Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cat made 1,000 mile journey

How Cree Cantrell's cat got 1,000 miles away is still a mystery but he's glad to have his pal back.  Cree lives on a house boat in Biloxi, MS so when his cat went missing two years ago, he thought it had been picked up by a tourist.  After searching for a long time, he gave up hope and resigned himself to the fact that he would never see his friend again.  That is, until a vet in Denver Colorado located the cat's microchip and got in touch with Cantrell.  The bud's have been reunited!  missing cat

puppy rescued

A puppy was trapped in a drain for 9 days.  He was finally rescued after Dallas fire/rescue and animal control officers brought in cameras and a trap.  The puppy was cold and hungry but otherwise doing well.  Hopefully homes can be found for his whole family which was found living under a portable classroom.  dogs

Keith Urban without signature trademark

Keith Urban has cut his hair.  Will his wife love the change?  I'm a long hair kind of gal so I like the lovely locks.  But the only thing that matters is if he likes it.  Keith's missing hair

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

beloved character dies

Brian Griffin, the dog, on 'Family Guy' is no longer on the show.  He was hit by a car and before he dies, he has a chance to tell his family that he loved them.  It's only a cartoon but several fans are very upset about the character being killed.  Some have even started a petition to bring Brian back.   dog

batkid is at it again

Miles Scott has lukemia and his make-a-wish dream was to be Batkid.  Volunteers and the City of San Francisco helped make the dream a reality.  Now, he's helped save Pitbull from the Joker and the Penguin during a visit to 'Good Morning America."  batkid

parade cancelled

After a 100 year tradition, the Santa parade will be cancelled in New York. The cost of keeping and cleaning all of those Santa suits has just become too much to keep the parade going.  Santa

drinking age at 25

Legally we can drink alcohol at age 21 but a bar in Brooklyn is raising the age to 25.  This is being done in the hopes that it will curb some of the noise and problems caused by the young patrons.  Phil's Crummy Corner was living up to it's name until it changed the drinking age.  Neighbors are pleased so far.  25 to drink

Monday, November 25, 2013

deer season

A man battled a deer inside his house.  The 6-point buck crashed through a window to enter the home.  Because of cuts from the glass, it left blood all over the house as it tried desperately to get out.  Keith Mohr had been in the shower when he heard the commotion and came running.  He eventually used his best golf club on the animal and then opened a window to facilitate it's escape.  deer visitor

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

funny camera accessory

During a news story filming, a cat decided that it was very

interested in the cameraman and his camera.  The grey and white cat jumped on the cameraman's back and rested briefly on his head before jumping to sit on the camera.  Pictures were taken by the producer.  The cat even sat on the hood of the cameraman's car before allowing him to drive away.  curious cat

Cats to the rescue

It's possible that cats may be able to help when it comes to an HIV drug.  FIV and HIV are similar and it seems that FIV peptides included in the HIV vaccine can help T-cells do their job.  breakthrough

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

unhappy ex-husband

An unhappy ex-husband isn't an unusual thing.  Mostly divorce is not a happy situation for anyone.  But this ex made a statement by buying the house next door to his ex-wife.  Then he put up a statue of a hand and a certain finger in his back yard.  It's a message he's sending to his wife and the man with which she cheated during the marriage.  He even lights it up at night for the ex's viewing pleasure.  statute for ex

sleeping with the fishes

There's a new hotel off the coast of Tanzania.  It's actually underwater and the sleeping room is reached by diving into the sea.  The self-contained hotel drifts in the ocean and has upper decks for sun-bathing and dining.  Unique hotel

prize for teen skiier

Eighteen year old Mikaela Shiffrin won a world cup race in Finland and got a strange prize for winning.  She has won a reindeer that she named 'Rudolph.'  What else would you name your very own reindeer?  She won't be able to take it home with her to Colorado but she can visit whenever she wants.  Rudolph

Monday, November 18, 2013

Joan Jett controversy

Joan Jett has been kicked off the South Dakota float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  The reason is that she is a vegetarian and the state relies heavily on their livestock production.  Joan is moving to another float and focusing on entertaining the crowd which is what the parade should be about.  Joan Jett

Homestead race

It was an exciting finish to the NASCAR season 2013.  About an hour into the race, the points were tied between Jimmy Johnson and Matt Kenseth but as the race moved on, Jimmy gained 19 points back and eventually won the Championship making that number 6 for him.  Matt Kenseth finished second in the race and the points.  The winner of the Ford Ecoboost 400 was Denny Hamlin.  There was a scary moment near the end of the race when a tire on Paul Menard's car caught fire and then exploded after he got into the pits.  Everyone is ok thankfully.  exploding tire

Cuddling...the new career

There's been a lot in the news lately about the Cuddle House in Madison but it's not the only business of it's kind in the country.  Sam Hess has a cuddle business based in Oregon.  She goes to clients' homes but says she feels safe because of her martial arts training.  And there's a clear line drawn as to what is and what isn't acceptable behavior.  The Snuggery in New York is run by Jacqueline Samuel out of her home.  She also offers double cuddles with her roommate for double the money.  snuggles for cash

