Friday, August 18, 2017

Looking for False Teeth

A man in Germany was knocking on doors asking if he could check balconies for his false teeth.  A woman resident called police and they checked it out.  Turns out he wasn't a robber as thought.  He actually was looking for his teeth.  He had been visiting a friend and relaxing on a balcony above.  He dropped his false teeth and really was trying to locate them.  It's not known if he eventually found the teeth.  Lesson learned: Hang on to your teeth!  Source: Yahoo News

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Working Monkeys

A bar in Japan is becoming very popular especially with tourists.  The owner has special waiters; they're monkeys.  He also has some baby monkeys that aren't quite ready to go to work so they pose for pictures with customers.  Source: UPI

Car Thief

A 10-year-old girl stole a car from a YMCA.  She took the keys out of a man's cubbie at the fitness center and then threw his cell phone and wallet out of the window as she drove away.  She picked up her friends and went for a joy ride until she crashed the car into a curb.  Police found her and her friends trying to change a tire on the stolen car.  She was charged with theft of a motor vehicle and released to her parents.  They're starting younger and younger.  Source: UPI

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Built Wisconsin Tough

Doug Bergeson of Peshtigo, WI, was framing a fireplace in his home when a nail gun malfunctioned.  The nail bounced off some wood and imbedded in his chest.  Doug got cleaned up and drove himself to the hospital thinking he'd still be home by dinner time.  But the nail had gone into his heart and narrowly missed a major artery.  After x-rays discovered that the nail had penetrated 2 inches, he was rushed by ambulance to another hospital.  He offered to drive himself but doctors wouldn't allow that.  Luckily Doug is going to be fine.  Source: ABC News

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


South Carolina is warning residents about Lizardmen who seem to appear during a solar eclipse.  Officials have issued a map showing locations of previous sightings and want residents to be ever vigilant just in case.  If you see something, say something...South Carolina wants to know about Lizardmen sightings.  I'm hoping this is a joke.  Source: UPI

Strange Object

A large object has been found in the waters off the coast of Rhode Island.  It was discovered last summer but when the person tried to locate it again, they couldn't find it.  It sits about 10 feet off shore and is made of metal and concrete.  Oceanograpy experts don't know exactly what it it so an attempt will be made to remove it.  It should be interesting to learn what it is.  Source: UPI

An Alligator Lounging on the Highway

Once again an alligator makes the news.  This time it's in Massachusetts which is not a normal place to see an alligator.  A motorist stopped at a local police station to report the critter on the road.  Animal control was dispatched and officers also responded.  What they found was a 1 1/2 foot toy alligator.  The plastic toy was removed and the highways in Massachusetts are safe again.  Source: UPI

ATM Theft

A gang of thieves in Britain used heavy equipment to steal an ATM.  There's video showing how they managed to smash into the wall, grab the ATM, and load it onto a trailer.  It seems that they may have gotten away with it.  In the video, it shows them driving away and leaving the heavy equipment behind.  How will they hide that very large metal ATM?  They'll probably get caught eventually.  Source: UPI

Monday, August 14, 2017

Bird Attacks...

A seagull wandered into a clothing store in London.  It walked through the aisles until it came to a mirror.  Then, it was on!  There's only room for one bird in this store.  And just like that, the bird in the mirror was under attack.  There's video of the seagull pecking at the mirror and jumping aggressively towards it's reflection.  Poor bird didn't realize there's no way to win that fight.   Source: UPI

Taco Trouble

A 19-year-old man from Alabama didn't want to share his tacos so instead of just telling his twin brother to get his own, he hit the brother with a baseball bat.  Tyler Dukes wasn't even the one who bought the tacos.  His grandmother and the twin brought them home but apparently Tyler didn't care.  So Tyler goes to jail sans tacos and his twin was treated at a local hospital.  Source: ABC News

Friday, August 11, 2017

Nature can be Kinder than Man

A newborn kitten was found in a trash can.  It was tied in a plastic bag, mewing helplessly.  Someone, apparently with no heart, put the kitten there to die a horrible death.  The feline needed to nurse and there just happened to be a dog in the neighborhood that had just given birth.  The pooch gladly let the poor baby kitty nurse.  We could learn a lesson those in need.  Source: UPI

Another Alligator

An animal services officer was dispatched to a home when a 5-foot alligator was discovered in a backyard.  Two young girls had just gotten out of their pool when they noticed the creature.  They at first thought it was a pool toy but soon realized that it was alive.  The family, the police, neighbors, and the animal services officer were all surprised because this sighting was not in Florida or even was in Ontario, Canada.  Source: UPI

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Lemmy Immortalized

A previously uncatagorized prehistoric sea crocodile has been given a new name.  Scientists believe is was "one of the nastiest sea creatures to have ever inhabited the earth."  It's now been named after Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead who passed away in 2015.  Researchers who named it, feel that Lemmy would've raised a glass to Lemmysuchus.  Source: Yahoo News

Athletic Deer

Police in Stanley, WI, posted a video from a dashcam.  It showed a deer running in front of the cop's car and then a second deer appears.  It runs into the cruiser and then does a backflip over the hood.  Police said that it looked as though the deer was uninjured.  It's that second deer that is the most dangerous...just waiting to cause damage when the first one failed.  Glad the deer was ok.  Source: UPI

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Oh Deer!

