Friday, April 28, 2017

police issue warning

Police in Oregon got a call about a cat with a gun.  They responded and quickly diffused the situation.  Turns out the cat was just using a stick that looked like a gun.  It was reprimanded for posing with what could be mistaken as an assault rifle and for wearing poor camouflage.  The cat doesn't pose a threat to the public.  cat with gun

another bobcat attack

A Texas woman left her sliding glass door open so that her two little dogs could go out to the backyard whenever they wanted.   She will never do that again after an incident where a bobcat attacked one of her dogs and chased it into the house.  The cat jumped on top of a 6-foot display cabinet and eventually left the home.  Unfortunately, little Precious was left with injuries that required a trip to the vet.  The little pooch should be fine but it was a scary lesson for it's owner.  cat and dog

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Spam and a wedding

A couple from the UK loves Spam so much that they got married at the Spam Museum in Austin, MN.  The groom changed his name in 2015 to include "I Love Spam" as his middle name.  The bride secretly set up the wedding and didn't tell her beloved until Valentine's Day.  Hormel Foods paid for the wedding and is sending the couple on a honeymoon to Hawaii for the 15th annual Spam Jam.  Spam meat for your wedding meal?  Not my idea of yummy.  Spam nuptials

Sasquatch disappears

A store owner in Ohio has reported to police that her statues of Sasquatch have disappeared from outside her store.  She says that they would've been difficult to lift and even harder to hide.  What would someone want with the three statues?  They certainly couldn't display them because not everyone has them sitting around their home.  missing statues

ghost in lightpost?

The Mayor of Salem, Massachusettes has snapped a very interesting picture.  She captured the image of a face in one of the City's streetlamps.  The pic has been shared on social media and many have commented that it is eerie. face 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Monkeys in Florida

A group of monkeys was brought to Silver Springs Park near Orlando in the 1930's.  Today there are estimates that about 200 monkeys live in the area.  One of them has decided it has a taste for sweets.  It has been seen swinging through the trees and climbing a fence near a bakery.  An Asian monkey is certainly not what you would expect to see in a large city.  visitor

How did the turtle cross the road?

A snapping turtle was trying to cross a busy road but ended up needing some assistance to do it.  An officer carefully placed the turtle in a bystander's little red wagon.  The turtle was then escorted across the road in style.  It didn't become a bump in the road because of the kindness of strangers.  turtle