Tuesday, July 18, 2017


A dog named Storm saw something in the water when he and his owner were walking on Long Island Sound.  Storm swam out to whatever it was and started to drag it back to shore.  That's when his owner noticed that it was a baby deer.  Storm did manage to get the deer safely to dry land and even nudged it seemingly to make sure it was ok.  An animal rescue group was called but the deer ran back into the water as they arrived.  They got it out of the water again and took it to a shelter where it is being treated for ticks and an eye injury.  Thanks to Storm, the deer will have a new lease on life.  source:  UPI

Mom of the Year

A mother in Oregon was arrested after she was found towing her two young children and a nephew behind her vehicle.  The kids were in a little red wagon.  She traveled through a roundabout and at one point the wagon went up on two wheels.  That made one of the children cry so the woman stopped and put that child in the vehicle and then continued to drive with the other two still in the wagon.  Police found that there was no alcohol or drugs in her system so that means she's just stupid.  source:  foxnews

Friday, July 14, 2017

Flying Can of Beer

An Australian man wondered what unusual thing he could send on his flight as checked baggage.  He contemplated his deoderant but decided it would be much more fun to try to send his can of beer.  A baggage tag was attached to the can and away it went on the belt for it's flight.  When the man got to the baggage claim area, he found his can of beer traveling around the carousel.  A picture of the can of Emu Export was posted to his Facebook page with the caption, "Not all emus are flightless."  video

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bailing Out a Friend

If a person is going to bail out their friend after being arrested for drunk driving, perhaps they should do it after they get sober themselves.  A car full of drunks was stopped in Slidell, Louisiana; the driver was arrested for DWI, taken to jail, the car was impounded, and the passengers were sent home in a cab.  One of them, however, decided that it was a smart idea to go bail out her friend.  She drove to the jail and promptly was arrested for DWI.  So much better to be in jail right next to the friend rather than bail them out in the morning. idiot

Deer Looking to Buy Alcohol

A deer in Darboy, WI, took a tour around a Festival Foods liquor store.  It entered when the automatic door opened and got a chance to wander around the aisles until customers formed a human fence and ushered it out an emergency door.  Maybe the topic of conversation around the deer home will be about his adventures among all the pretty bottles.  video


A start-up company wanted to make sure that everyone would be covered...with an umbrella that is.  The idea was that umbrellas would be at the ready near bus and subway stations.  Users can unlock the umbrella by using an app on their phone and then they're charged per half hour of use.  Apparently there's no penalty for not bringing them back.  Almost all 300,000 of them disappeared on the first day.  The umbrella sharing company may have to rethink how they are to be returned.  stay dry

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Don't Threaten the IRS

A Washington man was laid off from his position as a civilian defense contractor with the US Government in the 1990s.  He started complaining to any department that had anything to with the Department of Defense but got nowhere.  Now he's upset with the IRS because he says that he shouldn't have to pay taxes since the government hasn't satisfied any of his claims.  He's gone a bit far though and has ended up in jail.  He mailed a fake bomb, one of his severed fingers, a bullet, and a marijuana joint to the IRS.  Not surprisingly, he's in jail facing Federal felony charges.  jail time  

Monday, July 10, 2017

Ducks Arrested

Four white ducks were found loitering at a store in New Milford, Pennsylvania.  Police had no choice but to arrest the four delinquent ducks and contacted their owner to come get them.  The officers took to facebook to share photos of their "catch."  All four were apprehended and returned to their owner.  wandering ducks

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Burning Down the Garage

A man in Michigan was trying to get rid of a bee's nest in his garage.  So he decided to use a smoke bomb to get the pests to leave.  They left but not directly because of the smoke bomb.  Unfortunately the man accidently burned down his garage.  Luckily the garage was not attached to the house and no one was hurt.  The garage was a total loss.  bees

Monday, July 3, 2017

Escaped Elephant

Kelly, an elephant from Circus World took a stroll into a nearby neighborhood.  Her partner Elsa somehow removed a restraint and Kelly was off on an adventure.  She crossed the shallow Baraboo River, unlatched a backyard gate, and munched on some Marigolds until a trainer came to bring her home.  She at least had two hours of freedom.  Kelly the elephant

Friday, June 30, 2017


A British enthusiast has built an R2-D2 droid from authentic parts.  He collected the parts from several of the movies and assembled them.  At auction the droid sold for about $2 million.  Rumor has it that there is another in France but not confirmed.  I'd love to own one of them but I'll never have a spare couple million dollars.  Star Wars collectible