How many times do people have to be told that it's not ok to take a wild animal out of it's environment?  Everytime an animal is dependent on humans, it can no longer be released into the wild.  A man in Arizona took a 3-day old deer into a bar to ask if anyone wanted to take it home.  He thought that it had been abandoned by it's mother and just wanted to help.  But he did more damage than good.  The fawn will now have to live in captivity because it can never go home.  Let the animals be; don't try to "help" them by taking them home.  Source: Yahoo News

Remember to Flush

A burglar in Ventura, CA, may have gotten away with the crime if he hadn't stopped to go to the bathroom.  He didn't flush so he left DNA behind and the police used it.  A National Database already had his DNA on file and he was arrested at his home.  Bet he remembers to flush everytime from now on.  Source: Yahoo News

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Alligator Visitor

A resident in Louisiana filmed an alligator strolling across his lawn and eventually resting outside his front door.  He named it "George" and then called the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to have it removed.  Before someone came to take it away, neighbors gathered to watch the resting 8 foot gator.  Officials say that it was probably looking for a mate as it's mating season right now.  I've been down there many times visiting my daughter over the past three years and I've always said that I wanted to see an alligator but never did.  And here this one just strolled right up to the door.  Source: UPI

San Francisco Street

A real estate investor and his wife have bought a City of San Francisco street.  It's a circular drive lined with multimillion dollar mansions and separated from the rest of the area by a gate.  The street was up for auction because of unpaid taxes.  The homeowner's association has filed suit to reverse the sale.  There's a lesson your taxes because now the investors can do what they want with the street including renting the parking spots.  Residents would not be able to park in front of their homes without paying.  But on the other side of the issue, the investors need to recoup their money or make a profit.  Source: Yahoo News

Monday, August 7, 2017

Dog Walks a Thin Line

A dog in China has a talent for walking a tight rope.  There's video of the canine walking on the clothes lines in his owner's garden.  His owner says that it only took about a month for him to learn the trick.
 Source: UPI

Million Dollar Bill

A man in Iowa tried to deposit a million dollar bill at a local bank.  Of course police were called and when they were asking the man about the bill, they heard rustling in his pocket.  They found he was carrying meth.  So not only did the man go to jail for the money scam but also for drugs.  Maybe he can pay his $1,000 bail with another fake million dollar bill.  Source: Fox News

Friday, August 4, 2017

Mermaid Shed

A small shed has floated across the Gulf of Mexico from Florida to Louisiana.  It broke loose during a tropical storm and drifted away.  The Coast Guard says that the tiny dock has a mermaid, a sea turtle, and an octopus painted on it.  There's no one on board and it's been declared a derelict vessel.  No one has claimed it and no one plans to tow it to shore.  The mermaid and her sea friends will just bob along on their floating journey.  Source: Yahoo News

Crude Message about the President

A digital sign on I-80 in California was hacked and message about Donald Trump was displayed. It reads, "Trump has herpes."
photo source: Janet Thompson

It's comical but still illegal.  There are plenty of things to say about Trump, but if one is a lie, it's no better than his lies.  Source: Huffington Post

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Flying Spaghetti Monster

The Flying Spaghetti Monster Church is an anti-religion organization and has been denied the chance to advertise on the outskirts of German towns.  Churches usually put advertising at the entrance to towns and the Flying Spaghetti Monster Church wanted to do the same.  But the courts didn't rule in their favor.  Source: Yahoo News

Stupid Car Thief

A 1966 yellow Ford GT40 replica went missing in Iowa.  The owner wanted to get it out of storage and notice that it was gone.  Police arrested a man after he was seen driving the car but it was no longer yellow.  The thief used crude black paint to try to disguise the car but it didn't fool anyone.  Residents helped police find the car after they saw portions of the yellow showing under the black paint.  Source: UPI

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


I've heard that everyone has a doppelganger someplace.  Even Gene Simmons of KISS in full makeup.  A calf has been born in Kerrville TX that looks like Gene Simmons.  The owners say that it's name is Genie in honor of the rocker.
The calf will be saved from slaughter and will remain at the farm.  Gene has tweeted his admiration for the calf.  Source: Yahoo News