Happy Birthday to Mickey Mouse

It's been 85 years since we first met Mickey Mouse.  And now there are 85 reasons to thank Mickey....reasons

Thursday, November 14, 2013

kindness after Sandy Hook tragedy

 Kaitlin Roig-Debellis saved her students by hiding with them.  She says that it was something that anyone would do under the circumstances.  It's what she's doing a year later that makes her even more of a hero.  Many gifts were sent to the school following the tragedy.  Kaitlin brought in a box of objects and used it as a learning experience for her students.  She asked why someone would send things and the kids learned that people wanted them to be happy.  From that Classes 4 Classes was born.  Kaitlin's class picked a class in another school and sent them a box of things they could use in their classroom and it has grown to include more schools.  teaching

rescuer is a dog

Leonard Somers went skiing and took his dog with him.  That was a decision that ultimately saved his life.  Somers had an accident during that skiing adventure that has left him paralyzed but it could've been much worse.  His hero is Juneau, an alaskan husky, who alerted others to his whereabouts thus saving him from freezing to death.  hero

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


This guy has made the word "limitations" almost non-existent.  Cornel Hrisca-Munn was born missing some of his limbs but that hasn't stopped him from becoming a world-class drummer and bass player.  He doesn't use prosthetics because they are too heavy and cumbersome.  You have to watch to see how amazing this musician is.  drummer

has someone died in your house?

You can now find out if your house has a sordid past.  Murder, suicide, and murder/suicide are all listed at  For a small fee, you can find out if your house has the potential for ghosts from these tragic deaths.  Roy Condrey got the idea after one of his tenants told him that the tenant's house had ghosts and wanted to know if anyone had ever died there.  Realtors and sellers don't have to disclose that information.  died in house?


After 35 years, a mother in Wisconsin is reunited with her son.  Kathy Amaya last saw her son when her ex-husband picked him up for visitation.  She's been looking for him ever since.  A series of events at the Mexico/USA border brought them back together over the phone and facebook.  Both are looking forward to his return to Wisconsin.  missing for 35 years

Monday, November 11, 2013

Justin Bieber is at it again

The Biebs has been charged with vandalism.  He was photographed tagging a hotel in Brazil.  After posting one of the pictures of himself, he added, "Great shot pap great shot, I might frame this." Instead of a year in jail, he will probably be required to pay a fine.  
out of control?

good news

Finally someone who gets it!  I am so tired of some people claiming that fat is not fit and that those who have extra pounds (who gets to decide what is extra anyway?) are just lazy.  Biology and behavior interact...yes!  other reasons for weight gain

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

visitor to a Hy-Vee store

Somehow a deer got through the front doors of a Hy-Vee store in Cedar Rapids, IA.  There weren't very many customers in the store at the time and they were all able to get out of the way.  The deer made it through the store and out the back door where it ended up in a truck.  The driver closed the door and delivered the deer to Shaver Park.  deer visitor

surprise for Marines

13 Marines heading through Chicago to San Diego got a huge surprise as they landed in Chicago.  One of the Marine's girlfriends had alerted John Colas, 74 and a former Marine--all she wanted was to get the Marines some Chicago pizza or something like that.  Just a small thank you for their service.  What the Marines got was way bigger than that.  In about an hour, John was able to get the fire department to give the plane a water salute, several police and airport workers cheered the group as they deplaned, and at their connecting flight they were upgraded to first class.  heroes

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Adam Lambert on Glee

Finally Adam Lambert joins the cast of Glee.  He will play Elliot "Starchild" Gilbert and will be singing 'Marry the Night' by Lady Gaga.  There's even a hint about a future relationship between Elliot and Kurt.  Glee

Batkid for a day

A young leukemia patient has a wish and Make-a-Wish is going to make it happen.  5-year-old Miles wanted to be a superhero for his wish.  The city of San Francisco is going to make it a reality on November 15.  His day will start with a tv message from the Police chief asking if anyone knows where Batkid is because the chief needs his help.  Miles will be rescuing a damsel in distress, capturing the Puzzler, and saving a mascot from being kidnapped.  At the end of the day, he will be thanked  and cheered-on by a large crowd and given a key to the city.  This is the first time that Make-a-Wish is asking for volunteers to help.  They're expecting a huge turnout.  Miles' parent know about the day but Miles has no clue except that he's going to be getting a costume.  hero for a day

Friday, November 1, 2013

emotional return for soldier

This story is not like the ones where a soldier returns home to surprise loved ones.  Instead this is about the remains being returned to family members.  The people on the flight had no idea until the crew made the announcement.  The flight attendant was the first to offer thanks to the uniformed soldiers on board for their service to our country.  Before landing, the captain informed the passengers that there was a fallen soldier on board and would like everyone to remain seated so that the escort could deplane first.  Everyone stayed where they were as the fire department brought on the water canon salute and the flag draped casket was taken off the plane.  One family member approached the casket and touched it ever so lovingly.  emotional return