Friday, September 30, 2016

fat cat

There is actually a fat cat that greets visitors at a hotel in New Hampshire.  It's name is Logan and was adopted from a shelter by the owners of the hotel.  It used to be a normal size cat but after joining the family, it soon began eating the food of the other cats and even breaking into the pantry to get at the stash of food.  Some have thought it was a raccoon laying on the sidewalk in front of the hotel.  Others have accused the owners of abuse for letting it get that big.  But the owner says that she lets this cat do everything her other cats do.  supersized

Thursday, September 29, 2016


After being hit by an SUV, a deer tried to jump in the vehicle.  An officer filmed the incident on his dash cam.  The driver opened her door to get out to survey the damage when the buck tried to jump into the driver's seat.  As it was attempting to climb in, the driver managed to kick the critter out and close the door.  The driver sustained injury to her nose but the deer died from it's injuries.  deer

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

dog vacation

A Florida dog somehow made it to Boston.  The owner thought she'd never see her dog again but thanks to some volunteers the dog has made the trip home.  No one knows how Apollo the dog got to Massachusetts but Mary Ellen Post of East Coast Dogs arranged for a relay of drivers to get Apollo back where he belonged.  volunteers

Trump carpool

A driver in Washington State was using the carpool lane.  Nothing unusual about that except that the passenger was Donald Trump.  Not the real Donald Trump of course, but a huge cut-out of his head attached to the passenger head rest.  It didn't fool troopers though.  The driver was issued a $136 ticket for the stunt.  Troopers said that they had seen everything from teddy bears to mannequins sitting in the passenger seat but this was the first huge Trump head.  carpool lane

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

road hazard

What happens when a giant yellow duck goes for a stroll on a highway?  This happened in Glasgow and it actually hit a car.  The high winds ripped it from it's tethers at a car dealership and sent it rolling down the road.  The company has offered to cover all damages from their rampaging duck.  yellow duck


I think it's fair to say that if you try to take a selfie with a poisonous snake, you may be bitten.  That's exactly what happened in India.  The man claimed responsibility for the accident saying that he got too close.  What does a python do when it feels threatened?  It bites!  Too close?  Anywhere there's a dangerous critter in sight is too close.  python

Monday, September 26, 2016

leashed cats?

Kenai, Alaska has proposed that cats be on a leash just like dogs.  Residents have been complaining about roaming felines so the city council decided to introduce the new proposal.  If it passes on October 5, cats will have to be leashed if they are outside.  new ordinance

Friday, September 23, 2016


A woman from Washington near Portland was driving her car when a spider came down from her rear view mirror.  She was so freaked that she flipped the car. Luckily she only got a scrape on her hand from the ordeal.  I don't know that I would total my car, but I do understand why she panicked.  The spider managed to evade police.  totaled car

Thursday, September 22, 2016

police chase

In Anchorage Alaska the police chases look a bit different.  A furry tourist kept the police and DNR officers busy for two hours.  A young black bear ran amok through the streets and on sidewalks with the police in hot pursuit.  It was finally caught and relocated.  No one was hurt in the chase.  young bear

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

racing hazard

On Saturday, Formula One racers encountered a hazard on the track.  One that hasn't been seen before.  A large Monitor Lizard wandered onto the track at the Singapore Grand Prix track during their final practice.  That had to be a shock to the drivers.  lizard

Friday, September 16, 2016

google street view

When Google takes pictures with it's street view cameras, they blur faces for privacy issues.  But a cow?  That's what happened in England.  A cow's face has been blurred in order to protect it's identity.  cow

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

pet surgery

An Australian woman loved her pet so much that when a pebble got stuck in it's throat, she took the pet to a veterinarian to have it removed.  The surgery bill was $370.  I think a lot of us would pay that much for family critter member.  What surprises me is that it was a goldfish.  And of course the goldfish had to stay overnight at the vet's office to help in it's recovery.  Conquer the goldfish

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

the sky is falling

A woman had to skip her fitness class because of a bizarre reason.  A catfish fell from the sky and slapped her in the face.  First, why was a catfish flying?  And second, how was it's decent so precise?  
A large bird was seen flying from the area after the aerial assault.  It was probably very upset that it had lost it's lunch.
Lisa Lobree was walking with a friend when it happened and even though she was injured, she does see the humor in the situation.  
flying fish

