Friday, August 26, 2016

illegal immigrants

Lots of news stories have been dedicated to illegal immigrants lately but who would've thought that it would mean Americans entering Canada illegally.  In Port Huron, Michigan there is an unofficial float down on the St. Clair River.  Floaters ride tubes down the river in droves on one day of the year.  This year though, the weather didn't cooperate and the winds sent many floaters into Canada where they had to be rescued from the rough waters.  Some tried to swim back to the US but were stopped and brought to Ontario.  All were loaded on a bus and taken back to the US.  An unofficial facebook page for the event thanked Canadian officials for their true kindness and for being amazing neighbors.  river tubing gone wrong

Thursday, August 25, 2016

stolen bras

A Florida man wanted to get something special for his lady.  He decided to steal two bras instead of paying the $20 to buy them.  The occasion?  His lovely woman was being released from jail.  Now he had to use his rent money to bail himself out and he has no gift to give her when she returns home...if they even have a home when she gets out.  Crime doesn't pay.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pokemon Go

The honeymoon is over.  Pokemon Go is losing players.  It was only a matter of time where some who played the game got bored with it.  It will have it's die-hard players and new players will start every day but the initial love affair with the game has worn off.  Maybe now opponents can stop complaining about the players disrespecting public parks.  Go players gone

Ryan Lochte

A lot has been in the news lately about Ryan Lochte and his swimmer buddies.  Reports have said that they lied about being robbed at gunpoint and that they have disgraced the US Olympic teams and the Amerian people.  But what  hasn't been reported until now is that there was a reporter there when it happened.  There's also video footage that shows the swimmers never even entered the bathroom.  They urinated on the wall and Ryan tore down a poster.  No one is saying that this is acceptable behavior but having a gun drawn on them while the person with the gun is demanding money, seems a lot like a robbery.  The security guards were off duty police officers which could have been why the intoxicated Ryan and his crew thought they were being robbed by the police.  So before passing judgement, get all the facts first.  Police can lie too.  robbery?

cab driver

A man got into a taxi and said that he wanted to be taken to a nearby bar.  But instead he tried to choke the driver and get money from him.  The driver wouldn't give up and drove the would-be robber to the nearest train station where he found a police officer.  The robber ran away but was found later and arrested.  That's one gutsy cab driver!  hero driver

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

phone call leads to jail

A man in Eugene, OR just wanted to call his parents so he walked into a police station lobby to use their phone.  The officer behind the desk recognized Nathan Alan Bramlage as a suspect in a bank robbery.  He was arrested and went to jail. Maybe he should've thought about making that phone call someplace else.  jail time

Monday, August 22, 2016

gorilla in the news

Koko the gorilla got a visit from Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Flea let Koko play his bass and the gorilla loved the mellow sounds.  There's even video of their interaction.  See it here.