Friday, December 2, 2016

odd shopper

A Maryland dollar store had a shopper that isn't normally seen in the aisles of a store.  Somehow a beaver got inside and wreaked havoc on the place.  Thankfully not much damage was done and animal control removed the pesky critter and returned it to a wildlife rehabilitator.  beaver

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Otter joins party

Heather and her husband John were kayaking in Northern California to celebrate his birthday when they saw a raft of otters.  They stayed 50 feet away and were just observing when one of the otters decided to swim to the couple.  It got onto John's kayak and had a fun time rolling around and nibbling on some rope and a shoe.  John's visitor stayed for about 10 minutes before slipping back into the water.  visitor

Cat burglar

A would-be burglar got stuck in the entryway to a bank.  The poor cat somehow got in between the glass doors at the bank and was discovered peering longingly out the door.  A Twitter user named Jaimee posted that he had contacted animal rescue and the restaurant next to the bank where they assured him they would make sure that the cat was ok.  trapped inside bank

friendly Wisconsin deer

Brian Powers was hunting near Wausau over the weekend when he got an unexpected visitor.  A young deer walked up to him and wanted some affection.  Brian noticed that someone had given the deer an unusual orange scarf.  Someone wants the deer to remain safe and is hoping the bright orange around it's neck will help.  Brian posted videos of his encounter with the friendly deer to youtube.  In one of the videos he can be heard telling the little deer to "keep your head low, man.  Make sure people see that orange, alright?"  orange scarf

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Canadian police threaten drunk drivers

The Canadian Police threatened the usual consequences for being caught driving drunk, fines, jail time, and loss of driving privileges.  But they went one step further to scare drunk people from getting behind the wheel.  On the way to jail, the driver will be forced to listen to Nickelback in the squad car.  I wonder if it will work.  punishment?

unlikely pair

A British Columbia, Ontario resident filmed his brother's cat being licked by a deer.  Apparently the cat is very friendly with the local wild deer and this one must've thought the cat tasted good. See the video

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

pizza delivery

A pizza chain is facing some tough deliveries in Japan with a difficult winter on it's way.  So they have decided to test deliveries by reindeer.  The animals would have a hot box strapped to their back and would make the journey alone.  A lot of details have to be dealt with before it happens but the pizza chain is hopeful.  I can see a lot of problems with this plan...the reindeer runs off...the box falls off it's back...someone steals the box en route...other animals smell the food and try to get it...the reindeer gets lost...the list goes on.  I think I'd prefer the delivery driver.  reindeer