Monday, October 31, 2016

selfie idiot

A woman was taking a topless selfie for her boyfriend.  The worst part is that she was driving while she did it.  After she crashed into a patrol car...yes, she crashed into a cop...officers found an open bottle of wine in her cup holder.  She told the cops that she was taking the selfie which caused the accident.  I'm thinking that's part of the story that she should've kept to herself...I think the open alcohol was trouble enough for her.  underage drinking

not a toy

A 7-year old girl in Rochester NH was at a pizzeria with her family when she put money into a toy machine.  A small egg was dispensed but there was no toy in it.  Instead it had three pills in it.  After taking it to the police, it was determined the two of them were blood pressure meds and the third was for kidney stones.  The restaurant has removed all of their toy machines and is investigating along with the police.  surprise in plastic egg

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

self-driving truck

First it was google's self-driving car and now a semi that can deliver beer without a driver.  Budweiser had the truck built and it rolled out for it's first journey.  It's route took it from Fort Collins, CO through Denver and ended in Colorado Springs.  There was a licensed professional truck driver on board throughout the entire time to monitor the trip.  I'd have to take a double take if I saw any vehicle driving down the road without a driver.  here comes the beer

tree stunt

The man who blocked traffic while wearing a tree costume has said that it was performance art.  Asher Woodworth says that him inching across the busy intersection in Portland, Maine was "designed to reflect a contrast in the energies of economy and efficiency and the energies of slowness and magic."  But he was moving too slowly for the police and he was arrested.  He's out on $60 bail.  slow moving tree

cat mug shot

A man in Norman, OK wore a shirt with the mugshot of a cat on it...while the man was robbing a bank.  He claimed to have a gun but no weapon was visible.  He got away with money and now the FBI is involved.  Kind of ironic about the cat mugshot...hope he doesn't love the shirt because that's going to be a dead giveaway if he ever wears it again.  wrong shirt

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

tree blocking traffic

A man in Portland, Maine was arrested after he was warned by police not to block traffic.  He was charged with obstructing public way.  The man dressed as an evergreen tree and was in the road.  His friend said that he was jsut trying to study traffic patterns.  Wouldn't there be another way to do that?  tree

Monday, October 24, 2016

elephant love

Shirley and Jenny were in a circus together 22 years ago.  The elephants were separated after spending a winter together.  Now they are at the same sanctuary and workers didn't know whether they would remember each other.  Their reunion was caught on film.  See the touching video here

halloween must

A man in Windber, Pennsylvania lives in a haunted hotel.  He's decided to paint the roof like a Quija Board.  It will be 44 feet by 29 feet and will be the largest ever built and will be featured in the Guiness Book of World Records.  Guiness actually created the category for him.  He plans to be finished by Halloween and offer tours of his home for $10.  Quija board

peanut butter protest

A woman in Amherst, WI decided to let her feelings known about Donald Trump.  She entered what she thought was a rally for Trump and started screaming about how she hated him.  She left when asked but then went outside and smeared peanut butter all over the 30 some cars parked outside.  She drew phallic symbols and wrote profanities in peanut butter.  Her blood alcohol level was 0.218.  She's been arrested for disorderly conduct.  Trump hater

Friday, October 21, 2016

more clown news

A Mississippi County has decided to ban all clowns for a while.  No trick or treat in a clown costume.  No birthday clowns.  No clowns in parades.  It is now against the law to dress as a clown and anyone caught in any clown costume faces a fine.  The County just has had enough of the whole creepy clown thing. They're saying that it's a safety concern because no one knows what would happen if someone sees a clown in their yard. They will lift the ban on November 1st.  no clowns

skull on stick

There's a lot of that sort of stuff right now because Halloween is coming up soon.  But in Sacramento, a woman walking down the street with a skull on a stick was followed by police where she led them to a decomposing body.  The coroner will determine what the cause of death was and the identity of the deceased.  creepy

Thursday, October 20, 2016


The clowns are now the ones who are scared.  Real clowns who only want to make people happy are having a hard time after several creepy clown sightings have occurred around the world.  The World Clown Association is sending out safety tips to it's members like waiting to get dressed after getting to a party or taking a handler with them.  But even with the safety tips, clowns are seeing a decrease in business because kids are afraid of them.  creepy clowns causing problems for real clowns

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


If children decided who would be our next President, it would be Hillary Clinton.  Every year Scholastic conducts a poll to see how children would vote.  Their poll has mirrored the actual election since 1940.  There was a higher number of children adding a write-in candidate this year which Scholastic said was not what they had seen in past years.  Hillary Clinton got 52%, Donald Trump 35%, and "other" got 13 %.  if kids voted


A Minnesota couple wanted to do something special for their wedding.  So instead of flowers, they had puppies in their pictures.  The wedding party didn't know about the dogs until they went outside  for the photo session.  Kathryn and Brad Ziemer of Maple Grove love the work that is being done by Secondhand Hounds and wanted to bring attention to it.  Thirteen pit bull puppies were included in their wedding pictures.  secondhand hounds

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

sleeping in a coffin

Count Dracula's castle will welcome two guests on Halloween night.  They are not allowed to bring any garlic or garlic scented items including perfume.  There will be two velvet lined coffins in the count's crypt.  The two lucky guests will walk through a labyrinth and then enjoy a dinner of "A hearty, blood enriching meal of robber beef steak and paprika hendl chicken."  Then they are off to their coffins for the night.  They will be totally alone for the entire night.  Count Dracula's guests  