Police Search for Missing Worker

Police in Warwick, RI are looking for a landscaping employee that walked away from the job.  The worker goes by the name of Sammy or Frank and is a goat.  Sammy is part of a work crew that is an alternative to herbicides for weed management.  Police have released his description and hope that someone in the area will see him wandering the streets.  Source: Yahoo News

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hero Boat Captain

Jordan Smith, captain of The Profishonal from Let's Fish Denton Charter in Florida was on his way to pick up people for a fishing trip.  He noticed movement on a nearby bridge and watched as someone threw something into the water.  When he reached the "trash" he realized that it was a cat.  He used a net to scoop the feline out of the water.  Wet and scared, the cat clung to his arm.  He had a friend take it to a vet to be checked and he plans to name it Miracle when it becomes a permanent part of his family.  That's a true hero.  Source: UPI

Stick Shift

There aren't many of us left that can drive a manual transmission.  This includes three men in Columbia, SC who robbed and tried to kidnap a 20-year old college student.  They took her phone and purse but couldn't get away in her car so they made her drive them to the ATM and then to a relative's house.  But on the way, she put the car in neutral and jumped out of the driver's seat.  Bet she's glad she had a stick shift and not an automatic.  Source: Fox News

Monday, July 31, 2017

The Search for Monsters

A 4-year old and her family moved into their new home in Colorado.  Little Sidney Fahrenbruch was quite sure that their new home was full of monsters.  So when she was at a community event, she approached Officer David Bonday and asked for his assistance.  She asked him if he would come to the home and help her search for monsters because she has heard noises when no one was awake and it bothered her.  Officer Bonday agreed to help.  Both searched the house and the yard and found no sign of any monsters which has made Sidney feel more confident and comfortable in the house.  When she grows up, she wants to be a police officer and help others rid their houses of monsters.  Source: Fox News

Naked Passenger

A passenger boarding a flight in Las Vegas disrobed and approached a flight attendant.  The crew wasn't having any of that.  Police were called and paramedics removed the passenger for observation.  The flight was delayed for 30 minutes.  Don't get undressed while boarding a flight anywhere.  Source: Fox News

Friday, July 28, 2017

Buried Car

A home owner's son in Oklahoma was re-doing the ATV trails in back of their home.  He was digging to fix a jump on the trail when he found something buried.  It was an SUV.  His father was concerned that there might be bodies in there so they called the police.  The SUV was wrapped in plastic but the cops didn't find any evidence of anyone in there.  
the previous owner of the home had reported the brand new vehicle stolen and police believe the car may be evidence of insurance fraud.  Nothing stays buried forever.  Source: UPI

Comedian Bank Robber

A man in Fort Lauderdale, FL robbed a bank.  He formed a gun with his hand and asked the teller to give him cash.  The red dye pack exploded and got all over his clothes so he stripped naked and ran down the street throwing the money around.  He claims that he did it to jump start his comedy career.  I guess the joke's on him!  Source: Yahoo News

Thursday, July 27, 2017

'Ghostbusters' at a Cemetery

A cemetery in Wausau, WI has decided to show the movie 'Ghostbusters' in the back of the facility.  Some of the local residents aren't happy about the event but the owner has been showing movies at another cemetery in Milwaukee for a while and it's been well received.  Would you watch a movie in a cemetery?  Source: UPI

Strange Car

Police in New York got a call about a suspicious looking vehicle and found it at an intersection nearby.  The driver appeared to be impaired and later tests confirmed it.  The car had no doors, no windows, no license plate, no windshield, and an axe imbedded in the roof.  Jared Price, driver of the car, was arrested on several charges.  Maybe he should've called a taxi.  Source: UPI

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Rising Dough

The driver of a semi truck carrying bread dough in Washington had quite a surprise.  Because of the extreme heat, the bread dough began to rise and slowly krept out of the back of the trailer.  Thanks to the Washington State Department of Transportation, the mess was cleaned up and many "half-baked bread puns" were posted on their twitter page.  source: UPI

Snakes in a Can

A California man was arrested after police discovered three king cobras stuffed into potato chip cans that were being mailed to his house.  After a search warrant, the cops found other reptiles that had been mailed to him including a crocodile and some alligator snapping turtles.  Why would anybody even want things like that?  Most of the critters are illegal and protected in the US so they were confiscated.  He's facing up to 20 years in prison.  source: yahoo news

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ruined Money

Storms in Wisconsin caused a lot of damage over the past week.  One Wisconsin bank was hit really hard and all of their cash was ruined.  The bank in Burlington, Wisconsin was hit with flooding.  Their furniture was floating and the vault was filled with water.  All of the money will have to be replaced.  source: Fox News

Drug Bust

Two men were looking to buy some cocaine.  So when they saw a man walking down the street, they asked about getting some.  The guy happened to be a cop leaving work for the day and when the two druggies said that they needed to get cash to pay for the cocaine, the cop directed them to the ATM inside the police station.  Everyone but the two morons can see where this ended.  source: yahoo news

