Tuesday, January 31, 2017

pothole irony

A news crew in Canada was reporting on their local pothole problem.  They were filming when their news van hit a large pothole and ended up with a flat tire.  The Department of Transportation and Works said that the rain over the previous week caused the potholes but workers were out fixing them as the weather permitted.  flat tire

escaped cat

A feline got away from it's home and wandered into a pet store.  The cat managed to find the display of catnip toys and that's as far as it got.  It rolled around on top of the pile and eventually ended up on the floor with many of the catnip filled toys.  It's owner tracked it to the store and reclaimed his very satisfied cat.  catnip

Monday, January 30, 2017

The judge the defied Trump

Ann M. Donnelly may not be a name that is spoken often but it soon will be.  She is the judge that stayed Trump's order to ban Muslims from entering the country.  Saturday night just before 9pm she signed an order halting Trump's ban.  brave

supermarket cat

Brutus the cat frequented a local supermarket in Stanley England.  He had "cattitude" and shoppers loved him.  He would check out carts as shoppers left the store and would even jump into cars while groceries were being loaded.  Strolling down the aisles was one of his favorite activities especially the pet food aisle.  Unfortunately the beloved cat passed away in early January.  Now a group is leading a fund raising effort to get a statue of Brutus for the supermarket.  beloved feline

deer defense

A man in Massachusetts decided to fight a speeding ticket in a unique way.  He was caught doing 40 in a 30 mph zone.  He claimed in court that the officer's speed gun possibly caught the speed of a deer instead of his car.  The judge didn't buy it and the man got a fine.  But you have to give him credit for creativity.  speeding

burglar enjoys shower and food

A homeless man in Youngstown, OH, was caught after he broke into a woman's house.  She came home to find her kitchen in disarray and then heard water running upstairs.  While at the woman's house, he cooked food that he had brought with him and then decided to get cleaned up before leaving.  Bad timing

Friday, January 27, 2017


It's not often that a pig is found wandering the streets in a Minnesota town.  But that's what happened in Albert Lea.  It took local police about an hour to catch it.  The pig was then sent to the Humane Society of Freeborn County where it is enjoying it's dog bed and blankets.  The humane society will keep the pig comfortable until they can find it a home.  rescued

puppies rescued

A truck driver was speeding in New York and ended up losing his cargo.  The truck was loaded with over 100 puppies that were destined for pet stores.  The State Patrol managed to rescue all of the puppies with only a few sustaining minor injuries. They're all doing well and being cared for at a local shelter until they can be returned to their owner.  cuteness overload


A driver at a tollbooth in China was upset about the cost to take his camel through. So he did what any respectable camel owner would do; he went for lunch and left the camel to block a lane of traffic.  Maybe he should've just paid the toll because when he came back, he was charged a fine.  So the lesson for the day is: never leave your camel blocking traffic.  china tollbooth

Thursday, January 26, 2017

child in middle of road

A woman in North Carolina was nearly carjacked when she slowed her car on a dark road because she saw what she thought was a child sitting in the middle of the road.  Two men dressed in dark clothing tried to open her car doors but she sped away and contacted police.  The cops found the dummy and destroyed it so that it couldn't be used again.  decoy 

stupid would-be burglar

A burglar made it easy for police to find him when he left his keys and cellphone behind.  Nicholas Bruner broke into a pet hospital in Connecticut looking for drugs.  He broke a back window, cutting himself in the process.  He left a trail of blood along with his items.  It didn't take police long to arrest him.  stupid criminals

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

more footage of motorcycle driver on car's trunk

A car traveling at high speeds had to break suddenly when it came upon a slow car.  A motorcycle driver behind the breaking car crashed into the back and ended up on the trunk.
He managed to hang on to the spoiler and pound on the rear window to get the driver to stop.  Now the motorcycle driver has released his helmet cam footage.  motorcycle crash

high speed chase

Police in Fostoria, OH ended up in a high speed chase when they saw a driver being erratic.  He was breaking, then speeding up, and was not using headlights.  When they tried to pull him over, he sped up over 70 mph.  He then stopped at a restaurant parking lot when he hit a curb. The cops were surprised when they found a 10-year-old boy behind the wheel.  It was his parents' car and he took it without their permission.  He told police that he just wanted to go shopping.  boy arrested