Monday, October 17, 2016

not pokemon go

Two professors at Dartmouth College have come up with a new app based on the popular Pokemon Go game.  It's called HillaryDonald Go.  You can find the nearest Hillary or Donald booth and send them "good vibes" so that they can grow in support.  When they get enough, the candidate's face appears in the booth and players then can hear clips from the campaigns.  Will you be hunting for these creatures?  new game


The New Hampshire race track was the scene of some action that had nothing to do with turning left.  The track held a pumpkin chucking contest with pumpkins as large as 1000 pounds flying down the track.  They even chucked others things like cars, motorcycles, a boat, and even pianos.  Teams came from all over to launch pumpkins into the sky.  track action

Friday, October 14, 2016

drug addict

A woman in Massachusetts was carrying her mother's ashes in her glove compartment.  She intended to spread the ashes in places that her mother loved.  They were in a plastic bag which was placed inside a box.  Unfortunately someone stole the bag of ashes and she fears that it was a drug addict who may have ingested them.  Whoever took them left behind money, expensive glasses, and a gold chain.  She's hoping for the ashes to be questions asked.  ashes

Thursday, October 13, 2016

elephant seal

Phyllis is a tracked elephant seal and the University of California Santa Cruz says that it has traveled the furthest west than any other.  By the time that Phyllis returns to California, she will have traveled 7400 miles.  Elephant seals normally travel about 2000 miles on their 8 month trek.  That means Phyllis now holds the record.  long journey

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

epic fail

A bridge in Arkansas was found to be structurally unsafe so it was set to be imploded.  But after the charges went off, the bridge was still there.  A demolition that should've taken 30 seconds, instead took 5 hours.  The crews eventually had to attach a cable and pull it down.  Guess the bridge wasn't as unsafe as they thought.  bridge

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

saving a car from a hurricane

A man in Florida decided the only way to protect his precious BMW from Hurricane Matthew was to drive it into his house.  He pulled it into the entryway through his double doors so it wouldn't get damaged.  And his plan worked.  inside his house

Christmas tree

Reading, Pennsylvania is one of the poorest towns in the nation.  So when it was time to erect their town Christmas tree, they chose one from a local ball field.  It was lopsided and the city was criticized for it.  But instead of playing into the guilt, they instead placed one red bulb on the tree just like the one in a Charlie Brown cartoon.  They were then praised for embracing the true spirit of Christmas.  This year they're not taking any chances.  They will be using a fake tree in the town square which will last about 20 years.  I like the idea of the lopsided tree with one red bulb better.  Christmas spirit

Monday, October 10, 2016

clowns have gone international

The phenomenon of creepy clowns that has been plaguing US cities is now happening in Australia and New Zealand.  Copy-cat clowns have been blowing up social media in those countries and one woman said that she was chased by a clown carrying a knife.  Police have issued stern warnings for anyone trying to intimidate others by posing as clowns.  They also warn that they could be in danger if citizens attack them out of fear.  clowns

Friday, October 7, 2016

proof of bigfoot?

An eagle cam in Michigan may have caught proof that the legendary bigfoot actually exists.  The cam shows a large figure walking on two legs beneath the nest.  An expert says that the video doesn't really show any compelling evidence.  But it is too upright to be a bear.  So the question remains...does bigfoot exist?  video

where the votes belong

A farmer in New Hampshire decided to let customers at his farm stand put their votes where they really belong.  He is using an outhouse and letting voters drop their votes in the toilet.  He plans to count the votes next month just for fun.  outhouse voting

Thursday, October 6, 2016


A young bull moose has been taking in the sights in Bismark, North Dakota.  Everywhere he goes, he's drawing an audience but police warn that he's probably stressed and could be dangerous if approached.  Residents have been told to keep some distance between themselves and the moose.  It is the time of the year that mother's kick their young out to fend for themselves so that's probably why he wandered into town.  moose

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

should've known better

Two teachers are in trouble after vandalizing a new sidewalk.  The Vermont teachers drew on a wet cement sidewalk hoping that the drawing would stimulate their special needs students while on their walks.  But the city didn't see any educational value in what they say was a drawing of a rat with the initials "J.R."  The teachers claim that it was supposed to be a dinosaur.  They've already written letters of apology to the city and will be required to do community service along with paying a fine.  teachers

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Disney's Halloweentown is a real place and you can visit.  St. Helens, Oregon is the place where the movie was filmed and they have a Halloweentown celebration every year.  It includes activities throughout the month of October.  Some of the stars from the movie even make appearances.  Now I've got another thing on my bucket list.  halloweentown

pizza party

A pizza party sounds like fun but there's a pizza party in Massachusetts that is a political party.  And it's recognized by the state.  But there's no fund raising and no candidate has ever run for office.  The party has 184 registered voters which makes it eligible to be listed at a "political designation" on the state secretary's website.  To be listed as an official party, it would need 42,000 registered voters.  pizza in politics

Monday, October 3, 2016

plastic wrap bikini

Stephen Wojciehowski decided to fashion a bikini out of plastic wrap and wear it to a New Jersey beach.  He was arrested for lewdness because the bikini was see-through and exposed all of his manhood.  It makes me wonder, "what was he thinking?"  moron

New York disaster

An artist erected a monument in Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan.  It's just a short distance from other monuments honoring soldiers, sailors, and mariners lost at sea or on the battlefield.  It's in memory of the 400 lives lost when a ferry was pulled to the bottom of the river by a giant octopus 53 years ago.  What?  There's a giant octopus in the river off Battery Park?  No, it's all a hoax made up by the artist.  It took him 6 months to build everything he needed to "prove" his story.  There's a website, documentary, newspaper articles, and glossy fliers that direct tourists to a fake Staten Island Ferry Disaster Memorial Museum across the harbor.  The artist has to move the memorial every two days or the city will remove it.  fake memorial