Friday, November 13, 2015

Cops stop Gene Simmons from performing

Gene Simmons was giving a private concert at a pal's mansion when the police showed up to shut it down.  The complaint said that the "noise" could be heard all over LA.  Gene was performing to help raise money for The Children Matter Foundation.  The party didn't end with Gene putting down his guitar.  Instead it continued with a DJ.  concert canceled 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

911 call

A couple in South Carolina called 911 to report that worms were coming out of the floor of their vehicle and that camouflaged people and possums were coming out of their refrigerator and microwave.  And they had pictures to prove it.  When officers viewed the pictures all they saw was a basketball net and a tree.  The couple claimed that was because the people were camouflaged.  Guess what?  There were drugs involved.  The two were arrested for unlawful use of 911.  idiots

update on Daniel Fleetwood

Daniel was able to watch "The Force Awakens" early.  Disney had an unfinished cut sent to his house so that he could see it before the cancer took his life.  Daniel has always been a huge Star Wars fan and was so grateful to be able to see the movie.  Unfortunately Daniel has passed away.  Superfan

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

military haircut

When you join the military, you expect certain things.  You become governed by rules and regulations.  If you don't like them, get out.  A transgender person named Chelsea Manning is upset that she has to have a 2 inch hair cut.  Doesn't everybody in the military have short hair?  Or am I mistaken?  My daughter is allowed to have a little bit longer hair now that she's been in for 16 years but it always has to be up and most of it has to be under her cover.  I'm guessing if other women in Chelsea's unit have longer hair, then she has a case but if not, it's time to get out and find a different career.  short hair

werewolf kitty

There's a new breed of cat.  It looks like a werewolf so that's where it gets it's name.  The Lykoi is a new breed of feline that supposedly acts like a dog and looks like a werewolf.  The best of both worlds.  Whether you want a cat or a dog, you can now have both with the Lykoi.  new breed

Monday, November 9, 2015

.19 blood alcohol level

That's enough to put an adult in the hospital so it's not surprising that an infant with that level was rushed to the emergency room.  His mother was frustrated that her teething son wouldn't stop crying.  Her mother's advice was to rub alcohol on the baby's gums.  If a little is good, then a lot should be better, right?  She filled his bottle with Bourbon which left her son unconscious.  She's been arrested for child endangerment and aggravated assault.  idiot mother

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Spongebob to the rescue

An autistic boy in NY saved a classmate's life because of Spongebob.  He had watched an episode where the heimlich maneuver was used.  So when his classmate began choking on an apple, he knew just what to do.  His class even threw a party in his honor.  hero

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Daniel's wish

Daniel Fleetwood is a huge Star Wars fan and wanted badly to see "The Force Awakens."  He's no different than other fans except that Daniel has terminal cancer and probably won't live long enough to see the movie in theaters.  His wife launched an internet campaign in the hopes of getting Disney to allow Daniel to see the movie early while he's still strong enough to do so.  Some of the movie's stars even got behind the movement.  Daniel's wish has been granted.  Disney brought an unfinished version to his house so that he could watch it before it's too late.  dream come true

Friday, November 6, 2015

bed bug remedy

Bed bugs are becoming a large problem in this country.  Most pesticides don't work to get rid of them.  They will kill the live bugs but do nothing to the unhatched ones.  So once they hatch, bugs are back.  One woman in Michigan decided to take the problem into her own hands.  She doused her mattress and other belongings in rubbing alcohol to try to kill the pests.  Her stove was on and ignited the contents of the apartment.  Five people were injured and dozens were left homeless because of the blaze.  So far no charges have been filed against her.  bed bug fire

hero dog

A stray dog was rummaging in the garbage at a dump for something to eat.  Instead the dog found a newborn boy dumped in the trash with it's umbilical cord still attached.  The dog gently picked up the baby and carried it to a nearby home and left it with the residents.  The baby is doing well in the hospital and was not injured by the dog.  hero!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

New Star Wars movie

Daniel Fleetwood like millions of other Star Wars fans wants badly to see "The Force Awakens."  The difference is that Daniel is terminally ill and may not make it to the day the movie hits the theaters.  He's hoping that Disney will allow him to see the film before opening day.  Even Mark Hamill and John Boyega have joined the movement to let him see it before it's too late.  Star Wars

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

aurora borealis

We were originally in the "good" viewing area but it looks like we've been downgraded to "fair" so it was difficult to see the Northern Lights.  I didn't get to see them at all.  Maybe it's not dark enough around here or I was too late.  But there's a good picture coming out of Iowa.  Keep your eyes on the sky through the middle of November for an asteroid shower though.  Aurora

Sunday, November 1, 2015

divine intervention

Boy, 3, falls from his second story window and survives.  He actually walked away from the fall with only a bruise on his arm.  He landed on a framed photo of The Last Supper.  Dionna Praylow was about to give her son Reginald his bath and had to run for his pajamas leaving him alone for a minute.  When she returned, he was gone.  He had fallen out the window into their backyard.  The framed photo broke his fall.  The Last Supper