Tuesday, July 18, 2017


A dog named Storm saw something in the water when he and his owner were walking on Long Island Sound.  Storm swam out to whatever it was and started to drag it back to shore.  That's when his owner noticed that it was a baby deer.  Storm did manage to get the deer safely to dry land and even nudged it seemingly to make sure it was ok.  An animal rescue group was called but the deer ran back into the water as they arrived.  They got it out of the water again and took it to a shelter where it is being treated for ticks and an eye injury.  Thanks to Storm, the deer will have a new lease on life.  source:  UPI

Mom of the Year

A mother in Oregon was arrested after she was found towing her two young children and a nephew behind her vehicle.  The kids were in a little red wagon.  She traveled through a roundabout and at one point the wagon went up on two wheels.  That made one of the children cry so the woman stopped and put that child in the vehicle and then continued to drive with the other two still in the wagon.  Police found that there was no alcohol or drugs in her system so that means she's just stupid.  source:  foxnews

Friday, July 14, 2017

Flying Can of Beer

An Australian man wondered what unusual thing he could send on his flight as checked baggage.  He contemplated his deoderant but decided it would be much more fun to try to send his can of beer.  A baggage tag was attached to the can and away it went on the belt for it's flight.  When the man got to the baggage claim area, he found his can of beer traveling around the carousel.  A picture of the can of Emu Export was posted to his Facebook page with the caption, "Not all emus are flightless."  video

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bailing Out a Friend

If a person is going to bail out their friend after being arrested for drunk driving, perhaps they should do it after they get sober themselves.  A car full of drunks was stopped in Slidell, Louisiana; the driver was arrested for DWI, taken to jail, the car was impounded, and the passengers were sent home in a cab.  One of them, however, decided that it was a smart idea to go bail out her friend.  She drove to the jail and promptly was arrested for DWI.  So much better to be in jail right next to the friend rather than bail them out in the morning. idiot

Deer Looking to Buy Alcohol

A deer in Darboy, WI, took a tour around a Festival Foods liquor store.  It entered when the automatic door opened and got a chance to wander around the aisles until customers formed a human fence and ushered it out an emergency door.  Maybe the topic of conversation around the deer home will be about his adventures among all the pretty bottles.  video


A start-up company wanted to make sure that everyone would be covered...with an umbrella that is.  The idea was that umbrellas would be at the ready near bus and subway stations.  Users can unlock the umbrella by using an app on their phone and then they're charged per half hour of use.  Apparently there's no penalty for not bringing them back.  Almost all 300,000 of them disappeared on the first day.  The umbrella sharing company may have to rethink how they are to be returned.  stay dry

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Don't Threaten the IRS

A Washington man was laid off from his position as a civilian defense contractor with the US Government in the 1990s.  He started complaining to any department that had anything to with the Department of Defense but got nowhere.  Now he's upset with the IRS because he says that he shouldn't have to pay taxes since the government hasn't satisfied any of his claims.  He's gone a bit far though and has ended up in jail.  He mailed a fake bomb, one of his severed fingers, a bullet, and a marijuana joint to the IRS.  Not surprisingly, he's in jail facing Federal felony charges.  jail time