Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Star Wars and baseball

In the minor leagues, the Mud Hens will be honoring Star Wars with new jerseys for the weekend.  After the game, the jerseys will be auctioned off to raise money for local charities.  The jerseys have a Chewbacca look to them.  Specials that day will be Yoda soda and Darth chocolate brownie sundaes among others.  Star Wars characters will also make appearances at the game.  Star Wars day

In Minnesota, the weather changes so quickly

In Minnesota we're so used to the changing weather.  So folks in eastern Minnesota weren't surprised when they saw spiky mounds of ice on a beach.  Yep, that's springtime in Minnesota!  ice in the spring


Friday, April 26, 2013

Fired anchor's new gig

After dropping the "f" bomb on his very first day as a weekend anchor, A.J. Clemente has become a web star.  His new job offer comes from the "Today" show.  He will be greeting stars on the red carpet at the opening for Pierce Brosnan's "Love Is All You Need."  fired anchor

floating head

It was 7 feet tall and just floating in the Hudson River.  Rowers from Marist College discovered the head while practicing.  They managed to get it to shore but the mystery remains:  where did it come from?  head in water

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Billy Currington

Billy Currington has been indicted on charges that he threatened a person who is over 65.  Apparently the man was hosting a tour on a boat and came near Currington's property.  Words were exchanged and the man claims that he was almost run over by Currington in his own boat.  There may be more to this story than what we're hearing.  Billy Currington

life jacket for a fish

The best pet owner ever has saved his goldfish from dying.  The fish got swim bladder disease which caused it to flip upside down and sink to the bottom.  Leighton Naylor constructed a life jacket for his goldfish so that it could still swim.  life jacket

ladybugs to the rescue

The Mall of America has a problem with aphids.  Instead of using pesticides to control them, they are releasing thousands of ladybugs which eat the aphids.  ladybugs

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

officer delivers milk

During the lockdown in Boston, the Wells had run out of milk for their 17-month old son.  They weren't sure what to do so McKenzie Wells bravely walked to a police officer at the end of the block to ask for help.  The officer brought them milk and refused to be paid for the cost.  The picture has gone viral.  So many heroes!!!

want to live on Mars?

The Mars One Project is taking applications on their website for a one-way trip to Mars.  Every couple of years, 4 person teams would be sent to Mars with no guarantee of ever coming back.  There will possibly be a reality tv show that will help pay the costs.  trip to Mars

Anchor fired

It was his first day of work; he was nervous; and he dropped the "f" bomb.  A.J. Clemente dropped two swear words before he even went on-air.  The video has gone viral and he's now been fired.  anchor

Monday, April 22, 2013

Green building in Seattle

Denis Hayes started Earth Day back in 1970 and since then he has watched as things have greatly improved.  He still thinks that more can be done.  He has now built a self-sustaining building.  It has solar panels on the roof that will provide all of it's electricity and a cistern in the basement that will collect rain water for it's water needs.  green building

Reese Witherspoon puts officer in national news

When her husband was pulled over for DUI, Reese threatened to put the arresting officer in the national news.  That's exactly what happened but the officer didn't care.  She was arrested for disorderly conduct and has now apologized for her behavior.  Seems being a celebrity doesn't always give you a "get out of jail free" card.  Reese

Complete strangers helping to replace boat

David Henneberry was just going outside for a smoke after Boston citizens were able to leave their homes again.  He noticed something amiss with his prized boat.  After calling 911, a gunfight ensued and the second bombing suspect was found lying in the boat.  Henneberry now has a boat with a bunch of bullet holes in it.  There are complete strangers who want his boat to be replaced and are sending money to make sure that happens.  boat

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Comfort dogs travel to Boston

The furry counselors are in Boston until Sunday staying at First Lutheran Church.  They will also visit people that are still in the hospital recovering from their wounds.  These are the same dogs that went to Newtown, Connecticut after the tragedy there.  People talk to dogs and it makes them feel better--they seem to have a calming effect.  comfort dogs

Soldiers rush to help

Twenty active duty soldiers were walking in the Boston Marathon.  They started at 5:30 in the morning carrying supply filled packs for a Tough Ruck charity event.   After reaching the finish line, the bombs went off.  Without even thinking, they rushed to help the wounded.  soldiers

When gator's visit...

Diana Andrews was about to take her dog for a walk but when she opened the front door of her Hilton Head Island, South Carolina home, she found a 12 foot alligator.  She narrowly got her dog away from the gator by grabbing the dog's tail and pulling it back towards her.  Diana and her husband were basically held hostage in their own home for about 5 hours as they waited to be rid of their unwanted guest.  The alligator had to be put down because of it's size and aggressiveness.  gator visitor

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cat loves McDonald's

A kitten was abandoned and took up residency in the parking lot of a McDonald's.  Customers knew to look for the cat and even started buying extra food for Frankie.  But just as a junk food diet is not healthy for people, it is also a bad idea for a cat.  Frankie was in bad shape when he was rescued by a McDonald's customer.  Jessica Watson who is also an SPCA worker, took Frankie home and finally convinced him to eat cat food.  He's now doing well.  Frankie

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

heroes emerge from tragedy

Many people in the greater Boston area are stepping up to help total strangers in the wake of the bombing tragedy.  A spreadsheet lists names, numbers, and addresses  of people who have something to offer.  Some even have food ready for visitors.  good people

Monday, April 15, 2013

Justin Bieber...epic fail...again!

