Tuesday, February 21, 2017

good catch

A skydiving instructor has good reflexes.  He caught a falling toddler with just one hand.  Jesse Leos was working at a skydiving company in Texas when a toddler fell off the counter.  Out of instinct, Jesse reached out and caught the youngster before his head hit the floor.  Jesse says that his reflexes are honed because of skydiving and time in the wind tunnel.  toddler's hero

infidelity scam

Blackmailers have taken to sending out letters to try to get money from people they say have been caught cheating on their spouse.  One man who received one of the letters was amused by it because he's single.  He wondered where this nonexistant wife was.  Many residents in Virginia have gotten the letters and the local police warn that it's a scam and money should not be paid.  They also say that family members should not take these letters as proof that someone has cheated.  blackmail

Monday, February 20, 2017

cops' sense of humor

Two cows escaped from their pen in a field near Suffield Connecticut.  They were seen walking through yards and along side roads.  A picture of the two fugitives was taken by police and posted to their facebook page along with the caption, 

 "two 'suspicious males' were going door-to-door 'trying to sell dairy products.' They were 'apprehended after a short foot pursuit.'"

facebook post

Girl Scout cookie time

Girl Scout cookies are being sold around the country.  The girls are hawking their wares in neighborhoods and outside local stores.  They're attracting more than hungry buyers though.  Crooks have taken to stealing cash from the tiny entrepeneurs.  Police in Union, CA decided to help a girl who was robbed at gunpoint.  They raised enough money to cover what the thief stole and to buy the rest of her cookies.  After a similar theft in Denver, the store reimbursed the girl scout for the money she lost.  lowest of thieves

Friday, February 17, 2017

tortoise and the hare

According to the fable, the toroise wins the race...slow and steady.  The hare in it's cockiness, loses the race.  Now we have a real life answer.  Super Deluxe, an entertainment company, live-streamed a race between a real life tortoise and hare.  It lasted about 40 minutes.  There was plenty of drama and both stopped short of the finish line and made detours; but eventually the tortoise won the race.  winner

thimble is gone

Monopoly has listened to the people and they have discontinued the thimble.  It goes the way of the iron in the last vote where the cat replaced it.  Now fans can vote on what will replace the thimble.  times change

burglar's epic fail

A would-be burglar in Massachusetts tried to gain entry into a store by throwing a large rock through the glass door.  On his fourth try, he managed to break the glass but the hole wasn't big enough for him to get through.  He was scared away by a car at a nearby residence.  Police are asking for the public's assistance in identifying the culprit.  rock through the door