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Last Jedi

Star Wars VIII has a name...The Last Jedi.  It comes out in December 2017 and will explain a lot of unknowns.  But "with answers come more questions."  Who is the last Jedi?  Is it Luke or Rey or are there more?  Jedi could be plural.  It will be interesting to see the new movie.  And be a witness to the greatness of Carrie Fisher as General Leia one more time.  Star Wars continues

another skating video

Two Canadians found an unusual spot to go skating.  A forest became frozen so the two went to get their skates.  Video shows Jessi Spinney skating through the forest avoiding the trees.  Looks like fun.  skating

cleaning up spilled rice

Tanner Malke spilled rice and didn't have a vacuum cleaner so he improvised.  He used the engine in his Honda Civic to clean up the mess.  He even took video.  The clip shows that the hose loses suction.  When Malke turns the camera, it shows the engine clogged with rice and starting to smoke.  Only in Wisconsin!  use a broom

Monday, January 23, 2017

Sparta police make national news

The Sparta Police Department has become known for their creative posts on their facebook posts.  Their latest is getting a lot of attention.  They posted that they are willing to test meth to make sure the buyer wasn't duped with fake drugs.  No word yet if there have been any takers on the offer.  tests for fake drugs


Border patrol seized a load of watermelons from Mexico.  It was actually marijuana formed in the shape of watermelons and painted green.  Who thought this was a good idea?  Watermelon doesn't look like large pill capsules.  Once again the criminal's stupidity gets them caught.  And over $600,000 worth of drugs are now in the possession of the border patrol.  Kudos to law enforcement!  seized drugs

new twist to Skittles on highway

Mars candy is investigating why a load of red Skittles landed on a Wisconsin highway.  They plan to speak with the Sheriff and the farmer because the factory that made the Skittles does now sell factory seconds for animal feed.  They have procedures in place for doing that.  The red Skittles in question did not have an "S" printed on them because of a power outage at the plant that makes them.  Skittles flood

Friday, January 20, 2017

motorcycle stunt

Video was captured of a car breaking quickly because of a slow car ahead.  A motorcycle rider behind couldn't stop fast enough and ended up crashing into the breaking car.  Luckily for the rider, he landed on the trunk and was able to ride there until he got the driver's attention.  His bike didn't make it.  video


A highway near Milwaukee was the scene of a Skittles accident.  A cardboard box full of red skittles was on the back of a flatbed truck.  The box got wet and the skittles spilled onto Highway S in Dodge County.  Those Skittles were on their way to be fed to cattle but instead they will go to the birds.  red covered highway

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Puppy Bowl returns

Every year during the big football game, I watch the Puppy Bowl.  It runs on the Animal Planet channel and is so adorable.  All animals used in the show are rescues and are up for adoption.  And each year all have found furever homes.  This year, the show will feature three disabled pups.  The cheerleading will be done by bunnies and guinea pigs.  It's going to be a great show.  Puppy Bowl

Bob Schmidt

Our very own Today's Talk morning guy, Bob Schmidt, has made the national news thanks to our freak ice storm.  He filmed his two sons skating on the street in front of his house and the video has gone viral. video

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

missing hunter

Randy Keith Holt from Alabama went hunting and when he didn't return from his trip, his family reported him missing.  Police had been searching for him when they found him alive and well...in jail.  He'd been there the whole time the search was going on.  He's being held on $500 bond for public intoxication charges.  Police found him exposing himself and his family didn't know he had been arrested.  I'd think either the family or the officers would've checked the area hospitals and jails first.  found

Monday, January 16, 2017

pay those tolls

A man in Florida is facing felony charges for trying to avoid paying a $1.25 toll.  That seems like an extreme punishment for such a small amount of money.  But what makes it a felony is that the man used a remote controlled device to cover his plate to avoid the toll.  It sure doesn't seem worth it to me.  felony


