Monday, June 26, 2017

Stupid Driver

A man in Green Bay WI decided to drive around the barrier on a drawbridge.  The barrier is there for a reason; the bridge is open.  Most people would realize that if they drive on a drawbridge that is open, they will either get stuck or fall into the water.  This guy got stuck and had to be rescued.  Firefighters had to cut open the top of the driver's mini van just to get him out.  stupidity

Friday, June 23, 2017

Toddler and His Stuffed Cow

A toddler in Massachusetts is alive after falling from a second story window.  He was jumping on his bed when he accidently went flying out the window.  Luckily he was clutching his favorite stuffed toy...a 2-foot stuffed cow.  When the toddler hit the concrete below his window, the cow broke his fall.  Both the toddler and cow are doing fine.  miracle

CIA Hacked

A vending machine at the CIA was hacked and was giving out free snacks.  The crime took the CIA months to discover.  Contractors had hacked the machine so that it would give snack out for free.  After $3,300 worth of goodies went missing, the CIA finally set up cameras to catch the culprits.  They were then escorted out the door and fired by their companies.  A person has to be extremely bold to steal from the CIA and think they're not going to get caught.  free snacks

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New Ken Doll

Mattel has updated Ken's looks.  They have released several new Ken dolls with various looks.  One of them has a "man bun."  The "man bun" Ken has taken center stage out of all of the new Kens.  It will be used as the avatar on Barbie's official twitter page.  man bun

Nanny Needed

The owners of a "Haunted House" in Scotland are looking for a live-in nanny.  Their add claims that the past 5 nannies have all left because of supernatural happenings in the house.  They are away from the home for business and need a nanny to look after the children while they're gone.  It's a generous package...offering 28 vacation days, legal holidays, and around $64,000 in salary.  The catch is that they have to be willing to work with the supernatural.  They've actually gotten about 2,000 replies so far.  ghost nanny

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dog Toy?

A woman in California went out in the dark and was picking up her dog's toy.  When it started to move, she realized that it wasn't a dog toy at all.  It was a small rattlesnake.  She was quick to drop it and side-step out of the way.  Her dog was at her side and very confused.  Lesson learned...don't grab for things in the dark.  It's all caught on video.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Gene Simmons Trademark

Gene Simmons wants to trademark his signature
hand gesture.  It's the pointer and pinkie finger raised with the thumb out at a right angle.  He claims that he was the first to use it and should be able to trademark it.  The cover of KISS' 1977 "Love Gun" shows him using the gesture.  But there are reasons he should not be able to be granted the trademark.  It is the American Sign Language symbol for "I Love You."  Ronnie James Dio apparently used it in 1979 when he was with Black Sabbath.  He says that he got it from his was an Italian thing.  But in 1966, John Lennon is using the same hand gesture on the cover of the "Yellow Submarine" single cover.  Many are calling for the trademark to be denied.  no trademark