Saturday, July 28, 2012

$15,000 burns

A man in Sydney Australia sold his car for $15,000. He wanted to hide the money until it was needed. His choice of a hiding place was not the best. He chose the oven because it was rarely used. Until...his children decided they wanted chicken nuggets and his wife turned on the oven. That was a very expensive meal. burned $$$

Boy Scouts defect

Several Eagle Scouts have returned their medals because BSA will not allow gays in their ranks. It started with one man and his wife posting about it on facebook. Others followed suit--so far the Boy Scouts organization has not changed their policy. eagle scout medals

Angel over vigil?

During a vigil, a picture was taken showing the theater where the tragic shooting occurred in Aurora, Colorado. Some say there is an angel in the clouds. You decide.

Young boy flies unaccompanied to Rome

Children fly unaccompanied all the time. There are certain safety measures put into place to make sure that the child is never alone and an adult must drop them off at the gate and a designated adult must pick them up on the other end. This young British boy somehow got onto a plane alone without a ticket. Security let him pass and apparently the gate attendants didn't ask him for one. He was discovered when other passengers noticed that he was alone. This happened just days before the Olympics were to start. So much for heightened security! boy flies to Rome
no parents and no passport

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tracy Byrd and wife hurt

A two vehicle accident sent Tracy Byrd and his wife to the hospital. Tracy's wife underwent a couple of surgeries on her foot but was in good spirits. The driver of the other car was cited with failure to yield. Tracy

Friday, July 13, 2012

Wizard of Oz returns

The movie will not be a remake of the original movie though. This will take place before Dorothy ever traveled to Oz. Michelle Williams will play Glinda the Good Witch and Mila Kunis will be the Wicked Witch. Oz

new judges on American Idol

Steven Tyler has announced that he will be leaving American Idol to pursue Aerosmith business. J Lo has also hinted that she may be leaving. It will be interesting to see who will take their places on the show.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Heineken official beer of the Olympics

A lot of British people are upset that Heineken has been named as the official beer for the Olympics. It's a Dutch import and they feel that a British beer should've been chosen. heineken

Dead man watched NASCAR

A woman kept her boyfriend around for at least 18 months after he died so that they could watch NASCAR together. Of course she cashed his social security check too so I don't think NASCAR was her only concern. Linda Chase of Michigan kept Charles Zigler clean, dressed, and sitting in his chair. They watch an entire season of NASCAR and then some until Zigler's family became worried that they hadn't heard from him in a while and that's when police found his body. dead man watching NASCAR

Thursday, July 5, 2012

$11,000 for summer camp

Professional and Olympic coaches teach the children. Equestrian classes, broadway plays, and canoe trips are only a few of the things in which the children participate. The adult to child ratio is 1:2. But don't be too anxious to send your children--the waiting list is a long one. summer camp

Things you may not know about "American Pie"

Don McLean never told anyone about his meanings behind the hit song. We'll probably never know exactly what he meant but many have made guesses. Some facts are clear. American Pie

Internet troubles on Monday?

Malware may knock out thousands of internet users on Monday, July 9. The malware has been in place for a year but safe servers will be turned off on Monday and those that haven't corrected the problem could have issues. Users can find out if they are infected and get it fixed before Monday. fix internet issue