Mountain of Junk

A driver in New Hampshire was stopped by police when they saw him on I-93 with a mountain of junk on top of the van.  Police posted on social media that something like this is very dangerous and they were happy that they helped avoid a serious accident from happening.  learn to pack

Thursday, June 29, 2017

T-Rex Fun

A Michigan man turned a bad situation into some fun after heavy rains brought flooding to his neighborhood roads and basements.  He wore a T-Rex outfit and kayaked down the street.  His wife filmed the stunt and both hoped that it would bring smiles and laughter to the neighbors.  kayaker

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


In Denver, six men robbed a person who was waiting for his Uber ride.  They hit him on the back of the head and then stole cash, his watch, and his phone.  They may have gotten away with it but they used the man's phone to record themselves laughing about what they did and then posted it to snapchat.  Police are using the images to find the thieves.  They may as well turn themselves in because it won't take long.  busted

Monday, June 26, 2017

Stupid Driver

A man in Green Bay WI decided to drive around the barrier on a drawbridge.  The barrier is there for a reason; the bridge is open.  Most people would realize that if they drive on a drawbridge that is open, they will either get stuck or fall into the water.  This guy got stuck and had to be rescued.  Firefighters had to cut open the top of the driver's mini van just to get him out.  stupidity

Friday, June 23, 2017

Toddler and His Stuffed Cow

A toddler in Massachusetts is alive after falling from a second story window.  He was jumping on his bed when he accidently went flying out the window.  Luckily he was clutching his favorite stuffed toy...a 2-foot stuffed cow.  When the toddler hit the concrete below his window, the cow broke his fall.  Both the toddler and cow are doing fine.  miracle

CIA Hacked

A vending machine at the CIA was hacked and was giving out free snacks.  The crime took the CIA months to discover.  Contractors had hacked the machine so that it would give snack out for free.  After $3,300 worth of goodies went missing, the CIA finally set up cameras to catch the culprits.  They were then escorted out the door and fired by their companies.  A person has to be extremely bold to steal from the CIA and think they're not going to get caught.  free snacks

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New Ken Doll

Mattel has updated Ken's looks.  They have released several new Ken dolls with various looks.  One of them has a "man bun."  The "man bun" Ken has taken center stage out of all of the new Kens.  It will be used as the avatar on Barbie's official twitter page.  man bun

Nanny Needed

The owners of a "Haunted House" in Scotland are looking for a live-in nanny.  Their add claims that the past 5 nannies have all left because of supernatural happenings in the house.  They are away from the home for business and need a nanny to look after the children while they're gone.  It's a generous package...offering 28 vacation days, legal holidays, and around $64,000 in salary.  The catch is that they have to be willing to work with the supernatural.  They've actually gotten about 2,000 replies so far.  ghost nanny

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dog Toy?

A woman in California went out in the dark and was picking up her dog's toy.  When it started to move, she realized that it wasn't a dog toy at all.  It was a small rattlesnake.  She was quick to drop it and side-step out of the way.  Her dog was at her side and very confused.  Lesson learned...don't grab for things in the dark.  It's all caught on video.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Gene Simmons Trademark

Gene Simmons wants to trademark his signature
hand gesture.  It's the pointer and pinkie finger raised with the thumb out at a right angle.  He claims that he was the first to use it and should be able to trademark it.  The cover of KISS' 1977 "Love Gun" shows him using the gesture.  But there are reasons he should not be able to be granted the trademark.  It is the American Sign Language symbol for "I Love You."  Ronnie James Dio apparently used it in 1979 when he was with Black Sabbath.  He says that he got it from his grandmother...it was an Italian thing.  But in 1966, John Lennon is using the same hand gesture on the cover of the "Yellow Submarine" single cover.  Many are calling for the trademark to be denied.  no trademark

Grand Theft

When a theft occurs that's over $950, it's considered grand theft.  Usually it's used when a vehicle, farm animal, or firearm is stolen.  But I've never heard it used for avocados before.  Three workers from a produce company were arrested for grand theft fruit after they were caught stealing $300,000 worth of avocados.  They were found selling the fruit for cash at a ripening facility owned by the produce company.  Can't fix stupid.  busted

Friday, June 16, 2017

drug smuggler

A woman arrived at New York's JFK International Airport from the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.  She was in a wheelchair and US Customs noticed something wrong with her chair.  The cushion was heavier than it should've been and when they checked, they found it full of 27 pounds of cocaine worth $468,000.  busted

