Friday, August 18, 2017

Looking for False Teeth

A man in Germany was knocking on doors asking if he could check balconies for his false teeth.  A woman resident called police and they checked it out.  Turns out he wasn't a robber as thought.  He actually was looking for his teeth.  He had been visiting a friend and relaxing on a balcony above.  He dropped his false teeth and really was trying to locate them.  It's not known if he eventually found the teeth.  Lesson learned: Hang on to your teeth!  Source: Yahoo News

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Working Monkeys

A bar in Japan is becoming very popular especially with tourists.  The owner has special waiters; they're monkeys.  He also has some baby monkeys that aren't quite ready to go to work so they pose for pictures with customers.  Source: UPI

Car Thief

A 10-year-old girl stole a car from a YMCA.  She took the keys out of a man's cubbie at the fitness center and then threw his cell phone and wallet out of the window as she drove away.  She picked up her friends and went for a joy ride until she crashed the car into a curb.  Police found her and her friends trying to change a tire on the stolen car.  She was charged with theft of a motor vehicle and released to her parents.  They're starting younger and younger.  Source: UPI

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Built Wisconsin Tough

Doug Bergeson of Peshtigo, WI, was framing a fireplace in his home when a nail gun malfunctioned.  The nail bounced off some wood and imbedded in his chest.  Doug got cleaned up and drove himself to the hospital thinking he'd still be home by dinner time.  But the nail had gone into his heart and narrowly missed a major artery.  After x-rays discovered that the nail had penetrated 2 inches, he was rushed by ambulance to another hospital.  He offered to drive himself but doctors wouldn't allow that.  Luckily Doug is going to be fine.  Source: ABC News

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


South Carolina is warning residents about Lizardmen who seem to appear during a solar eclipse.  Officials have issued a map showing locations of previous sightings and want residents to be ever vigilant just in case.  If you see something, say something...South Carolina wants to know about Lizardmen sightings.  I'm hoping this is a joke.  Source: UPI

Strange Object

A large object has been found in the waters off the coast of Rhode Island.  It was discovered last summer but when the person tried to locate it again, they couldn't find it.  It sits about 10 feet off shore and is made of metal and concrete.  Oceanograpy experts don't know exactly what it it so an attempt will be made to remove it.  It should be interesting to learn what it is.  Source: UPI

An Alligator Lounging on the Highway

Once again an alligator makes the news.  This time it's in Massachusetts which is not a normal place to see an alligator.  A motorist stopped at a local police station to report the critter on the road.  Animal control was dispatched and officers also responded.  What they found was a 1 1/2 foot toy alligator.  The plastic toy was removed and the highways in Massachusetts are safe again.  Source: UPI