Tuesday, March 28, 2017

creepy letters keep coming

A New Jersey family purchased the "watcher" house in 2014.  No one revealed to them that the residents before them were getting creepy letters from someone called the "watcher."  He asks for young blood to fill the house, wants to know who's in the front bedrooms, and if they've discovered what's in the walls.  There have been many creepy letters sent to them so they feel that they can't live in the house.  They've asked for a permit from the City of Westfield to tear down the house and divide the lot so that two new houses can be built instead.  The City has denied their request.  Their lawyer says that they're stuck in a situation that they didn't ask for.  Would you live in the house?  "The Watcher"

alligator wants to play

Two men were playing golf when they saw an alligator on the course.  One of them started filming it while his buddy was hit his golf ball.  The ball beaned the alligator in the head and ended up being a snack for the critter.  And it's all caught on video.

recap of the madness of March

A reporter in Nashville wasn't allowed to use clips from the Elite Eight during his news cast.  So he got a little creative.  He used things from his desk to re-create the games.  Lego Batman and Superman, a rubber duck, and a makeshift hoop made from a key ring.  re-creation

very large doobie

A man in Florida was walking along the beach in Daytona when he stumbled on Cheech and Chong's dream.  A large bundle of marijuana had washed up on the shore.  It was rolled up like a large cigar.  Authorities estimate that it had been in the water for about 2 weeks by the amount of barnicles attached.  strange find

Monday, March 27, 2017


A few witches are taking some of the credit for saving Obamacare.  They cast spells to stop Trump from implementing the new health care plan that experts say would be a bad change.  Now the witches are setting their sights higher.  They will be casting spells on every waning crescent moon in the hopes of getting Trump out of office.  double double toil and trouble


An Idaho woman crashed into a deer.  That happens all the time but her reason for doing it is the strange part.  She claims that she was distracted by the Bigfoot in her rear view mirror.  The Sasquatch apparently was chasing the deer when it ran in front of her.  In the police report, the cops only reported a collision with a deer...no mention of Bigfoot.  reason for crash

watermelons, limes, and now bananas

Drug dealers are resorting to fruit to get their product through customs.  Dogs caught the fake watermelons and limes and now Spanish police have discovered cocaine inside fake bananas.  The fruit was tucked inside a shipment of real bananas but that still didn't fool the cops.  drug fruit