Friday, September 30, 2016

fat cat

There is actually a fat cat that greets visitors at a hotel in New Hampshire.  It's name is Logan and was adopted from a shelter by the owners of the hotel.  It used to be a normal size cat but after joining the family, it soon began eating the food of the other cats and even breaking into the pantry to get at the stash of food.  Some have thought it was a raccoon laying on the sidewalk in front of the hotel.  Others have accused the owners of abuse for letting it get that big.  But the owner says that she lets this cat do everything her other cats do.  supersized

Thursday, September 29, 2016


After being hit by an SUV, a deer tried to jump in the vehicle.  An officer filmed the incident on his dash cam.  The driver opened her door to get out to survey the damage when the buck tried to jump into the driver's seat.  As it was attempting to climb in, the driver managed to kick the critter out and close the door.  The driver sustained injury to her nose but the deer died from it's injuries.  deer

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

dog vacation

A Florida dog somehow made it to Boston.  The owner thought she'd never see her dog again but thanks to some volunteers the dog has made the trip home.  No one knows how Apollo the dog got to Massachusetts but Mary Ellen Post of East Coast Dogs arranged for a relay of drivers to get Apollo back where he belonged.  volunteers

Trump carpool

A driver in Washington State was using the carpool lane.  Nothing unusual about that except that the passenger was Donald Trump.  Not the real Donald Trump of course, but a huge cut-out of his head attached to the passenger head rest.  It didn't fool troopers though.  The driver was issued a $136 ticket for the stunt.  Troopers said that they had seen everything from teddy bears to mannequins sitting in the passenger seat but this was the first huge Trump head.  carpool lane

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

road hazard

What happens when a giant yellow duck goes for a stroll on a highway?  This happened in Glasgow and it actually hit a car.  The high winds ripped it from it's tethers at a car dealership and sent it rolling down the road.  The company has offered to cover all damages from their rampaging duck.  yellow duck


I think it's fair to say that if you try to take a selfie with a poisonous snake, you may be bitten.  That's exactly what happened in India.  The man claimed responsibility for the accident saying that he got too close.  What does a python do when it feels threatened?  It bites!  Too close?  Anywhere there's a dangerous critter in sight is too close.  python

Monday, September 26, 2016

leashed cats?

Kenai, Alaska has proposed that cats be on a leash just like dogs.  Residents have been complaining about roaming felines so the city council decided to introduce the new proposal.  If it passes on October 5, cats will have to be leashed if they are outside.  new ordinance