Friday, November 10, 2017

Montana Officers Issue Tickets and Turkeys

Some drivers near Billings, Montana, were surprised after being pulled over by police.  Instead of getting a ticket for their minor infractions, they were given a warning and a turkey.  It was a nice holiday surprise.  Source: Yahoo News

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Motorized Cart

We've all seen those motorized carts at the stores.  They're supposed to be used by people who have a hard time walking around the aisles while shopping.  They've got a small basket by the handlebars and move about 2 miles per hour.  A man in Fairbanks, Alaska, tried to drive one home.  At such a low rate of speed, it didn't take police long to catch him.  Source: Yahoo News


A man in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, wanted to do his civic duty so he drove to an elementary school to vote.  He arrived a day early and drunk.  Not a good combination especially at a school.  Instead of voting, he was given a ride to the jail.  Source: Yahoo News

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Police Looking for Escaped...

Emus...two of them have escaped from a local farm near Chaska, MN, and have eluded capture for a couple of months.  Local residents have spotted them in the neighborhoods but they soon run off.  It would be a shock to see that large bird running around.  Source: UPI

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Dog and Duck in Minnesota

Max the dog lost his canine companion and had been very lonely for a couple of years until he met Quackers the duck.  Max would sit next to Quackers' pen and they became great friends.  Now they're inseparable.  The neighbors even look forward to seeing the two together.  Source: UPI

Water Gun

A man used a water gun to rob a couple of banks.  He painted it to look like a real gun and temporarily got away with it.  But crime doesn't pay; he's going away for a very long time.  The lesson...don't rob a bank and don't use a gun even a fake one.  Prison is on the other end of that.  Source: Yahoo News

Friday, November 3, 2017

Egg McMuffin

A person has to want that Egg McMuffin really bad to pull a gun on the worker when he doesn't get one.  That's what happened in Ohio.  There is video surveillance and police hope they can catch the suspect.  Source: Yahoo News