Friday, June 29, 2012

moving hotel room

A London Cabbie has decided to rent out his taxi as a hotel room during his off hours. For about $77 a night, you will have a bed, official Olympic bedding, a stuffed bear for company, and an I-pad to keep up on Olympic news. He came up with the idea because revenues are expected to decrease for cabbies during the Olympics. taxi room

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Freedom Fest

Saturday night, June 16...Freedom Fest did not disappoint. The Remainders were fabulous as always and proceeded to rev up the crowd. Awesome job guys!
Then Foreigner took the stage and put on a very high energy show. My son commented to me that he didn't realize all of those great songs he knows had come from Foreigner. I was in and out of my seat--some picture taking...some dancing. Foreigner was gracious enough to come back out for an encore and it wasn't just for one song. But then we knew it had to happen because the Westby choir had not been on stage yet. They did a fantastic job.
After Foreigner was done, we got some bad news from Kelly Wilde; a storm was on it's way and a severe thunderstorm warning had been issued. We were all to take cover so some headed to a couple UWL buildings while my son and I chose to sit it out in our van. Less than half an hour later, we were back in our seats waiting for the Fallen Heroes tribute to start. My only complaint was not that we had to take cover but that there are some rude people who take advantage of a situation like that to steal seats.
The Fallen Heroes presentation was emotional as always. I spent the whole time thinking of my two children who are currently in the Navy. I can't even imagine what those families have to endure after losing their loved one.
Late but still raring to go, The Steve Miller Band took the stage. With a more mellow rock sound than Foreigner, they still had the crowd on their feet dancing and singing along with them. They too came back out for a multiple song encore to a standing ovation. I had been waiting for 'Swingtown' and finally got it!
A special shout out to my dinner friends from Freedom Fest...Brian, Gina, and Carrie!

deadly stage collapse

Another outdoor venue has been struck with disaster. As a stage was being set up for a Radiohead concert, it collapsed killing one person and injuring others. There have been several accidents such as this in the past few years. Authorities don't know what caused this one as skies were clear and sunny. tragedy

Mall Sharks?

A picture circulated recently of two sharks swimming in a flooded mall was a hoax. The creator has come forward and taken credit for his work. He said that it was just meant as a joke but he did such a great job that people actually believed it. He's even gotten inquiries from businesses who are interested in his work. sharks

Friday, June 15, 2012


Several pictures were snapped and people took to social media when a UFO was spotted on the back of a flatbed truck on Wednesday night. It was in fact an X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System being transported from Edwards Air Force Base in California to the Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland for testing. It's not the first time a drone has been mistaken for a UFO. DC UFO

Friday, June 8, 2012

tombstones on the beach

Erosion on a San Francisco beach have left rocks and tombstones uncovered. 70 years ago several cemeteries were closed and the remains were relocated but some families couldn't afford to move the headstones so the City re-used them along with rocks to form a makeshift wall to curb erosion. Residents are enjoying getting a look at history until the tide once again covers them. tombstones

Cougar in backyard?

A man in Salem, OR called police to report a Cougar in his backyard. He even took pictures. Cougars can be very dangerous...even small ones. So police responded quickly but when the police arrived, the animal was already gone. But after viewing the man's photos, the police determined that it was a Maine Coon cat--just an ordinary domesticated cat. Even I can tell from the picture that it's a regular house cat--looks just like my Chubby G! cougar?

memorable proposal

How romantic is it to take your girlfriend up in a hot air balloon to propose? Should be an exciting and very memorable moment--unless something goes terribly wrong. A Louisville man proposed and she said, "yes" then the balloon hit a power line. The pilot landed on top of the bride-to-be. Luckily the husband-to-be jumped into action and performed CPR on the pilot. All three went to the hospital and are doing fine. balloon mishap

Minnesota misspelling!

This is an epic fail. Jeff Manship, a Minnesota Twins player, dons a jersey with a misspelling of his name. He wasn't even aware of the mistake until it was pointed out to him. Perhaps he'll keep the jersey though as he pitched a scoreless inning. And it's not the first time his name has been messed up. Manship

85 mph

The second fastest posted speed limit in the world will be in Texas. The highway between Austin and San Antonio is congested and hopes are that the higher speed will relieve some of that. Both Utah and Texas now have spots posted at 80mph. Texas speeds

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Woolly Mammoth

An Iowa man has found the skeleton of a woolly mammoth on his property. He started collecting the bones with the help of his sons but eventually called in a retired professor of vertebrate paleontology to help. Students from the University of Iowa also helped and think they will soon unearth the skull. woolly mammoth

Monday, June 4, 2012

Kurt Busch in trouble...

AGAIN. His actions after the Dover race got him suspended from racing this weekend in Pocono and his probation period has been extended until after the season is over. He violated his probation by berating a reporter who asked him about racing while on probation. Busch

Dierks Bentley sad family news

Dierks' father passed away on Friday at the age of 88. Dierk was at his side and was appreciative that he was able to be with him at that moment. He had canceled a concert in DC because of a family illness and is hoping that fans will understand. He's also canceled an appearance in Nashville this week but plans to resume on June 9 in Detroit and June 10 in Nashville. My heart goes out to Dierks and his family in their time of loss. Dierks

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Be careful what you "like" on Facebook

Somewhere in Facebook's terms of service is a disclaimer that allows them to use your "likes" as ads on your friends' wall. When you click "I agree," you're basically giving them permission to use your information to generate revenue for Facebook. This happened to Nick Bergess when he "liked" a link on for a 55 gallon barrel of personal lubricant. He found it extremely funny and wanted to share a laugh with friends about what possibly was a lifetime supply of the stuff. To his surprise, his picture and the link started showing up on friends' walls as a personal endorsement from Amazon instead of the joke he had intended it to be. likes on facebook

Axl Rose at it again

A concert goer was forced to go shirtless at an Axl Rose venue because he was wearing a Slash t-shirt. Security had been informed to not let anyone wear clothing with anything to do with Slash on it. James Revell didn't want to ruin the night for his younger brother so he obliged the security personnel and removed his shirt. childish Axl

Don't throw money in Ohio.

A man was given a ticket for littering when he accidently dropped money out of his car window. He was tying to give the money to a person in a wheel chair who was on the side of the road looking for hand outs. A police officer witnessed the money hit the ground and issued a citation for littering which carries a $344 fine. The judge dismissed the charge. littering

For Sale by owner...

Secret Submarine Base. The base is located in Norway and has been used by NATO. It's asking price is $17.3 million. That's a bargain when compared to the price of building it which was $494 million in 1967. Right now it's a very expensive storage unit but it could all be yours. sub base