Friday, April 28, 2017

police issue warning

Police in Oregon got a call about a cat with a gun.  They responded and quickly diffused the situation.  Turns out the cat was just using a stick that looked like a gun.  It was reprimanded for posing with what could be mistaken as an assault rifle and for wearing poor camouflage.  The cat doesn't pose a threat to the public.  cat with gun

another bobcat attack

A Texas woman left her sliding glass door open so that her two little dogs could go out to the backyard whenever they wanted.   She will never do that again after an incident where a bobcat attacked one of her dogs and chased it into the house.  The cat jumped on top of a 6-foot display cabinet and eventually left the home.  Unfortunately, little Precious was left with injuries that required a trip to the vet.  The little pooch should be fine but it was a scary lesson for it's owner.  cat and dog

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Spam and a wedding

A couple from the UK loves Spam so much that they got married at the Spam Museum in Austin, MN.  The groom changed his name in 2015 to include "I Love Spam" as his middle name.  The bride secretly set up the wedding and didn't tell her beloved until Valentine's Day.  Hormel Foods paid for the wedding and is sending the couple on a honeymoon to Hawaii for the 15th annual Spam Jam.  Spam meat for your wedding meal?  Not my idea of yummy.  Spam nuptials

Sasquatch disappears

A store owner in Ohio has reported to police that her statues of Sasquatch have disappeared from outside her store.  She says that they would've been difficult to lift and even harder to hide.  What would someone want with the three statues?  They certainly couldn't display them because not everyone has them sitting around their home.  missing statues

ghost in lightpost?

The Mayor of Salem, Massachusettes has snapped a very interesting picture.  She captured the image of a face in one of the City's streetlamps.  The pic has been shared on social media and many have commented that it is eerie. face 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Monkeys in Florida

A group of monkeys was brought to Silver Springs Park near Orlando in the 1930's.  Today there are estimates that about 200 monkeys live in the area.  One of them has decided it has a taste for sweets.  It has been seen swinging through the trees and climbing a fence near a bakery.  An Asian monkey is certainly not what you would expect to see in a large city.  visitor

How did the turtle cross the road?

A snapping turtle was trying to cross a busy road but ended up needing some assistance to do it.  An officer carefully placed the turtle in a bystander's little red wagon.  The turtle was then escorted across the road in style.  It didn't become a bump in the road because of the kindness of strangers.  turtle

rescue fail

An excavator was brought in to rescue a bulldozer that had fallen into Lake Michigan.  Unfortunately, the excavator became stuck in the same situation as the bulldozer.  Both had to be rescued later.  stuck in the water

Mouse amusement park

An artist collective called "AnonyMouse" has created a mouse-sized amusement park in Sweden.  It includes a tea cup ride, a scary cat -shaped ride, a fortune teller, and a game of chance where players can win cheese.  They've had a lot of large visitors and are pleased with the success of their tiny attraction.  theme park

deliver a beer

Some friends came up with a unique way to deliver a beer to their buddy across a lake.  Three men use a large slingshot to launch the beer over to their friend who catches it.  video

tow a boat

A person in Florida got creative towing a boat.  They put it on a small wheeled platform and attached the boat to the back of a car.  Another driver got video of the incident.  I'm thinking strapping it to the top of the vehicle would've been a better idea if they didn't have a trailer.  boat

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

red light excuse

A man in Australia was stopped for running a red light.  His excuse was that he was in a rush to get chicken for his kids.  The police weren't impressed.  They issued him a ticket that included a fine of $227 and gave him 6 points on his license.  Don't try this at home...I'm sure it won't work here either.  ticket

Monday, April 24, 2017

jail escape

Two men failed in their attempt to escape from jail.  They tried to go over a barbed wire fence but didn't make it far.  Their jackets weren't any protection from the sharp edges.  And all their escape attempt got them was a trip to the hospital and additional charges.  Virginia jail

locked out

What should a person do when they get locked out of their home?  Go in through a window of course.  But one woman in China tried to do that in her apartment.  Her  brilliant idea was to repel down to her window.  She had to be rescued by firefighters.  rescued