Thursday, June 15, 2017


In Houston, TX, police discovered $1 million worth of meth laced lollipops.  The suspects were arrested when they tried to flee with the drugs.  There were so much in their vehicle that the hatch wouldn't close.  The lollipops are colorful and are made to look like flowers, characters, and other kid friendly forms.  Police think they were being made to target children.  They feel that there are more people involved in the making of the candy-like drugs and are investigating.  It takes the lowest scum of the earth to target children like that.  drug bust

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Pity Ticket

An officer in Wausau, WI found a car parked in an overdue meter spot.  It had been parked there all night so the officer decided to write a ticket.  But before he could do that, he noticed a note on the car.  It read, "Please take pity on me.  I walked home...safe choices =)"  The officer did take pity on the person and wrote a warning ticket instead.  Great job Officer Jim Hellrood!  pity granted 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Nuggets Emergency

A woman in Texas was upset that her chicken nuggets weren't delivered to her quickly enough.  She blocked the drive-thru and was causing problems for the employees of the restaurant so they called 911.  As the police were on the way, the woman also called 911 to complain about her chicken nuggets taking too long to get to her.  She was given her money back and told to leave. Only a crazy person would call 911 for a chicken nugget complaint.  no nuggets for you!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Bear Run

A 10 mile race in Colorado Springs had a strange runner enter about half-way through the race.  A bear was seen running by participants on the course.  Eventually a space opened and the bear was able to cross.  Just a little extra excitement for the runners.  bear sighting

Friday, June 9, 2017

Ride to Hooters

A man in Florida wanted to go to Hooters so badly that he called 911 to get a ride.  He told the dispatcher that he needed to get to the restaurant because his grandmother had suffered a stroke in the parking lot.  After searching the area for three hours, police found the man's grandmother at another location and she said that she didn't have a stroke and didn't need any help.  The man got a ride...to jail.  call a taxi

Thursday, June 8, 2017


A man in Rhode Island has paved an access road to his house using clamshells.  He neglected to clean them first though and maggots have been attracted to the meat that still clings to the shells. Not only are there maggots crawling all over the road but the stench is making some neighbors sick.  The building inspector has issued a cease and desist order.  Police and the State Department of Environmental Management are investigating.  putrid smell

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Bird Mess

In Arcadia, California, a peacock strolled through the open door of a liquor store.  The owner tried to shoo it back out the door but instead it flew to the top of a shelf.  Apparently the bird had expensive tastes.  An animal control officer came after a call to 911 but the bird was having none of it.  Several attempts to catch the peacock caused $500 worth of broken bottles of alcohol.  Eventually it was caught and released unharmed outside.  alcohol abuse

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Pizza Delivery

Two employees at a Washington pizza place have been arrested after it was discovered that they were using pizza boxes to deliver cocaine.  They would take the "order" to the parking lot where customers would be waiting.  Undercover police officers were sent into the store after the cops received reports of the drugs being sold there.  They developed a relationship with the drug dealers and were able to arrest them and even get more information about others who were dealing drugs in the area.  busted

Monday, June 5, 2017

Bragging on Facebook

A Florida man was bragging on Facebook about all the money he had.  He did this on a Facebook Live post.  He was flashing the money on camera and then went to another room to retrieve more.  As he's showing the second pile of cash and saying, "It don't stop, man.  It don't stop," the police barge in and arrest him for dealing drugs. arrested live on Facebook

Friday, June 2, 2017

Town's Sex Sign

Sussex, WI was having their water tower repainted when the workers were overcome by the fumes and had to wait until the paint dried before finishing.  Unfortunately, the primer was only applied over the beginning of the word and the word "sex" was left on the tower while they waited.  Some say the workers did it on purpose and the contractor admitted that they liked the attention.  SEX greeting

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Burning Through Your Cash

Would-be burglars tried to break into an ATM using a blow torch.  What they did was burn all the cash and they got nothing.  Hey! Burglars!  Cash is made of paper...if you want it, don't burn it.  idiots

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Shouting Man

A man in Australia was crossing a street and started ranting at the driver of a car.  A dashcam in the car caught it all on video.  Even the part where the pedestrian, who was so focused on the car, didn't notice a pole in front of him.  He smacked into the pole which caused the driver to laugh and the pedestrian to rant and scream some more.  karma

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


A 73-year-old man was out fishing when a "catch" jumped into his boat.  It was a 440 pound shark.  The critter somehow ended up jumping high enough to land in the boat and injure the man's arm.  The Coast Guard came to the man's rescue and almost didn't believe the story until they saw the shark for themselves. They said that there are a lot of sharks in that area but they've never heard of one jumping in a boat.   strange boat mate

