'Alice and Wonderland.' It will be great to get back on the big stage.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Locks of Love

My band, my son, and I all performed at the Cancer Telethon in January. While I was on stage for my solo talking with the MC, I admitted to him that I would cut my hair for Locks of Love. Now, you have to understand that other than trims, I haven't really "cut" my hair in over 30 years and it was quite long. I love my hair! Well, it's shorter now and I think I even cried a little when she cut off that pony tail lol. But it's for a good cause and I would urge anyone thinking about it to go to to learn more. I got a card from them thanking me for my donation. I didn't really expect anything back from them but I will keep this card and use it to spread the word.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol

The results are in for American Idol tonight. Scott went home. I'm sorry to see him go but he really shouldn't have played the guitar with that song. It sounded so awesome tonight and I thought that he should've been saved. Obviously Simon didn't feel the same way. Kellie Pickler performed her new song tonight. I loved it!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Martinsville race

I had quite the adventure at the Martinsville race. Trace Adkins was there. He walked around the track with 500 local workers. After the walk, he got on the flat bed trailer that is used as victory lane. I happened to be just a few feet from him and got some awesome pictures. I also got in with the reporters on the track and got pictures of Dale Jr., Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Mark Martin, and Ricky Hendrick as they signed the top of a car. Watch this blog for those pictures!!