Friday, September 22, 2017

Puppy Saved

The West Midlands Fire Service in Britain responded to kitchen fire where they found a puppy overcome by smoke.  They rushed it outside and luckily they carry oxygen kits for pet so they were able to use a tiny oxygen mask to get the pooch back on it's feet.  And it was all caught on a firefighter's body cam.  Source: UPI

Dead Body

Several people called 911 in Greene County, Tennessee, to report a dead body in a driveway.  Or rather half of a body and there were bloody handprints on the garage door where it had been cut in half.  The police responded with lights flashing and sirens blaring only to find a Halloween decoration.  They have urged people to stop calling and instead congratulate the homeowner on a very convincing Halloween display.  Source: Fox News

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Trump Masks

Two Italian men have been wearing Trump masks to rob cash machines.  They even painted their white car black just like in the movie "The Jackal." After dozens of robberies including one where closed circuit footage showed one of the robbers covering the camera and putting an explosive into a cash box, lighting the fuse, and then backing away before it explodes, they have finally been arrested.    Source: NBC News

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Kids Driving

A hospital in San Diego has unveiled a new program to let kids drive themselves to the operating room.  The luxury cars are actually remotely controlled by a doctor or nurse.  The kids are more relaxed and having fun on their way to what could be a very stressful situation.   Source: Yahoo News

Runner Leaves Surprise in Neighborhood

A jogger in Colorado Springs has been leaving surprises along her route for about 7 weeks.  Dog walkers have to clean up after their pets go on lawns, this woman should have to do the same.  People have seen her leaving her droppings and police have asked for help from the public.  They want residents to take a picture of the woman so that she can be identified.  And what a moron...she's leaving DNA behind.  She will be caught.  Source: Yahoo News

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


A man in Germany had to call firefighters to get his manhood out of a dumbbell.  He was stuck in the center hole of the weight and had to be cut out of it.  It took firefighters almost 3 hours to cut the dumbbell to pieces and free the man.  They posted a picture of the dumbbell remains on their facebook page and cautioned others not to imitate the man's actions.  Source: UPI

Flushing Money

I've heard of people wasting money on things and it's said that they are just flushing it down the toilet.  But in Geneva Switzerland, someone actually did flush money down some toilets.  About $100,000 worth of Euros were cut into pieces and flushed down toilets in a bank, a restaurant, and a couple other businesses nearby.  Why would anyone want to do that?  Source: NPR