Friday, March 31, 2017

teacher and bikes

Katie Blomquist teaches in South Carolina and came up with an idea to raise money to buy bikes after a student told her their family couldn't afford to buy them one.  She raised $80,000 and bought 850 bikes for the kids at her school.  I would bet she's the most popular teacher right now.  a new bike

goodbye dandelion

The Crayola Company has decided to retire the dandelion crayon from their box of 24.  They'll be announcing it's replacement in Times Square in a live Facebook event for National Crayon Day.  dandelion crayon retires

stolen beer bottle

A $2,000 inflatable beer bottle went missing.  It's 12 feet high so it can't easily be hidden.  Surveillance cameras show a man taking the beer bottle about 4:30 in the morning just a little more than a day after the Bell's Brewery tapped a keg of their popular summer beer.  I'm thinking the guy was drunk and thought he was in beer heaven..."I'll just have one more."  missing bottle

another gator in the news

A man was bass fishing near Fort Myers, FL.  He didn't know a gator was latched to his boot until a friend told him about it.  He tried to pry the critter off of his boot but when the gator tried to drag him underwater, he had to use his knife.  He felt bad that an alligator had to die but at that point he felt that it was him or the critter.  video

when turkeys attack

A New Hampshire resident caught a turkey on camera as it attacked a car.  It's breeding time and it makes the turkeys more aggressive.  They perceived the cars as invading their territory so they started pecking and chasing them.  video

Thursday, March 30, 2017


What we saw in the movie was not the original ending.  Elsa was supposed to be evil all the way through the film and neither Elsa nor Anna were royalty or sisters.  Prince Hans was the actual villain and was going to destroy Arendelle.  Anna had to convince Elsa to help save the town.  And of course true love doesn't always have to be a man coming in to save the woman with true love's kiss.  new ending

kittens saved

Heroes stepped forward in Winona and helped save 4 newborn kittens.  Matejka recycling was about ready to start crushing cars for the day when they heard the faint meows of kittens.  They found them after removing an engine and turning the car over to remove the catalytic converter.  The 4 kittens were in need of immediate care so the Humane Society was called.  They could bottle feed the kittens but knew the felines would need a mother.  A woman came through for them.  Her cat had just had kittens 3 days before.  The Humane Society asked her to come immediately not knowing if the mama would even accept the new babies.  But mama cat is now the proud mom of 7 babies and all are doing fine.  heroes

man-eating shark found on road

Hurricane Debbie caused a lot of damage in Australia but it also left behind some uncommon dangers.  A dead bull shark was found on a road after waters receded and authorities warn people that it's not safe to go into flood waters even though the storm is over.  The bull shark is considered the most dangerous of sharks because of it's aggressive nature.  There's no way to know what other hazzards are in the water left behind after the storm.  stay out of the water

Einstein world record

In Toronto, 404 Einsteins lined the streets to set a new World Record.  They donned white wigs, mustaches, and blazer & tie while walking down the street.  The group erupted into cheers when it was announced that they had surpassed the current record which was 99.  Einsteins

tailgating on the road

It's unsafe to tailgate while driving and one person learned a lesson the hard way.  He wasn't tailgating another vehicle though; it was a kangaroo.  The slow drive lasted about a half mile when the kangaroo had had enough.  It turned around and decided to fight the car.  Even after the driver managed to get around it, the critter followed and continued to punch the car.  The encounter was caught on a dashcam.  video

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


I'm always concerned about deer on the highway.  It's a stressful drive around here especially during the dark.  In California a bull wandered onto a highway Monday night and was killed after being hit.  The collision caused a multi-car pileup.  I'm glad I've never encountered a bull on the roads.  accident

kitten in the wall

A homeowner heard the meows of a kitten coming from inside the walls.  Firefighters wandered quietly through the house listening until they found the source of the meowing.  They also used a thermal imaging camera to locate the feline.  After finding it's heat signature, they put a small hole in the wall and rescued the kitten.  It has been taken to a shelter where it will find a furever home and not have to live in the walls. They're not sure how the kitten got there.