Tourists in Indonesia were treated to a special guest on their boat ride down a river.  An orangutan was hanging over the river and decided to join the group on the boat.  When one of the boaters tried to take a selfie with the animal, the orangutan was having none of it, slapped the man across the face, and then moved away.  Before leaving the boat, the orangutan had a few snacks and then went back into the trees.  video

snail statue

A snail statue showed something suspicious when it was inspected by x-ray.  So officials drilled into it and found over 50 pounds of meth.  The statue was shipped from Mexico and marked as Mexican Stone Crafts.  Guess it just didn't move fast enough.  busted

Friday, January 13, 2017

Dog saves owner's life

Michigan resident Bob was getting a log for his fire on New Years Eve when he slipped on the snow.  He injured his neck and couldn't move.  After calling for his neighbors to help, his dog Kelsey was the only one who heard him.  She came to his side and kept him warm all night during the 24 degree weather.  At one point as Bob was losing consciousness, he told Kelsey that he was sorry and that he tried really hard to stay alive.  Kelsey saved his life by protecting him from the cold for 20 hours.  His neighbor Rick found him in the morning and got him to the hospital.  Kelsey and Bob had a very emotional reunion after surgery.  hero dog

cleaning win

Joemel Panisa used a snow day to clean around the house.  Luckily for him, that was the smart thing to do.  He found a lottery ticket that was almost expired.  In eight days, it would've been no good.  His prize...a million dollars!  He quickly presented the ticket for payment at the lottery office.  I would've done the same thing.  lottery


Mufasa the lion lives at an Indiana Animal Sanctuary.  On his 21st birthday, he got special decorations and presents.  As he came to his outdoor space, he found it decorated for his birthday.  All the decorations were covered with appealing scents for the feline.  His presents included a raw chicken, a Scooby Doo doll, pizza boxes, and cases of beer.  The cardboard boxes were scented the same as the cloth decorations and they were empty.  No actual beer for the king of beasts.  But he enjoyed all of it.  birthday 

pay tolls

A person in New Jersey has been arrested...finally.  Julian Garcia racked up $12,000 in toll fees.  He was caught trying to avoid the toll in the Lincoln Tunnel.  If you don't want to pay the tolls, then use different roads.  toll evader

Thursday, January 12, 2017


A monkey was seen scaling the outside of a building in China.  It went inside some of the apartments and steals food.  And of course as animals will do, it leaves presents behind in the apartments.  It eluded capture and is still out there waiting to strike again.  monkey

dog helps cat

Jason Smith from Louisa, KY happened upon a cat with a pizza roll bag stuck on it's head.  He took video and managed to capture the moment when his dog stepped in to help.  At first the cat wasn't real thrilled with the dog trying to help but eventually the bag was removed.  I think the dog just smelled food and wanted some of it for himself.  bag removed


A moose family showed up at a house in Colorado to lick the salt off the steps.  The surprised homeowner caught video while the moose visited her apartment building.  After having a taste of the salty stairs, they move on to eat leaves from trees next to the parking lot.  visitors


Hasbro is ready to change the playing pieces in the Monopoly game again.  They're asking for votes to decide what the new piece will be.  The voting will last through January 31 so if you want to be a part of Monopoly history, now is your chance.  None of the current pieces are safe...vote for your favorites to stay.  Monopoly pieces

locked up

Two girls in Joliet, IL decided to go on an adventure inside an abandoned prison.  The Joliet Correctional Center has been closed since 2002.  One of the girls accidentally locked herself in one of the cells and they had to call for help.  The second girl got firefighters to rescue her friend.  They used a sledgehammer to break down a wall.  The girl spent about 45 minutes in solitary and now both will be facing trespassing charges.  prison term

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

spider vs. snake

For the first time in the wild, there's documentation of a tarantula eating a snake.  Students in biology at Brazil's Federal University of Santa Maria were studying tarantulas.  While searching for the spiders, they turned over a rock and found the arachnid devouring the snake which was much bigger in size.  Yet another reason why I hate spiders.  tarantula wins

text epic fail

Dwayne Paul Herbert from Assumption Parish in Louisiana made a big oops when he texted someone about a drug sale.  He mistakenly sent the text to a Sheriff's deputy.  When he showed up at the drug buy, he not only came with the Crystal Meth, but he also brought two guns with him.  Guess who's spending time in jail?  drug bust

