Friday, July 29, 2016

drunk in a bar

A Shetland
pony named Mocha lives behind a bar in a garden.  He broke into the bar and decided to help himself to a few drinks.  He got drunk and had to be coaxed out with some bar snacks.  The owner says that Mocha usually drinks water but it seems he's discovered a taste for other things as well.  pony partakes

Thursday, July 28, 2016

trailer of pallets

It's not unusual to see a trailer full of pallets going down the road ahead of you.  What is strange is when you discover that it's not attached to a truck.  That happened in California.  A driver was filming as he approached the trailer and as he passed it, he noticed that the truck was missing.  It was just headed down the road all by itself.  Apparently the truck driver didn't realize that he had lost his trailer at first.  He was seen on the side of the road about a half mile later. video

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bull takes a break

In Spain it's the running of the bulls and one of the bulls decided to take a break during the action.  It used it horns to open the door of a bank.  Maybe it just wanted to enjoy some air conditioning or he was done playing.  Luckily some runners managed to hold the door open so that the bull could escape.  bull in a bank

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


A family in Australia got quite a surprise.  There was an intruder in their house and what they found was a 5 1/2 foot crocodile in their bathroom.  It wasn't doing well because someone had taped it's mouth shut.  The home owner wasn't freaked about the croc being in her house but was a bit unsettled that someone had come into her home and put it there.  Officials have taken it to a farm to get medical attention.  bathroom visitor

Monday, July 25, 2016

dog drags baby

A family in Australia decided to give an abused  doberman a new home and named him Khan.  But after seeing it drag their 17-month-old baby across the yard, they thought they had made a terrible mistake.  But the dog saw something that they didn't.  A snake was coming towards their daughter and the dog saved the baby.  The snake was extremely poisonous and someone the size of a baby would not have made it to help in time.  Unfortunately Khan got bit by the snake in his paw.  He was rushed to the vet and is doing fine.  The fanily is
very glad they rescued that pooch.  hero dog

Friday, July 22, 2016

cats to the rescue

Cats from The Treehouse Humane Society in Chicago are working for their keep.  Four cats have moved into a brewery and are taking care of the building's rodent problem.  Venkman, Egor, Ray, and Gozer don't eat the grain but are very good at keeping the rodents from getting to it.  This helps keep the beer making process sterile. Venkman who is the lead brewery cat even has his own twitter account to chronicle their adventures.  Cats at Work

Thursday, July 21, 2016


A janitor at an art show decided to throw out the trash.  That's his job.  There was a trash can filled with brightly colored trash with a raccoon nearby.  The janitor got rid of the trash can but left the raccoon behind.  The art piece was worth $8000 and luckily it wasn't destroyed.  The trash can has been replaced next to the raccoon.  oops

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


A video is circulating of a man in a wheel chair speeding and weaving in and out of traffic.  A person that was a passenger on a motorcycle behind began filming and posted it.  Police don't know if it's a publicity stunt or if there's more to it.  They haven't been able to identify the rider.  wheel chair

Attacked by a Lemur

Lemurs aren't indigenous to Florida but a woman in Miami heard scratching at her door and when she opened it, there was a Lemur.  She was attacked and required stitches on the wounds.  Officials believe that the Lemur was someone's pet but have not been able to locate the owner.  FL Lemur

Snakes on a Plane

The movie became a reality when William Lamar was caught with seven Peruvian snakes at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.  The snakes were very small with each being about 6 inches long.  He had them in plastic containers inside his jacket.  They were discovered while William was trying to board a commuter plane to Tyler, TX.  Five of the snakes were poisonous.  snakes

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

bad husband

A bride discovered that she had a bad husband and it was on her wedding day.  They were riding on his scooter when he went over a speed bump and she fell off.  He never noticed that she was gone.  Luckily some bystanders helped her after her tumble as her husband can be seen riding off without her.  The video was posted to facebook.  I wonder how long it took him to notice. falling bride

Monday, July 18, 2016

Monkey adopts puppy

At first, locals didn't understand what the monkey was doing but they soon realized that the monkey had adopted the puppy as his own.  It's an unlikely relationship but it works well for both.  The puppy had been homeless and is now cared for by the monkey.  inseparable 

Elvis lives!