Friday, May 26, 2017

Lost Cocaine

Cops in Pennsylvania discovered about $1600 worth of cocaine in a parking lot.  They have placed it in their lost and found box and have invited the owner to retrieve it.  In order to prove that they are the true owner, they must provide a picture of them holding the drug, a photo ID, and a written statement saying that the drug is theirs.  Think anyone will claim it?  lost and found

Thursday, May 25, 2017

To Catch a Phone Thief

A man in Florida stole a cell phone when the owner let him use it.  The police were notified and used a unique way to catch the thief.  They called the phone using facetime.  The idiot answered the phone...busted.  There's no denying that you have a stolen phone when your face shows up on facetime.  screenshot

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

No Fury Like an Ex-Wife Scorned

A 61-year-old woman was arrested after it was discovered that she broke into her ex-husband's house and destroyed $350,000 worth of personal property.  The break-in happened in 2015 and she was just charged after turning herself in to police.  justice

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Indiana Alligator

Two men fishing in an Indiana Creek found an alligator.  It's was 2 1/2 feet long and no one knows how it got there.  Although a conservation officer said that it was probably a pet that grew too big and was released in the creek.  One of the men is caring for the alligator until a permanent home can be found.  Bedford, Indiana

Accidental Donation

A used children's clothing store in Minnesota accepted a donation.  Inside the donated children's clothing was more than 100 grams of marijuana.  It was packaged in small baggies for sale which is a felony.  The Maplewood Police have invited the owner to come forward to claim it...not surprisingly, no one has taken them up on the offer. baggies of marijuana

Monday, May 22, 2017

Car in Swimming Pool

A man in North Carolina left his car in a swimming pool.  He said that he had to get home to care for his son so he left the car behind.  The police think there's more to his story because he keeps changing it.  Why did the car end up in a swimming pool?  wet parking spot

Friday, May 19, 2017

Alligator vs. Car

An alligator was crossing I-75 in Florida.  Unfortunately for the critter, Jennifer Rosinski was traveling that stretch of road in her SUV.  She hit the gator and the accident sent her car flipping many times.  The outcome for her was much better than it was for the alligator though.  Jennifer managed to walk away with just bruises and a small cut under her eye.  She said that it was her first major accident and was surprised that it was a "car vs. alligator" accident.  

Only in Minnesota

A shopper in a Walmart was startled when a deer ran into him.  The critter had wandered into the store probably looking for a snack.  It entered through the garden center doors.  Tom Grasswick of Deer Creek was shopping at the Wadena Walmart when the incident ocurred and his first instinct was to tackle the deer.  He covered the deer's eyes so it would calm down and then held the animal down on a pallet of dog food.  He and other customers managed to safely get the deer outside and let it go.  shopping deer

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Bear in Car

A family in Virginia was awoken by the sound of their car horn.  What they discovered was a young bear locked inside.  They figure the bear opened a door to get inside to eat some treats and then accidently locked itself inside.  The police opened the door and the young cub ran into the woods.  They warn that not only thieves break into cars so doors should be locked.  visitor

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Male Tortoiseshell Kitten

I thought it wasn't possible but a male Tortoiseshell kitten has been found.  The chromosomes needed for a cat to be orange and black make it almost impossible for a male kitten to have those colors.  Now for maybe the first time ever, one has been born.  It's at a shelter and they have already had over 350 offers to adopt.  He's not quite old enough to go to a furever home yet so the vetting process won't happen right away.  Whoever gets this kitten will be very lucky and had best take great care of it.  I love tortoiseshell cats and would definitely love to have this one but I know it won't happen.  rare kitten

Man's Best Friend

A man in Argentina fell out of a tree while he was trying to prune it.  He landed on his head and lost consciousness for a while.  When he woke up, his dog was "hugging" him.  The dog wouldn't even let rescue workers near his "person" at first.  Now that's devotion!  The dog had been rescued from the streets 4 years before and his owner says "I give him all my love and he gives me everything back."  true love

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Pizza on a Train

An Amtrak train became disabled and the passengers were stuck without food and water.  They decided to take matters into their own hands and ordered pizza.  The delivery man had to cut through a backyard, navigate a steep embankment, and jump over a water filled ditch to reach the train.  He was rewarded with $32 in tips and plenty of cheers.  successful delivery

Roof Dog

A dog in Texas learned how to jump on the roof of his house from the backyard.  He likes to sit on the roof and the owners have had to post a sign explaining that the dog is not in any danger.  They invite people to take pictures and share them with the world.  Huckleberry "HuckTheRoofDog"