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

ice slide

A theme park in China built a slide for the enjoyment of it's resident penguins.  The Harbin Polarland park has been drawing crowds to it's penguin exhibit since building the ice slide.  The penguins really seem to enjoy their thrill ride.  video

Cat midwife

A pregnant goat has a best friend.  Pretty Boy the cat has been with Copper the goat since she was put in a pen for her impending birth.  Pretty Boy will not leave her side and has even been massaging his friend Copper as she goes through contractions.  The rescue group that provides a home for the cat says that they will take precautions during and after the birth to ensure Pretty Boy's safety just in case Copper becomes overprotective of her babies.  best friends

Where's Waldo?

In Britain he's know as "Wally," but it's the same character in the same outfit.  A wanted man in Britain decided that he was going to be clever and posted "Where's Wally" messages to his facebook.  He even dressed like the character when he finally turned himself in at the police station.  He taunted the cops on facebook saying, "Dude, I'm right here."  And then outside the police station he posted a video of him waiting for the officers to come find him.  taunting police

Monday, January 9, 2017

deer and cat

A homeowner in Russia took video of a wild deer wandering into his home and dining with the cat.  The feline isn't too thrilled with the visitor but backs off a bit and only voices it's disapproval.  The deer munches on a few of the cat's morsels and then wanders back out the open door.  wild deer


Storm Axel knocked several containers off of a Danish freighter.  The boxes were full of plastic eggs filled with toys.  Thousands of the eggs landed on a beach in Germany delighting children.  They will be allowed to keep anything they found.  storm debris


Brett Eldredge was on vacation in the Bahamas and got a surprise in the bathroom.  There was a snake in the toilet of his hotel room.  It wasn't a small snake either.  Eldredge took video of the snake enjoying it's "swim."  A man removed the critter while wielding a piece of wood.  video

no pants

An annual subway ride in New York has gone international.  The "no pants" ride started in 2002 when 7 people participated in the event that was organized by the Improv Everywhere comedy collective.  It is held each January 8.

car in river

A driver in Pennsylvania intentionally drove into the river to avoid police.  And then to make things worse, she continued drinking beer in the floating car in spite of officers demanding she get out of the car.  A fire department boat was brought in to get her back to shore.  If stupidity were a crime, she'd have more charges pending.  DUI

Friday, January 6, 2017

candy bar thieves

A store in Toronto has a problem with thieves stealing their candy bars.  They don't know what to do about the problem so they've turned to the internet for help.  They're not sure if it's the same thief each time or if it's different ones.  Here's the biggest problem...the thieves are squirrels.  I'm thinking the critter has discovered an unending supply of munchies and it's not going to stop.  squirrels

Thursday, January 5, 2017

large cat

Since 2015 there have been rumors that a mountain lion is living near Milwaukee and occasionally makes an appearance on the city streets.  A video showed a large cat strolling through the Brewer's Hills Neighborhood.  Now another video is reigniting the concerns over a large cat roaming the area.  Isaiah Hair got an alert on his phone that movement had been detected by his backyard security camera.  He checked the footage and saw a very large cat walking slowly through his yard.  Some say that it's a large house cat but Isaiah is certain that it is not.  Milwaukee lion

my three suns

In Detroit Lakes MN, a photo shows what looks to be three suns in the sky.  It's called a sun dog when ice crystals in the atmosphere create the illusion that there is more than one sun.  There's even video uploaded to youtube showing the phenomenon.  Minnesota suns

lottery loser

Towanda Shields was frustrated because she kept buying lottery tickets but just wasn't able to win the jackpot.  She decided to vent her frustration to the lottery office in Pennsylvania.  Over a period of 8 months she called and threatened workers at the office and even said that someone was going to die at the store where she bought her tickets.  She's now facing 53 charges.  moron