Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Band Perry and Thompson Square concert

Winona State University's Spring concert hasn't been sold out in 10 years until March 25, 2011 when The Band Perry and Thompson Square performed. Three thousand tickets went quickly. "Concert sold out" signs were posted at the Will Call window. Three sets of security personnel (WSU security, Winona Police, and RTM Security out of Milwaukee) roamed the showroom and hallways. The night started with a local band that was less than desirable but it did manage to get the crowd pumped up. Either that or concert goers were just thrilled that the worst was over and it was on to bigger and MUCH better things. Thompson Square, husband and wife duo, were fabulous and could've easily been the headliner for the evening. The Band Perry, brothers and sister group, did not disappoint either. Kimberly Perry, lead singer, joked about not being married, not dating, but rather brothers and sister. She also told the crowd about their not so famous father, Steve Perry (not the one from Journey). The concert goers loved every word whether spoken or sung. All-in-all it was a fantastic night for country music fans. Pictures

Friday, March 25, 2011

Idol takes 11 on the road.

American Idol judges used their save on Thursday's show. They made their decision before Casey had even finished his song. This means that there will be 11 on the tour instead of the usual 10. I had predicted that either Thia Megia and Stefano Langone would go home. Now I think they'll go together in the double elimination show next week. 11 left

Lady Gaga goes country?

Lady Gaga released a country version of her song "Born This Way." She changed the lyrics in the bridge to "If I want to make it country, baby it's OK, cause I was born, I was born, I was born this way/But London, Paris, Japan, back to USA, I was born on the road, I was born to be brave." Not sure if that makes it country or not but I didn't think it was too bad. You

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dog is dog's best friend

Two dogs survived the devastation in Japan. One dog remains protective and by the side of his ailing friend. video

Cat Island spared

Cat Island in Japan is so named because of all the stray cats that live there. The Island has only about 100 hundred human inhabitants. The people on the island believe that the cats bring good luck and have built a shrine to them. The island survived through the earthquake and resulting tsunami. Now they face another devastating problem. They are running out of food but can't get to the island by boat because of all the debris in the water. The only way to get there is by helicopter. cat island

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

be careful where you post party invites

A teenager is forced to cancel her birthday party after receiving 200,000 responses to her post on facebook. She didn't realize that her privacy settings allowed anyone to view her wall. Her invitation was re-posted by an unknown person and it went viral. The girl's father has canceled the party completely. If anyone shows up at their address, all they will find are police cars patrolling the area. facebook party

USS Ronald Reagan is at it again.

The USS Ronald Reagan is one of 7 US ships that has gone to the aid of Japan after the earthquakes and tsunamis. Everyone on the ship was exposed to low levels of radiation as they passed through a plume while moving away from the stricken reactor. My son is on that ship--I'm extremely worried about him and everyone else in harm's way. Ronald Reagan

Friday, March 11, 2011

Monkey in bra?

A woman walked into a courthouse with a monkey in her bra. The monkey was dressed in a white and pink dress. She says that she brought the monkey with her because it needed constant attention. After buying the monkey online; she had it's clothes made specially in West Virginia. I think I've heard it all now!! tiny monkey

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Breast milk ice cream?

I can't say that it's anything I would ever eat. But apparently, it's become quite popular in a London restaurant. The ingredients aren't the problem for the ice cream though--it's the name. The owners of the restaurant have chosen to call it "Baby Gaga." The waitresses come out in wild outfits to serve the ice cream. Lady Gaga has threatened to sue if they don't change the name and stop in any way from associating their ice cream with her trademark. ice cream

Is there life out there?

A scientist has discovered fossils inside a meteorite that fell to earth. This, according to him, proves that there are alien lifeforms. He's invited scientists to go through his findings before he publishes it. aliens

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bald Eagle crashes through window of big rig.

Wiegle, as she's called now, was feeding on a deer when she flew the wrong way as the semi truck approached. She ended up crashing through the windshield. After being fixed up and rehabilitated at The Teton Raptor Center, she was released back into the wild where she belonged. story

Now this is dedication!

After leading her team to regional semifinal victory, a high school coach gave birth and within a few hours was back on the court coaching. For the first time in 8 years, the Lipan, TX girls high school basketball team made it to the playoffs. Coach Branson was not about to miss it. story