Friday, April 21, 2017

Duckling gang

A gang of ducklings showed their might when they chased a chihuahua down the street.  The 10 ducklings and their mama were out for a stroll when they encountered the pooch.  They may have thought at first the dog was their mother and started to follow but the mama duck eventually joined the pursuit.  Perhaps it was the "escape artists" from the jail break in Oregon.  scared pup

another alligator in the news

A 400 pound, 11 foot alligator was found in the middle of Highway 1 in Louisiana.  The road had to be closed while officials worked to move the critter to safety.  Unfortunately it's tail had been run over by a semi and it's injuries were too severe to release it.  The alligator was put down.  reptile road bump

escape from jail

An Oregon Sheriff's office posted on facebook about an escape from the county jail.  But it seems like it was an inside job.  Officers were seen helping the 10 individuals get out of the secured perimeter.  A mama duck layed her eggs inside the jail's enclosure and officers waited for the babies to hatch and mature before escorting them to a nearby lake.  "escape artists"

Wyoming MN police

The police department in Wyoming, MN has a sense of humor.  They posted a picture showing a police officer standing ready with a net to catch 420 violators.  The bait was several bags of chips and snacks.  They also tweeted that they had heard there was a shortage of weed so dealers could contact them and they would connect them with those in need.  They used the jokes to make the statement that drugs are dangerous and they want to bring attention to the issues of substance abuse.  420

fish jumps in boat

Ryan is fishing in his kayak and catches a fish that is too small to keep.  So he throws it back in the water.  The fish however has other ideas and jumps back in the boat.  It takes Ryan a bit to catch the squirmy fish and throw it further into the water.  He caught it all on video

Thursday, April 20, 2017

alligator on the road

Drivers on a road in Florida got an up-close and personal meeting with an alligator when it somehow got stuck next to a concrete median.  It was snapping at passing cars and eventually climbed onto the barrier.  It was captured and moved away from the expressway.  Maybe I don't want to see an alligator when I go to the New Orleans area to visit my daughter.  I keep checking the canals though.  snapping alligator

lost wallet

Tim Burrows was at the Reading Festival in 2003 and lost his wallet.  A man named Giles found the wallet, took a 10 pound note (about $12.78) out of it to buy cider, and then took it to "lost and found" at the festival.  He and his friends developed a drinking game and celebrated it every year since then.  He has now contacted Tim Burrows and wants to replace the money.  And Tim learns about the drinking game started in his honor.  money returned

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Around here we have to worry about critters on the road.  The most dangerous seem to be the deer.  They can really do some damage to your vehicle.  But at least we don't have to worry about lions.  In India about a dozen lions walked across the road which stopped traffic for about 15 minutes.  The pride crossed the road and one of the lions turned back the way it had come.  video

Easter egg hunt

A family in Virginia was expecting an Easter egg hunt on Easter morning.  The parents scattered the eggs around their yard about 11pm and went to bed.  When mom came out in the morning, she knew something was wrong...there were only a couple eggs.  At first the parents thought that teenagers were the culprits but upon reviewing their security cameras, they found a sweet-loving fox.  The plastic eggs filled with yummy candy were gone except for a few that were left behind with chew marks.  video

seal wants shark

Two fishermen in Australia were cleaning a shark that they had caught when a seal decided to try to steal their catch.  One man tries to drag the shark away but the seal gives chase.  They try to hose the seal away and even cut off a chunk of fin and threw it in the water.  The seal didn't go for it though.  video

missing a pig?

A pig was found wandering in the woods in Michigan.  Police are looking for it's owner.  Former Animal Control officer Tiffany Peterson is caring for the pig until it's owners are located.  She says that the pig is definitely a domesticated pet because it is house trained, clean, and loves to cuddle.  pet pig

police chief issues speeding ticket

Sperry, OK, police chief Justin Burch issued a speeding ticket to himself.  It took a video to get him to do it and he admits that if it weren't for the video, he's not sure he would've given himself the ticket.  He says that he had a good reason for driving that fast but adds that it's no excuse and he is holding himself accountable.  The ticket will cost him $300 and he intends to pay it in full.  ticket