People who love the waves are always looking for the next big one.  But one idiot decided to go for it during a cyclone in Australia.  A news crew was reporting on the storm as they were in the eye and behind them they notice the surfer about to head out into the ocean.  The announcer made it clear what she thought of the surfer doing such a dangerous thing.  Even suggested calling the authorities to let them know what was happening. Twitter users came to the consensus that he was stupid for being out there.  not that wave

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

creepy letters keep coming

A New Jersey family purchased the "watcher" house in 2014.  No one revealed to them that the residents before them were getting creepy letters from someone called the "watcher."  He asks for young blood to fill the house, wants to know who's in the front bedrooms, and if they've discovered what's in the walls.  There have been many creepy letters sent to them so they feel that they can't live in the house.  They've asked for a permit from the City of Westfield to tear down the house and divide the lot so that two new houses can be built instead.  The City has denied their request.  Their lawyer says that they're stuck in a situation that they didn't ask for.  Would you live in the house?  "The Watcher"

alligator wants to play

Two men were playing golf when they saw an alligator on the course.  One of them started filming it while his buddy was hit his golf ball.  The ball beaned the alligator in the head and ended up being a snack for the critter.  And it's all caught on video.

recap of the madness of March

A reporter in Nashville wasn't allowed to use clips from the Elite Eight during his news cast.  So he got a little creative.  He used things from his desk to re-create the games.  Lego Batman and Superman, a rubber duck, and a makeshift hoop made from a key ring.  re-creation

very large doobie

A man in Florida was walking along the beach in Daytona when he stumbled on Cheech and Chong's dream.  A large bundle of marijuana had washed up on the shore.  It was rolled up like a large cigar.  Authorities estimate that it had been in the water for about 2 weeks by the amount of barnicles attached.  strange find

Monday, March 27, 2017


A few witches are taking some of the credit for saving Obamacare.  They cast spells to stop Trump from implementing the new health care plan that experts say would be a bad change.  Now the witches are setting their sights higher.  They will be casting spells on every waning crescent moon in the hopes of getting Trump out of office.  double double toil and trouble


An Idaho woman crashed into a deer.  That happens all the time but her reason for doing it is the strange part.  She claims that she was distracted by the Bigfoot in her rear view mirror.  The Sasquatch apparently was chasing the deer when it ran in front of her.  In the police report, the cops only reported a collision with a mention of Bigfoot.  reason for crash

watermelons, limes, and now bananas

Drug dealers are resorting to fruit to get their product through customs.  Dogs caught the fake watermelons and limes and now Spanish police have discovered cocaine inside fake bananas.  The fruit was tucked inside a shipment of real bananas but that still didn't fool the cops.  drug fruit

Friday, March 24, 2017

buy a town

The town of Reduction, PA is up for sale.  It has about 20 buildings and 60 residents.  So if you've got an extra $1.5 million dollars, it can be yours.  own Reduction


In our area, deer are a big problem for drivers.  In the Washington DC area, they seem to have the same worry.  A group of motorcyclists were out for a charity ride when one caught a strange sight on his camera.  A deer came onto the road which caused the riders to slow but then the deer jumped over the top of one of the riders.  That caused him to lose control of his bike.  But with a few minor repairs, he was able to continue the ride and the deer went about it's way.  leaping deer

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Elmo fired?

A video has gone viral showing Elmo's reaction to being fired.  Trump's budget takes away funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  Without the funding, PBS may not be able to continue.  So the video imagines what Elmo would need to do if he gets fired.  It's suggested that perhaps he could have his picture taken with tourists in New York's Times Square for his next job.  The budget cuts will hurt everyone except for the rich.  Elmo video

when leaving the hospital...