Monday, September 12, 2016


A man was allowed to leave a courtroom as a free man if he accepted a plea deal.  Instead he decided that he would take his chances because he believed he was innocent.  
He was involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend when police were called.  As the girlfriend packed her things to leave, Raymond Lindsey Jr. destroyed items in the apartment and then assaulted an officer by slamming a door on his arm several times.  
The plea deal would allow Raymond to be a free man with time served (19 months) if he would plead guilty to the charges.  He wouldn't do it and ended up with 40 years in prison.  jail time for stupidity

Friday, September 9, 2016

missed day of school

A kindergartner in Pennsylvania didn't make it to his first day of school.  Mom put him on the bus and he was so excited to go.  And everything was great until 4 hours later when he didn't return home.  The school dropped the ball as well when they didn't call mom to let her know that her son hadn't make it to school.  The boy was eventually found on the morning bus.  He spent 4 hours there in 85 degree temps.  The bus driver was fired and mom says that there will be no more buses for her son.  She'll be driving him to school from now on.  scary situation

Thursday, September 8, 2016

lost turtle

A pet turtle has been returned home after some help from facebook.  The turtle dug it's way out of his backyard and was found wandering down the street.  The local shelter posted on their facebook page and it was shared more than 2900 times.  The post eventually got to the turtle's owner who rushed to claim his missing pet.  He decided to give "Tank" a microchip just in case he tries to explore the neighborhood again.  Tank is home.

elk stuck

An elk got stuck in a tire swing.  The swing and the branch from which it hung were hanging from the elk's antlers and the branch was swaying and smacking the elk in the head.  Luckily the elk wandered into the yard of a veterinarian and she was able to help.  She lured the elk in with corn and used a long tree cutter to gently remove the limb.  It took her 12 hours but she calmly talked to the elk during the process and now has a new nickname as "the elk whisperer."  Debra Butler

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

best friends

Emmett the cheetah was born in the wild in Ohio and has been hand-reared at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.  Cheetahs are very skittish animals so the zoo introduced him to a puppy named Cullen.  Emmett decided that Cullen would be his best friend and they are always together now.  Both will travel with Jungle Jack Hannah's team.  unlikely duo

neighbor feud

Two neighbors apparently need to move far away from each other.  Somehow they got into a dispute that included shots fired and a house being bulldozed.  Both were arrested and there may be more charges pending.  John Higdon shot into the woods behind the two homes twice and after the second time he was arrested.  Then his neighbor, Edgar McLellan, decided to bulldoze Higdon's house.  Somebody needs anger management.  guns and bulldozers

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

ice cream cone

A woman visiting the UK from Thailand wanted a picture of her ice cream cone with the ocean as the backdrop.  She held it up and took a couple of pictures.  The first one is of the ice cream cone but the second one was a bit of a surprise.  It captured a seagull swooping down to take a bite.  In the picture you can see the beak of the gull around the swirl of ice cream.  Even though she didn't get to eat her treat, she was able to see the humor in the incident.  gull

Friday, September 2, 2016


When the floods hit Louisiana, I asked my daughter it if were possible that alligators could be in those rising waters.  It concerned me because she lives there.  It's bad enough that they are covered by flood waters but an alligator swimming by could make things so much worse.  Now the rain is falling in Florida because of Hurricane Hermine and a woman has reported an alligator swimming in the street.  She even has video.  watch here

giant snake

Reports in Maine say that there is a large snake roaming one of their rivers.  A snakeskin was found near the bank and has been analyzed.  It belongs to an anaconda.  Officials don't know whether it's a hoax and someone just put it there or if there really is a very large anaconda roaming free in Maine.  snakeskin found

Thursday, September 1, 2016

$4,000 birthday party

If you have pets, you probably spoil them.  But one woman took it to an extreme when she spent $4,000 on her dog's birthday party.  Her chihuahua's siblings and pals were treated to face painting, a clown, a dwarf, and 3 cakes.  That's a lot of spoiling for a dog.  expensive party