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Star Wars

Disneyland and Disney World will both have completed Star Wars attractions by 2019.  The artists have released some video of the progress and some concept art.  It will be set on a planet on the Outer Rim.  An outpost that has been passed by because of hyperspace travel.  It's a place visited by those that are avoiding attention like smugglers, rogue traders, adventurers, and those wishing to stay clear of the First Order.  The project was started in 2012 when Disney first acquired Star Wars from Lucas.  Opening in 2019

Beaver leads cows

A beaver unwittingly became a leader of cows.  The cows were curious and were following the beaver.  When it moved, they moved and when it stopped, they stopped.  Adrienne Ivey owns the cows and filmed the encounter.  She joked about getting a better trained beaver because that's how they moved cows in Canada.  video

Elephant and crocodile

A herd of elephants was near a watering spot when a crocodile bit and hung on to the trunk of one of the younger of the group.  The group of elephants form a barrier to protect the rest of the young and then one large elephant goes in to help the injured elephant.  Whatever it does, make the crocodile lose it's grip and the injured elephant is able to walk away.  Not sure what the fate of the crocodile was.  video

snake attacks

A motorcycle rider in Thailand was almost bit by a snake when it lunged as he drove by.  He lifted his legs to avoid the bite of the oncoming snake.  It was all caught on camera from a driver in a car behind.  No idea if the snake avoided being run over by the car.  snake

giant web

Spiders in New Zealand left behind a web as they moved to higher ground to escape some flooding.  It was a huge web that covered a field.  This would be my nightmare.  video

alligator in Jefferson Parish

An alligator came out of a storm drain behind an elementary school in Jefferson Parish, LA.  Luckily the kids were on spring break when the critter made it's appearance.  It was captured and relocated.  My daughter lives in a different parish but that could certainly happen anywhere in those neighborhoods especially with all of the rain they've been having.  Maybe I should rethink my desire to see an alligator while I'm visiting her.  storm drain alligator

Monday, April 17, 2017

Speedy the goat

Speedy was an early birthday present for 10-year-old Abigail Bruce.  Her and the goat weren't the greatest of friends in the beginning.  But things have changed.  Just two days after Speedy joined the family, he interrupted Abigail's sleep by jumping on her legs and chest and frantically bleating for her to wake up.  She discovered the reason for the goat's strange behavior was a fire that was quickly filling the house with smoke.  Abigail was able to wake her parents and they all escaped through a bedroom window thanks to Speedy's help.  Abigail says that Speedy will be a forever friend now.  Speedy the hero

drug sniffing... iguana

An Arizona Police Department has sworn in an unusual officer.  Iroh is a drug-sniffing bearded dragon and is the department's newest hire.  Apparently reptiles have a keener sense of smell than dogs.  The department will be posting pictures of Iroh's adventures on their facebook page.  Iroh

Friday, April 14, 2017

whales attack boats

A pod of killer whales was after dinner when the sea lion sought refuge from a nearby boater.  The whales kept bumping into the boat to get at the sea lion.  After being battered a few times, the driver of the boat slowly motored closer to an island so the sea lion could escape.  video

horse vs. alligator

People at a state park in Florida got a bit of a show when a horse went up against an alligator.  Some wild horses were grazing when an alligator came up next to them and stopped.  One of the horses kicked the reptile.  Once the alligator started to move, the horse came back and repeatedly kicked it until it left. Horse-1, Gator-0.  video

cows go missing

Three cows were kidnapped from a shed owned by Chick-fil-A.  Thieves got away with three mascot costumes and the company is asking for help to recover them.  The comments on their facebook page include jokes about "beefnapping" and "rustling."  What could you do with those costumes...they certainly can't be worth anything.  stolen cows

Thursday, April 13, 2017

furry convention

A woman who is a volunteer for Pets for Vets visited a furry convention believing that it was for pets.  The convention was raising money for her group and she wanted to check it out.  She took along her Burmese mountain dog, Link, thinking it was a convention for pets.  Cheryl Wassus and Link found themselves surrounded by people in costumes.  She now knows what a furry con is and is very glad that they went.  The furries accepted them with open arms and even posed for pictures.  furries

