Sunday, January 29, 2012


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Instant wealth

A man in Greenland found 180,000 euro in his bank account and proceeded to spend some and also give some away. Unfortunately it wasn't his to spend. He's been ordered to pay it all back...ouch! He claims that he thought it was winnings from a German lottery--no such luck says the judge. short-lived wealth

Police officer gets robbed

After responding to a call about stolen keys, an officer transports the victim to her boyfriend's house. The boyfriend is the alleged thief; but while the officer is going to the door to question the boyfriend, the woman steals the officer's bank card. A short time later she was apprehended at the store after using the card. stolen card

William Shatner dies in bus crash

Well...only on a Priceline commercial. The company has decided to go in a different direction with their advertising. They wanted to go out big before starting their new campaign. William Shatner will still be involved with Priceline but not as "The Negotiator." demise of WS

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lucky family survives a plane crash

Andy Atkins along with his wife and son were vacationing in Honduras. They decided to take a sight-seeing flight. Andy had been on it before and wanted to share the beauty with his family. After the plane crashed into the water, the pilot helped Andy to the surface but there was no sign of his wife or the couple's 4-year-old son. Andy dove to find them; coming up with his son; then realizing that the pilot had retrieved his wife. Strangers on a nearby boat came to their aid. Two doctors on the boat immediately went to work on Andy's wife and son. After days in the hospital, the entire family is doing well and returned to Texas. survivor's story

Recycled Starbucks

The new Starbucks coffee shop in Tukwila, WA is made entirely from recycled materials. The main part of the business is built from old shipping containers. Even their sign promotes the environment and rain water from the roof is used for surrounding foliage. starbucks

Friday, January 20, 2012

'Til death do us part

That took on a whole new meaning to Chadil Deffy when he married his long time fiance after she had passed. After making his fiance wait 10 years, he decided to fulfill his promise of matrimony. She was killed in early January due to an accident and never got to be the bride that she always dreamed she would be. The groom wore a tuxedo while his bride was in a short white dress. The ceremony included putting a ring on her finger then kissing her hand and her forehead. strange wedding

Praying for snow

Ski resorts have been hit hard by the lack of snow this season. So they've gone to extreme measures to ensure snowfall. In Vail Colorado, a ski resort enlisted the help of a Native American to do a snow dance. A new blanket of snow covered the area the same day the dance was performed. ski resorts

Saturday, January 14, 2012

dolphins are man's best friend?

Dolphins are being used by the US Navy to locate underwater mines. This has been the practice for some time now. They will be used in the Strait of Hormuz if Iran decides to set mines. Some animal rights groups think that this puts the dolphins in unnecessary danger. dolphins

USS Ronald Reagan journeys north

The Ronald Reagan is on it's way to dry-dock for some much needed refreshing. My son, Jonathon is on that ship. He will be stationed in Washington State until the Ronald Reagan is ready. It apparantly is less costly to transport the sailor's vehicles on the ship than to have them transported in other ways. floating parking lot.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

tattoo gone wrong

Most people can't handle the thought of needles at all but there are those who enjoy getting tattoos. However, tattoos in very sensitive areas aren't what most would find enjoyable. A man in Iran decided to get "borow be salaamat M" tattooed on his penis. The phrase means "good luck on your journeys" and the "M" is the first initial of his girlfriend's last name. Nothing wrong with that if it's what he wants but he has now discovered that there is a permanent erection. Hand held needles were used so there was no way to regulate how deep they went; thus, his predicament. Ouch!! bad tattoo idea

A great musician gone too soon

Ex-Fleetwood Mac guitarist, Bob Weston, died in his London home at the age of 64. He replaced Danny Kerwan in 1972 and was later fired for indiscretions. Weston remembered

bad checks from the lottery

In Illinois, 85 lottery winners received checks that bounced. What a disappointment when money is expected and at times already spent; then find that funds aren't there. The checks totaled $159,000 which the state is working to return to the winners including bank fees. bad checks