Monday, October 23, 2017


I've been to the Spam museum in Austin, MN, and have tried the canned meat but I'm not overly enthusiastic about eating it.  I've heard that there are people who just can't get enough of the stuff.  I don't understand that but each to their own.  In Hawaii Spam is very popular; so popular that it is stolen from stores and sold on the street.  One store owner says that Spam is now stolen more often than alcohol.  Source: Yahoo News

Fined For Singing

I would never think that singing along with a song in your car would get you a ticket, but that's what happened in Canada.  A man was singing along to his favorite song in his car when he was pulled over.  When the lights on the squad car started flashing, he thought that they just wanted him to move out of the way but it was him they were after.  He was given a ticket for "screaming" even though he tried to explain to the police that he was just singing along to a song.  Apparently screaming in your car is illegal in Quebec.  The man plans to fight the ticket.  Source: UPI

Drug Dog

A US couple tried to enter California with nearly 2 pounds of meth inside a toy stuffed dog.  That wasn't fooling a real dog who quickly noted the presence of narcotics.  The drugs and the car were impounded and the couple is now facing charges for the $6,000 worth of drugs found in their possession.  Source: UPI

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Halloween Decoration

A man in Ohio has been building halloween decorations for years and each year they get bigger and more elaborate.  This year he has built an AT-AT walker from Star Wars.  It's two stories high and has been attracting onlookers.  He started building in April and said that it was a weekend project.  Friends would come over on weekends and help build the pieces.  When they were all finished, the AT-AT was assembled.  Source: UPI

Living in the Woods

A British man ran away from home.  Yep, an adult can do it too.  He claims that after he got married, his wife nagged him way too much and he decided he couldn't take it anymore.  He lived in the woods for 10 years before being coaxed out by a non-profit group that gives a person a place to live and a job if they really need it.  A friend told him about the opportunity and he's now happy in his new home.  There's no word on what happened to his wife but he did contact his sister who thought he was dead.  Source: Fox News

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Loyal Friend

A german shepherd dog was rescued from the side of a busy highway in New Jersey.  Police had received calls about two dogs along the interstate and when they responded, they found a pit bull was already dead and the other one refusing to leave it's side.  They managed to lure the german shepherd into the patrol car and it was taken to an animal shelter.  Now, that's a real loyal friend!  Source: ABC 

Speed Trap

A man in Pennsylvania set up a fake speed trap near his home.  He used flashing dashboard lights in his vehicle to slow the traffic going by his house.  His complaints about the speeders got no results so he took matters into his own hands hoping that slowing the drivers would stop deer from being killed and stinking up the area.  He said that the tactic was working but he's the one who got the ticket.  He's being charged with impersonating a public servant and displaying improper lights.  Source: Yahoo News