While Justin Bieber is on tour in Amsterdam., he decided to visit the Ann Frank House.  So far so good...but he decided to leave a message in the guest book. 
"Truly inspiring to be able to come here.  Anne was a great girl.  Hopefully she would have been a belieber."
Apparently he just couldn't go without putting in an ad about himself.  What was he thinking?  He's gotten a lot of backlash about it.  Bieber's insensitive message

Friday, April 12, 2013


In addition to fly-overs at sporting events, the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds have been grounded due to budget cuts.  At least for the rest of this year, they will not be making public appearances.  So sad to see those things end but cuts have to be made.  grounded

Thursday, April 11, 2013

ducks make a difference

A box of 500 ducks was delivered to Sandy Hook students at their new home in Chalk Hill School.  So many gifts have been sent that the school didn't know what to do with them.  Todd Keeping, an officer assigned to the new school, and his partner decided to place them around the school for students, staff, and parents to take home.  The ducks disappeared quickly so more were purchased to take their place.  Donated ducks can be sent to a special address and will be placed in the school for whoever wants them.  There is a facebook page with over 5,000 likes so far.  Keeping is also looking for pictures of the ducks from where they've traveled and maybe even some celebrities will pose with them.  helping ducks

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Taylor Swift's ACM date

Taylor Swift wasn't seen with her date but he was there.  Last year Kevin McGuire asked Taylor to his senior prom.  Kevin is battling leukemia and his sister launched a facebook page to get Taylor to accept his invitation.  Swift's schedule however made it impossible for her to attend but instead she invited Kevin to the ACM's last year.  He couldn't go because he was too ill.  So the invitation was extended to this year.  Kevin and his family were there in the back of the theater.  They hung out with Taylor in her hotel room before the show and had pictures taken.  Then they met her backstage afterwards.  Taylor's special date

what causes more accidents than texting while driving?

According to new research by the Erie Insurance Group, daydreaming is 5 times more likely to cause an accident than texting.  Apparently there are a lot of drivers out there who are lost in thought.  That's scary.  daydreaming

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

gas prices

Experts are claiming that gas will fall below the $3 a gallon mark.  The good supply is bringing prices down in spite of a reduction in Middle East production.  The US will soon produce more than Saudi Arabia.  Here's looking forward to less than $3 a gallon!!  cheaper gas

Friday, April 5, 2013

A game that may never be played.

Jason Rohrer created a board game and then buried it in the Nevada Desert.  It's called, "A Game For Someone."  Jason gave clues to it's whereabouts to game developers from a San Francisco conference but he also gave some clues that were misleading.  The game may not be played for 3000 years.  buried game

Dolls for Downs

A young girl just wanted a doll that looked like her.  But after browsing through catalogs, simply could not find one.  Her mother found a doll creator who was willing to make one.  And now Hannah has a comforting toy that boosts her self-esteem.  Doll

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Eric Duchame had an obsession with mermaids since he was 6.  He even had mermaids at his 13th birthday party.  He has now turned his love into a growing business.  He sells mermaid tails--even to Lady Gaga.  When he goes swimming, he puts on his tail and goes off to his own little corner to get away.  merman

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

6-year-old gives back

Last December, Jake June spent some time at Stony Brook Long Island Children's Hospital due to a bad case of stomach flu.  He wanted to give something back so he held a fund raiser at his father's business.  He sold iced tea and cookies which raised $275.  His mother helped him find a place to buy coloring books in bulk.  Jake chose coloring books to donate because the hospital had plenty of crayons but no books.  Jake was able to provide 1,800 coloring books.  donation

The gate to hell

It does exist.  Francesco D'Andrea used mythological accounts to locate the gate.  The site has poisonous gases at the opening and it is deadly to enter.  gate

real life mermaid

Linden Wolbert always loved the water and would daydream about it while she was at her 9-5 job.  In 2005, she finally took the dive into what she always wanted to do.  She became a mermaid. Parties and high-end appearances aren't the only place she wears her tail, she also does some pro-bono work.  mermaid

wedding crasher

Conan O'Brien crashed a wedding on Saturday.  He just happened to be staying at the same hotel in Atlanta where the reception was being held.  He wasn't officially invited but one of the bridesmaid's had tweeted him an invitation just on the off chance he might like to join them.  He stayed for about an hour.  famous guest

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tree shoots man

A man in Iowa was shooting at a tree when one of the bullets came back at him.  Sunday morning, Logan Bunn transported himself to a hospital in Lacrosse, WI and is expected to survive after being shot by the tree.  But I would bet he's done target practicing with such a dangerous object.  tree

Treehouse hotels

If you're looking for a unique hotel experience, how about a treehouse?  You can relive your childhood fantasy of enjoying a treehouse and it gives a great view from the treetops.  hotels

Star Wars toy pulled

A Star Wars Lego's toy has been discontinued because some say that it looks like a mosque (although that's not the reason claimed by Lego for pulling the toy off the market).  The building belongs to Jabba the Hutt and critics don't want the association with the villain.  I don't see that it resembles it that much and wouldn't be offended but you decide...here are the two pictures.

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools courtesy of Google

Google recently purchased YouTube and just announced that it will shut down the site.  That's because it was originally meant as a contest to find the best video.  On April 2, the judging will begin and the site will reopen in 2023 after a winner has been announced.  joke