Many are claiming to have seen Elvis alive since the news of his death shook the music world in 1977.  Now there are some who are claiming to have seen him at Graceland as the gardener.  Pictures and videos have been posted of the 81-year-old King.  Is Elvis still alive and maintaining the grounds at Graceland?  Elvis

Friday, July 15, 2016


A picture is circulating on the internet that was taken just after an accident happened.  A motorcyclist was involved and died later at the hospital.  the pic shows a white mist forming above the scene.  Some are claiming it's the soul leaving it's body.  What do you think?  white mist

Thursday, July 14, 2016


UFO spotters are claiming that NASA shut down the live feed from the International Space Station just as a mysterious object entered the area.  They're not saying that it was an alien spacecraft but that it's strange that the feed went down just at that time.  NASA, of course, denies that it ever shuts down the feed and that the only reason the cameras are is the loss of signal from the station.  Could it be an alien spacecraft or just a meteor?  Watch the video

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer is fed up with all of the attention about whether or not she's pregnant.  She's had enough and is finally speaking out against body shaming.  Her points are right on the money.  She feels there is a warped standard of beauty and only each of us is allowed to decide what is beautiful for our own bodies.  She wants consumers to stop buying the bulls**t.  I applaud her for her views!  we're all beautiful


An alligator is back in the news.  This time in Minnesota.  A baby alligator was discovered on a bike trail near Brainerd.  When an owner couldn't be located, the critter was taken to Safari North Wildlife Park.  saved

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

walking the dogs

An Indiana shelter has made a plea to Pokemon Go players.  They want them to come walk a dog while they're out looking for Pokemon.  Everybody wins in that situation.  Players get to play their game plus get exercise and so do the dogs.  great idea

Controversy in Minnesota

Some police officers who were working security at a Lynx game, walked off the job because the players wore warm-up outfits with "Black Lives Matter" printed on the back.  Some are applauding the cops for their actions but others are saying that we need to come together and start a dialogue to end all of the violence.  cops quit

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pokemon Go

It's a very popular game and it's estimated to surpass Twitter in users.  The game has to access your GPS, camera, contacts, and SD card contents.  This makes is extremely easy for the company to collect all sorts of data about the player.  And it's also a ripe opportunity for hackers to steal all that information.  Be aware of what you are allowing to be used when you install the app.  pokemon

citizens take a stand

Armed citizens began guarding police stations in Patton Village in Texas.  They were showing their support for law enforcement in the wake of the shootings in Dallas.  They stood there for hours.  Other people in the town showed up later in the day to bring the guards water and food.  A great show of solidarity!  citizen guards

Monday, July 11, 2016

Craig Morgan's son missing

Nineteen-year-old Jerry Greer, son of country singer Craig Morgan, has been missing since Sunday, July 10.  A search and rescue has been ongoing since then because of a 911 call that came in about a boating accident.  Crews have been out on the Kentucky lake all night and are also using an underwater vehicle to search.  Prayers to the family

bank robber

A guy decides to take a shotgun into a bank and demand money.  When the teller refuses to let him into the back area, he leaves with no cash.  That may have been the end of the story but the guy is getting away and then crashes into a cop car.  After also hitting a utility pole, he flees on foot, drops the gun, and is caught with the help of bystanders.  He'll have lots of time to think about his actions before following through on them.  stupid thief

Friday, July 8, 2016

strange dog

A dog in India has been observed circling a temple.  Not just once but all day long.  The dog lives nearby at a local bakery and gets up around 4am to begin it's rounds.  It's drawn attention to the area with people coming just to watch the dog's strange behavior.  Some have ideas as to why the dog behaves so strangely but no one really knows why.  circling pooch

Thursday, July 7, 2016


A couple teens started a fight at a Walmart.  It was all over something that a 24-year-old was wearing.  It escalated to involve the friends and family of the two sides.  Some even went to the sporting goods section to get baseball bats.  I have honestly never seen anything at a Walmart that warranted fighting over it.  stupidity

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

dog tv

A company has created a remote for your dog.  Now the dog can be in charge of the tv.  Or maybe someone who's eyesight isn't what it used to be lol.  It's made of plastic and can take a chewing from a dog.  Being waterproof will protect it from drool or other fluids.  Happy watching pooches!  remote

Saturday, July 2, 2016

food fight

A bowl of chips...$5.  A choice of or red.  Seems simple enough but for some reason that turned into a huge fight in a Mexican restaurant.  The food flew and so did the chairs until the restaurant was cleared.  Just eat the chips and reason to fight.  But if I have the choice, I'll take the red salsa. video

Friday, July 1, 2016

dead cat

A person found a dead cat and was very upset about it so they took it to a local shelter.  The manager took the animal in the back room so that he could examine it to see if there was any identification.  That way, they could notify the owner.  But what he discovered turned out to be comical instead of sad.  It was a mud covered dog puppet.  If only all those situations could end up that way.  toy