Don't steal an ambulance.  An 83-year-old man in New York was discharged from the hospital and stole an ambulance after leaving the building.  Donald Winkler was unhappy with the quality of his care so he checked himself out and decided to take the ambulance when he discovered the keys in it.  He was arrested at a convenience store a short time later and admitted to taking the vehicle.  He was taken back to the hospital for a psychiatric hold and arraigned at his bedside.  Checking himself out was his prerogative but stealing the ambulance was his downfall.  ambulance theft

police officer chased

A pregnant cow in Kentucky apparently took offense to an officer and charged at him.  Officers were responding to a report of a bull running loose when they encountered the pregnant cow.  Her owner says that she is a big pregnant baby and only acts like that when she feels cornered.  He thanked officers for sending her back his way and expected to have her caught within a couple of days.  There's video of the officer being chased.  

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

deer at Walmart

Shoppers at a Kentucky Walmart got a surprise Sunday night.  A deer wandered into the store and was seen running in the pharmacy section before ending up in a back aisle.  A couple shoppers cornered the critter until help could arrive.  Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officers arrived and escorted the uninjured deer out of the store and into the woods.  shopping deer

dog eats dog

An x-ray shows that a real life dog ate a Monopoly dog.  Sort of ironic when you think about it.  The picture was posted to social media because it was such a good one.  Several pictures were taken but this was the best one.  The poster said that everyone at the vet's office had a chuckle about it.  dog

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Jersey returned

Tom Brady's Superbowl Jersey went missing after the game.  Tom remembers putting it in his bag but noticed it was missing shortly after that.  Video footage in the locker room was reviewed and it was found that a reporter from Mexico was the culprit.  When investigators searched the man's home, they not only found the jersey but another one that had been stolen from Tom Brady two years earlier.  Guess he was an obsessed fan.  Tom is just glad he got his jerseys back.  missing is found

over 900 coins

The "Good Luck" turtle that had to have over 900 coins removed because she swallowed them, has died.  She succumbed to blood poisoning from an infection after surgery.  Vets plan to study the turtle in the hopes of learning more about saving the highly revered turtles in the future.  sad ending


The movie "Up" showed a man flying around in a house using balloons.  A man in Canada just wanted to do the same with a lawn chair.  He attached 100 helium balloons to his chair and flew 2 1/2 miles over Calgary.  The courts didn't enjoy his flight as much as he did.  He was fined almost $20,000 for his stunt.  At least there's video so we can watch him take flight.

Monday, March 20, 2017


The new pieces have been chosen for Monopoly.  The fans voted and the new inclusions will be a rubber ducky, a penguin, and a T-Rex.  The thimble, wheel barrow, and boot are out.  new pieces

near crash

In Florida a woman was driving down a busy highway when a snake slithered out of the dash near her steering wheel.  She nearly crashed her car but managed to shoot across two lanes of traffic to get to a parking lot.  She jumped out of the car and slammed the door catching the snake half in and half out.  Her husband opened the door and the snake fell to the ground.  That could've been so much worse.  I'm not afraid of snakes but the surprise of it being in my car could've been a horrible feeling.  snake in a car

break a leg

Leoul Yosef wasn't in a performance; instead he burglarized an apartment building and as he was leaving with his loot, he jumped from a balcony and broke his leg.  He had to call 911 for help and he was arrested.  burglar

robber stuck

A robber in Paris was arrested after he got stuck in a window.  He used a hammer to break the window to get into the store.  But when he tried to crawl through, he got stuck.  Firemen were called to rescue him and police were there to take him to jail.  easy arrest

Friday, March 17, 2017

ordered cheese

A man in Britain went into a McDonald's to see what would happen if he ordered a cheeseburger without onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard, bun, and meat.  He got a piece of cheese in a cardboard cheeseburger container.  He even paid full price for the burger even though he didn't get it.  expensive piece of cheese

robot transportation

In Japan, a traveler noticed something strange on the back of a flatbed truck.  It was a very large robot.  Now that's the way to travel!  The driver got video of the spectacle.  interesting cargo

smart monkey

A macaque monkey in Indonesia is so against smoking that he stole a pack of cigarettes from a visitor.  He ripped them to pieces right in front of the tourist.  That's my kind of monkey.  hates smoking