Cat Island

Aoshima Japan is an island with very few people living on it.  It used to be a fishing community of about 900 people in 1945.  Cats were introduced on the island to get rid of the rat population that was plaguing the fishing ships.  But after WWII, most left the island for jobs in the big cities.  Today the island is home to more than 120 cats and only a handful of people.  It doesn't have any restaurants, stores, or reason to visit except for the cats.  A ferry arrives daily with people who want to see all of the felines.  cats, cats, and more cats

2 cents

A 79-year-old veteran received a check for $.02 from the government. Bruce Rideout doesn't know why he got the check but he doesn't plan to cash it.  He purchased a custom-made frame for the check instead.  The frame cost $82 so it's worth more than the check.  If anyone asks him for his 2 cents, he shows them the check

McDonald's craving

An 8-year-old boy in Ohio really wanted a cheeseburger.  He watched some youtube videos to learn to drive and then took his sister on an excursion to the local Mcdonald's.  It was only 6 blocks away from his home and witnesses said that the boy drove perfectly and followed all the laws and precautions on his drive.  The drive-through crew thought it was a prank but soon saw that there were no adults in the car.  When questioned by police, the boy realized that he had done something wrong.  He did get his cheeseburger though while he waited for his grandparents to pick him and his sister up.  smart kid

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

escaped "General"

General is a dog that was being boarded at a Virginia animal hospital while his family was on vacation.  General apparently didn't like being there because he became quite the escape artist.  He unlatched his kennel and was able to open three doors to gain his freedom.  Luckily he was found nearby and returned to his family.  There's video
of his escape.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

famous last words

A man in Connecticut was arrested for DUI.  His shirt in the mug shot is emblazened with "Hold my beer and watch this."  He was arrested after crashing into a graveyard.  I just find all of this amusing.  He's got to be idiot of the year.  What not to wear in your mug shot.

Ford Crib

Many parents have turned to their vehicles when baby won't go to sleep.  Something about the car ride soothes the baby and helps them sleep.  Unfortunately the parents are now awake because of going for the drive.  In steps the Ford Motor Company.  They've developed a crib that simulates the drive.  The baby gets a good sleep and the parents get the much needed sleep they deserve.  Right now there's only one that's been made but Ford is seriously considering making more.  crib

flip of the coin

An Illinois town has decided to choose their next village president by flipping a coin.  The election tied at 11 a piece.  Both candidates weren't thrilled with the low turnout but the tie stands so it's coin flipping time.  Maybe they should just agree to work together until the next election.  tied vote

Monday, April 10, 2017

when deer attack

A man was being dropped off at a hotel for an environmental training course when he was hit by a deer.  The critter was being chased by a dog and was probably just as surprised as the man when the collision happened.  It was April Fool's Day when the deer knocked the man down and until he convinced the hotel to share their surveillance video, everyone thought it was a joke.  Luckily the man was not injured.  hit by a deer

cell phone tower

A cell tower in Canada has gone missing.  The 68-foot tower was dismantled and removed on a trailer.  Police are looking for a Red Dodge truck and are asking for the public's assistance.  Someone had to have seen them tearing it down.  How does one hide something so big?    missing tower

The fight for Mario is real

Mario is not fighting Bowser, Boom Booms, or Koopa.  Instead a store owner in Florida is fighting to keep an inflatable Mario outside his store.  The City of Orange Park has ordered Scott Fisher to remove Mario from in front of his video game store and Scott has decided to file a lawsuit to try to keep Mario there.  Sometimes I think cities go too far.  inflatable

Friday, April 7, 2017

real life Mowgli

A young girl about age 10 has been rescued from a forest in India.  She was found living with monkeys.  The critters tried to keep the rescuers from taking her but a police officer was finally able to get her away and speed off in his patrol car while the monkeys gave chase.  The girl acted like an animal eating food off the floor and crawling around on her elbows and knees.  Since being rescued in January, she is now eating using her hands and walking upright.  She still can't speak but does understand what is being said to her.  Officials are hoping to discover how she got there and who her parents are.  living with monkeys