Wednesday, September 26, 2012

John and Schoep update

John says that he and Schoep rescued each other 19 years ago.  Schoep was full of arthritis and only got relief when John took him floating in Lake Superior.  Unsolicited donations poured in after the story was posted the first time.  Schoep now is getting the care he needs and is doing well.  There's enough  money left over that John has created Schoep's Legacy Foundation and should be able to help 30-40 more dogs.  The photographer has seen an increase in her business after she posted the picture of John and Schoep in the water.  good news

New voter ID laws

Wisconsin is just one of the battle ground states that have new voter ID laws.  In order for a vote to be counted, a voter will have to produce a legal form of ID.  If the races are close, this could delay the outcome.  voter ID

Replacement weather man

A TV station in Green Bay has brought in a replacement of their own in an attempt to make fun of the refs from Monday night's game.  The replacement weather man is all over the place when it comes to temps for the day.  Be careful Green Bay--that could be a rough day.  forecast

RIP Mrs. Bieber

A 6-year old who held her own wedding to Justin Bieber has passed away.  Avalanna Routh was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer but that didn't stop her from spending some special time with Bieber.  Last Valentine's Day after he learned about a facebook campaign, Avalanna and her family were invited to spend the day with him.  Avalanna also joined him on the Today Show.  Mrs. Bieber lost her battle with cancer today.  Mrs. Bieber

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cows get gummy bears for dinner

With the price of corn soaring after this years drought, farmers are looking to alternative sources of feed for their cows.  Gummy bears along with cookies and other candies is filling the void.  Sweet!!

Obama sign continually damaged...but by whom?

Tom and Beth Priem had an Obama sign in the yard of their home in Austin, TX.  Their sign was the only one in the neighborhood that was being damaged.  They just couldn't figure out why it was being singled out so Beth decided to do some detective work and catch the culprit in the act.  What she found was a Republican deer.  damaged sign

Spanking at schools still legal in some states.

Instead of a two-day suspension, Taylor Santos decided to take a spanking as punishment.  She was a very good student and didn't want to miss any days of school.  Her crime was letting another student copy from her paper.  After phoning her mother to get permission, her paddling was handed out by the Vice Principal.  Upon returning home, Taylor's mother took pictures of her welts and discovered that the Vice Principal was a man.  Now mom is angry--you don't want to make a mom angry when it's dealing with her kids.  spanking in schools

Friday, September 21, 2012

Cat may soon be mayor

Tuxedo Stan is running as a write-in candidate in Halifax Canada.  It's a regional municipality where Sam has 55% of the votes according to the latest poll.  Stan's owner is surprised at how much attention this is getting.  He originally did this to raise awareness of spaying and neutering.  Tuxedo Stan for Mayor

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Marine gets new home.

Juan Dominguez was in high school when the attacks of 9/11 happened. From that moment, he knew that he wanted to help so he joined the Marines. On one fateful day, Juan lost both legs and one arm when he stepped on an IED. The Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation and the Gary Sinise Foundation have given Dominguez a $600,000 smart home that will help him get his independence back. new home

King Richard III

Archeologists have been digging under a parking lot in Leicester in the hopes of finding King Richard III's resting place. They are certain that they have found the ruins of a medieval church. One male and one female body were found inside areas of the church and now the long process of matching DNA begins. King Richard III

The price of gas is $9.99.9 at New Jersey gas station.

Lukoil franchise gas owners are boycotting the higher costs that they must pass on to consumers. About 57 have raised their gas prices over $8 a gallon. They're actually selling it at $3.79/gallon but are hoping to make their point clear to Lukoil. $9.99/gallon gas

Jurassic park a reality?

Mammoth fragments have been found and scientists hope to find living DNA cells so that they can make a clone. The fragments were found in Siberia and were well frozen. We should know by the end of the year if living cells were present. Mammoth clone

Friday, September 7, 2012

flamingo ransom

Arthur O'Neil's flamingos have gone missing and now a ransom note has shown up. The flamingos grace Arthur's lawn dressed in costumes that commemorate occasions. About 40 flamingos have been kidnapped from his Mansfield, Mass. home and only one has been returned along with the note. missing flamingos

joy-riding kitten

A 6-week-old kitten somehow got wedged inside a bumper and went for a 100-mile trip. Luckily the kitten came out of the ordeal with only a broken paw. Stacy Pulsifer heard meowing when she stopped for coffee. Two friends helped her free the kitten by cutting out part of the bumper. The hitchhiking kitten is now part of Stacy's family. kitten