Saturday, December 31, 2011


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Janet Jackson wins award

She shouldn't really be happy about this one though. PETA has awarded her top honors as "Grinch of the year." Janet is designing a new line of clothing for Blackglama. She refuses to denounce fur so PETA's membership has denounced her. Cameron Crowe and Kim Kardashian are also on PETA's list. Grinch

New Year--new laws

Around the country there will be 40,000 new laws that go into effect in 2012. There will be new laws dealing with the usual stuff like abortions, immigration, civil unions of gays, and protecting the young. In Utah it will be illegal to have drink specials so no more happy hour for them and in Georgia, golf carts will need new safety features if they will be driven off of the course. new laws

Monday, December 26, 2011

suitcase zoo

A man packed 247 animals into his suitcase and tried to board a plane. Luckily a scanner saw movement in the suitcase and had to investigate. Two animals were dead and others were in danger of dying during the flight. The man faces 10 years in prison for attempted smuggling of the animals. packed suitcase

Here's your sign.

This sign has been dubbed the best fan sign of the year. It comes from the Packers/Bears game on Christmas day. Don't mess with a smart woman! sign

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Rich from $1

An Australian woman played a slot machine on $1 left by someone else. She hit a jackpot of $100,000 but the casino refused to pay because of a rule stating that a person cannot win from abandoned money. The rules have been relaxed since then and the casino has handed over a check. $1 win

Lost dog returns in time for Christmas

Dogs get lost and returned all the time. This one though was thought to be dead. Stevie Oedipus Wonder was born blind and was abused and abandoned by a previous owner. Stevie was taken in by Belinda Gutierrez earlier this year. He accidently slipped out of the house one day. The landlord claimed that the dog had died but to everyone's surprise, he came home just in time for the holidays. All of this happened thanks to an animal care shelter, a teacher, and craigslist. blind dog

Baby Noel

A newborn baby was left in a box near a church in Philadelphia. She was almost thrown out with the trash but luckily was discovered in time to save her. Homer Keller, an employee of the church, was cleaning up outside and was ready to put the box in the trash when he heard a sound. He thought there was a kitten in the box until he pulled back the cover and discovered the 5-hour old baby. She's doing well but there are no clues as to who her mother might be. baby

Another big donation for the Salvation Army

Someone in Wisconsin dropped a single coin into a red kettle. That is not anything unusual until we get into the story a bit further. The gold coin is worth $1600. The Salvation Army wasn't sure at first that it was real but they were real pleased to find not only that it was real but also what it was worth. gold coin

Sunday, December 18, 2011

anonymous donation

A woman called the Salvation Army to say that she had left something "special" in one of their kettles. The surprise was retrieved; it was a $2,000 ring wrapped in a $50 bill. A note accompanied the gift which read that it was needed more by others than the original owner. ring donation

"Sister Wives" in court

Kody Brown and his 4 wives would like to return to Utah but are facing legal problems because of their plural marriage. They've filed suit against the state of Utah claiming that their constitutional rights have been violated. They testified for 1 1/2 hours; after which the judge said that he would take the case under consideration. Kody is legally married to Meri, his first wife. The other three are "commitments." Brown family

New American Idol judge

Howard Stern has joined the American Idol judges. This will probably shake things up a bit. He claims that he will be honest and tell what he really thinks. Bring on the new season!! Howard the judge

Lost toddler found

21-month-old Jason Burton wandered away from his home and was lost in the woods. He spent a night all alone with temps dropping to the 40's overnight. He was discovered by a couple of deputies. The toddler was asleep on a log. toddler

$130,000 toilet?

A company in Japan has made one. It's got 72,000 crytals plus many luxury features. At that price, I'd have to live in it. expensive toilet

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Polar Express Train wild ride

Three cars and the engine derailed on Thursday night with 370 passengers on board including 100 children. It happened shortly after leaving the Utica NY station. All of the cars remained upright and no one was injured. Santa visited while everyone waited for buses to take them back to the station. Christmas train

Lunar eclipse pictures

The last lunar eclipse until 2014 is now just a memory. View pictures.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Jeff Gordon...break dancer?

Jeff Gordon showed off some moves during "After the Lap" on Thursday night in Las Vegas. It wasn't the kind of moves you would expect from a race car driver though. Jeff agreed to do some break dancing. Watch the video.

Mindy McCready's son to be returned to his grandmother

Country music singer, Mindy McCready, has been in a custody battle with her mother over the singer's young son. After visiting her son at her father's Florida home, Mindy took the boy and went to Nashville instead of returning him to her mother. McCready was found at her boyfriend's Arkansas home hiding in a closet with her son. She feels that she has done nothing wrong. A Florida judge had issued an order to have the boy returned. Mindy McCready

Job applications can be brutal

An 18 year old looking for a job with the Brinks armored car company decided to knock on the window of a truck and startled the driver. A call was placed to police saying that it was a possible robbery and the teen was arrested. He only remained in jail a few hours and then was released. He came away a bit smarter and with a job application for the city's street department. misunderstanding