Friday, January 20, 2017

motorcycle stunt

Video was captured of a car breaking quickly because of a slow car ahead.  A motorcycle rider behind couldn't stop fast enough and ended up crashing into the breaking car.  Luckily for the rider, he landed on the trunk and was able to ride there until he got the driver's attention.  His bike didn't make it.  video


A highway near Milwaukee was the scene of a Skittles accident.  A cardboard box full of red skittles was on the back of a flatbed truck.  The box got wet and the skittles spilled onto Highway S in Dodge County.  Those Skittles were on their way to be fed to cattle but instead they will go to the birds.  red covered highway

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Puppy Bowl returns

Every year during the big football game, I watch the Puppy Bowl.  It runs on the Animal Planet channel and is so adorable.  All animals used in the show are rescues and are up for adoption.  And each year all have found furever homes.  This year, the show will feature three disabled pups.  The cheerleading will be done by bunnies and guinea pigs.  It's going to be a great show.  Puppy Bowl

Bob Schmidt

Our very own Today's Talk morning guy, Bob Schmidt, has made the national news thanks to our freak ice storm.  He filmed his two sons skating on the street in front of his house and the video has gone viral. video

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

missing hunter

Randy Keith Holt from Alabama went hunting and when he didn't return from his trip, his family reported him missing.  Police had been searching for him when they found him alive and jail.  He'd been there the whole time the search was going on.  He's being held on $500 bond for public intoxication charges.  Police found him exposing himself and his family didn't know he had been arrested.  I'd think either the family or the officers would've checked the area hospitals and jails first.  found

Monday, January 16, 2017

pay those tolls

A man in Florida is facing felony charges for trying to avoid paying a $1.25 toll.  That seems like an extreme punishment for such a small amount of money.  But what makes it a felony is that the man used a remote controlled device to cover his plate to avoid the toll.  It sure doesn't seem worth it to me.  felony


Tourists in Indonesia were treated to a special guest on their boat ride down a river.  An orangutan was hanging over the river and decided to join the group on the boat.  When one of the boaters tried to take a selfie with the animal, the orangutan was having none of it, slapped the man across the face, and then moved away.  Before leaving the boat, the orangutan had a few snacks and then went back into the trees.  video