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


A dog named Storm saw something in the water when he and his owner were walking on Long Island Sound.  Storm swam out to whatever it was and started to drag it back to shore.  That's when his owner noticed that it was a baby deer.  Storm did manage to get the deer safely to dry land and even nudged it seemingly to make sure it was ok.  An animal rescue group was called but the deer ran back into the water as they arrived.  They got it out of the water again and took it to a shelter where it is being treated for ticks and an eye injury.  Thanks to Storm, the deer will have a new lease on life.  source:  UPI

Mom of the Year

A mother in Oregon was arrested after she was found towing her two young children and a nephew behind her vehicle.  The kids were in a little red wagon.  She traveled through a roundabout and at one point the wagon went up on two wheels.  That made one of the children cry so the woman stopped and put that child in the vehicle and then continued to drive with the other two still in the wagon.  Police found that there was no alcohol or drugs in her system so that means she's just stupid.  source:  foxnews

Friday, July 14, 2017

Flying Can of Beer

An Australian man wondered what unusual thing he could send on his flight as checked baggage.  He contemplated his deoderant but decided it would be much more fun to try to send his can of beer.  A baggage tag was attached to the can and away it went on the belt for it's flight.  When the man got to the baggage claim area, he found his can of beer traveling around the carousel.  A picture of the can of Emu Export was posted to his Facebook page with the caption, "Not all emus are flightless."  video

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bailing Out a Friend

If a person is going to bail out their friend after being arrested for drunk driving, perhaps they should do it after they get sober themselves.  A car full of drunks was stopped in Slidell, Louisiana; the driver was arrested for DWI, taken to jail, the car was impounded, and the passengers were sent home in a cab.  One of them, however, decided that it was a smart idea to go bail out her friend.  She drove to the jail and promptly was arrested for DWI.  So much better to be in jail right next to the friend rather than bail them out in the morning. idiot

Deer Looking to Buy Alcohol

A deer in Darboy, WI, took a tour around a Festival Foods liquor store.  It entered when the automatic door opened and got a chance to wander around the aisles until customers formed a human fence and ushered it out an emergency door.  Maybe the topic of conversation around the deer home will be about his adventures among all the pretty bottles.  video


A start-up company wanted to make sure that everyone would be covered...with an umbrella that is.  The idea was that umbrellas would be at the ready near bus and subway stations.  Users can unlock the umbrella by using an app on their phone and then they're charged per half hour of use.  Apparently there's no penalty for not bringing them back.  Almost all 300,000 of them disappeared on the first day.  The umbrella sharing company may have to rethink how they are to be returned.  stay dry

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Don't Threaten the IRS

A Washington man was laid off from his position as a civilian defense contractor with the US Government in the 1990s.  He started complaining to any department that had anything to with the Department of Defense but got nowhere.  Now he's upset with the IRS because he says that he shouldn't have to pay taxes since the government hasn't satisfied any of his claims.  He's gone a bit far though and has ended up in jail.  He mailed a fake bomb, one of his severed fingers, a bullet, and a marijuana joint to the IRS.  Not surprisingly, he's in jail facing Federal felony charges.  jail time  

Monday, July 10, 2017

Ducks Arrested

Four white ducks were found loitering at a store in New Milford, Pennsylvania.  Police had no choice but to arrest the four delinquent ducks and contacted their owner to come get them.  The officers took to facebook to share photos of their "catch."  All four were apprehended and returned to their owner.  wandering ducks

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Burning Down the Garage

A man in Michigan was trying to get rid of a bee's nest in his garage.  So he decided to use a smoke bomb to get the pests to leave.  They left but not directly because of the smoke bomb.  Unfortunately the man accidently burned down his garage.  Luckily the garage was not attached to the house and no one was hurt.  The garage was a total loss.  bees

Monday, July 3, 2017

Escaped Elephant

Kelly, an elephant from Circus World took a stroll into a nearby neighborhood.  Her partner Elsa somehow removed a restraint and Kelly was off on an adventure.  She crossed the shallow Baraboo River, unlatched a backyard gate, and munched on some Marigolds until a trainer came to bring her home.  She at least had two hours of freedom.  Kelly the elephant

Friday, June 30, 2017


A British enthusiast has built an R2-D2 droid from authentic parts.  He collected the parts from several of the movies and assembled them.  At auction the droid sold for about $2 million.  Rumor has it that there is another in France but not confirmed.  I'd love to own one of them but I'll never have a spare couple million dollars.  Star Wars collectible

Mountain of Junk

A driver in New Hampshire was stopped by police when they saw him on I-93 with a mountain of junk on top of the van.  Police posted on social media that something like this is very dangerous and they were happy that they helped avoid a serious accident from happening.  learn to pack