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Someone donated a cooler to Goodwill.  When volunteers went through donations, they found the cooler filled with $24,000 worth of marijuana.  Police hope that surveillance video will identify who left the cooler.  big donation

thin ice

There's a reason that officials set a deadline to get vehicles and shacks off of the ice.  They don't just randomly want to make your ice fishing fun come to an end. There's a very good reason for it; thin ice.  A couple in Manitoba found this out the hard way.  They tried to drive their vehicle across a frozen lake.  It would've saved them a couple hours on their trip but nothing is saved when the truck falls through the ice.  I'm not sure insurance even covers something like that.  Unless of course there's a stupidity clause in the policy.  sunken truck

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

buy a town

A small town in southern Oregon is up for sale and it can be yours for only $3.85 million.  It includes 7 houses, a store, 28 tax lots, and a school.  It's a work in progress and has a lot of potential.  Start saving.  The town could be yours.  256 acres

dog wins when he fails

A Jack Russell Terrier named Olly tried his best to make it through the obstacle course at the Crufts 2017 dog show in Birmingham, England.  He was very enthusiastic but failed at the course when he went through some of the obstacles the wrong way and even skipped some.  He enjoyed greeting the audience more than once and face-planted when he misjudged the height of a bar.  After that he jumped up and continued his wrong way through the course.  He may not have won any awards at the show but he certainly won the hearts of many on the internet.  Olly

moose tries

A momma moose visited a metal statue in a backyard several times.  She nudges it to see if she can get a response perhaps thinking it's her moose boyfriend.  After several tries, she tips the statue over.  epic fail

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

buried car

A jeep was discovered by police buried under 20 feet of packed snow in Donner Pass.  The California Highway Patrol found the back window broken and the jeep empty so they know that the owner abandoned it there.  They caution the owner not to go looking for it just yet but wait until the snow thaws.  It's not going anywhere anytime soon.  jeep found

surrogate mother

A dog in Ohio was brought into a local zoo to care for three tiger cubs that had been rejected by their mother.  Nanny dog, Blakely, has had lots of experience snuggling, providing comfort, and having a body to climb.  Blakely has been a surrogate to cheetahs, an ocelot, a takin, a warthog, wallabies, skunks, and bat eared foxes.  nanny dog

getaway vehicle

Tyler Haugewood saw an opportunity and took advantage of it.  A street cleaner was left running while the driver got out and used a leaf blower.  Tyler jumped in and sped off eventually leading police on a high speed chase in the stolen vehicle.  He reached speeds of 65 mph and was only stopped after police used spike strips.  He's facing several charges and probably will end up in jail.  I can't imagine that the ride was worth the punishment.  high speed chase

Monday, March 13, 2017

mug shot

A Wisconsin girl was arrested for armed robbery after she met up with a friend with intent to steal his marijuana.  After the male got into her car, the girl's boyfriend jumped in the back seat and held a gun to the man's head.  The two stole the man's wallet and cell phone.  Police found the girl at her father's house.  Before the police could take her away, she had her father take pictures of her in handcuffs so she could post them to facebook.  just shaking my head


A sinkhole in Florida has become a meeting place for hundreds of alligators.  They like the area of a state park because during the dry season, it still has very deep water and is a good place to find food.  Authorities are warning those heading to the park to stay at least 100 feet away from the alligators because they can run about 35 mph in short bursts.  meeting place

Friday, March 10, 2017

brave Wisconsin woman

A skunk got his head stuck in a glass jar.  It was wedged on real good.  Without assistance, he wouldn't survive.  A woman in Wisconsin called for help but no one was available at the time so she decided to take matters into her own hands.  She tugged on the jar but it wasn't so easy to get it removed.  Risking being sprayed, she continued until she managed to get the jar off the skunk's head.  The skunk ran off on it's merry way without spraying the woman...perhaps in gratitude.  skunk