Tuesday, October 29, 2013

hang on to your fish

During the filming of a fishing/cooking show, a sea lion swipes a fish right out of the hands of a fisherman.  Pancho is old and blind in one eye so he can't find food on his own anymore.  He usually begs for food and is obliged by fisherman; this time he decided to take matters into his own flippers.  He stole the fish right in front of the cameras.  seal's lunch

Friday, October 25, 2013

new qualifying for NASCAR

Instead of going around the track one car at a time for qualifying, NASCAR is discussing changing to a multi-car qualifier.  The practice is already being used on road courses.  Drivers would be divided into groups and be able to stay on the track for as many laps as they wanted as time allowed.  They would then use the fastest lap as their qualifying time.  The only variation would be at Daytona and Talladega where all cars, as one group, would be allowed on the track for 60 minutes.  qualifying

sandless sandbags

Peyton Robertson is 11 years old and since he was 3, he's been solving math problems.  When he was 4, Hurricane Wilma struck while he and his father huddled together in a closet.  Peyton combined his fear of hurricanes and his love for math to come up with a possible life and property saving sandless bag.  They're filled with the right amount of ultra-fluid polymer that only weighs a couple pounds when dry but when wet, won't float away because thee chemicals expand and become very heavy.  sandless sandbag

Thursday, October 24, 2013

new security machines at airports?

New security screening machines are possibly heading to airports and they work without the assistance of humans.  Bags and other items are placed in one side after a scan of a ticket or boarding pass.  Items are retrieved on the other side after documents are scanned again.  If anything is detected, the machine stays locked and an attendant is called before things can be returned to the owner.  new machines

surfer punches his way to safety

Jeff Horton was surfing off the coast of Kauai when he was confronted by a shark.  After the shark bit his board and narrowly missed his leg, Jeff fell off and ended up on top of the shark.  Landing about 8 punches including one to the shark's eye, Jeff got the shark to back off.  He then got on his board and paddled to shore where he was greeted with a group hug and congratulations from witnesses.   shark attack

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SpongeBob has to go

To honor their daughter, Kimberly, her parents bought two 6 foot statues of SpongeBob Squarepants for her grave site.  It was approved by an employee at the cemetery but has since been rejected by management.  Sgt. Kimberly Walker loved the cartoon character.  After surviving two tours of duty in Afghanistan, Kimberly was killed by her boyfriend and the family thought this was the best way to show her love of the character and honor her life.  There is a meeting planned with cemetery officials to work out a deal hopefully to keep the statues where they are.  statues

CeeLo Green in trouble

CeeLo Green has been charged with slipping a date rape drug into a woman's drink.  It's a felony drug charge but probably won't affect his job on The Voice.  CeeLo

still feeling the effects of the shutdown

Thanks to the Government shutdown, the tax season will be shorter.  The IRS will move the start of the 2014 tax season back by about two weeks but the deadline to file will remain April 15.  The shutdown did nothing good for anybody.  It should not be allowed ever again.  shorter tax season

Monday, October 21, 2013

another sea monster

The odds of finding one oarfish is highly unlikely but two in a weeks time is unheard of.  Still, another oarfish has washed ashore in California. This time it was on a beach in Oceanside Harbor.  oarfish II

Friday, October 18, 2013

shop at the dollar store

Did you know that you can feed yourself and/or your family for less than $50/week by shopping at the local dollar store?  Cheapism.com shows how it can be done by listing menus to follow.  dollar store shopping

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Shake n' Bacon

The AAA Texas 500 at the Texas Motor Speedway is selling a new drink.  It's a milkshake made with bacon and beer.  The November 3 race may just have a sold out crowd.  bacon beer milkshake

glass house

Two artists decided to quit their jobs and build a house of glass.  Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz built it on land in West Virginia owned by Nick's family.  They collected most of the windows for free and only paid for a few that they needed.  There's no water or electricity in the house but both consider it an escape.  The light that floods the house is beautiful.  house of glass

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

50th anniversary gift

A man went big on his gift to his wife for their 50th wedding anniversary.  Paul Derthick created a corn maze on their farm depicting the church where they got married, their wedding photo, and his favorite tractor.  Paul and his wife Marie have been hosting corn mazes for 7 years but this one was a surprise to Marie.  How will they ever top this one?

another use for facebook

If you ever find yourself in jail and can't get an answer from your "phone call," use your smart phone to get your bail-out on facebook.  David White had to do that on Saturday after being arrested for disturbing the peace.  One of his friends saw the post on David's wall and came through with the $40 needed.  get out of jail app

sea serpent found

Catalina Island was the site of a rare find.  An 18 foot oarfish was found just off shore.  It was dead and took 15 people to carry it ashore.  Very few live oarfish have ever been seen.  sea monster

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

dangerous lightning

A young professional bass fisherman had a harrowing moment when his boat was almost hit by lightning.
Tucker T. Owens said that it felt like static was going through their rods right before the lightning struck in front of their boat.  They were heading toward the dock but didn't quite make it in time.  lesson learned

Bon Jovi attends wedding

Super Bon Jovi fan, Branka Delic, dreamed all her life that she would one day marry him.  When she realized that it wouldn't happen, she accepted a marriage proposal from another man.  She still wanted Bon Jovi to be a part of her special day so she started a petition to try to convince the rocker to walk her down the aisle.  He agreed.  

House for sale

Winnie the Pooh was born in a house in England 88 years ago.  Now the House on Pooh Corner is for sale.  For a small fortune, it could be yours.  Asking price is $3.2 million.  house for sale

Two full-time teams

After the late race maneuvers in Richmond and subsequent loss of NAPA as a sponsor, Michael Waltrip has run into the reality that he will not be able to run three full-time teams in 2014.  He's told employees that 15% will be laid off.  two teams

Monday, October 14, 2013

monuments visited

The million vets march arrived in DC and proceeded to tear down the barriers around the monuments.  The protesters sang songs, carried signs to impeach Obama, and listened to speakers.  No arrests were made of the protesters and after they left, the barricades went back up.  The officers guarding the closed monuments aren't being paid during the shutdown.  visit

Thursday, October 10, 2013

National Parks closed

The government shutdown is causing inconveniences for lots of people including those that had plans to visit National Parks.  It's even illegal to stop on a road that runs through a park to take pictures.  There are alternatives though that are just as breathtaking.  Check out the State Parks near the National Parks.  They'll give you the same scenery just on a smaller scale.  State Parks

dog finishes race

Dogs run races all the time but usually not without assistance.  Boogie ran 13.1 miles and finished the half marathon all on his own and won.  He finished in 2 hours 15 minutes and was awarded a medal.  His owner had to retrieve him from the local animal shelter.  He had been looking for him after the dog ran away the night before.  dog wins

pit bull...good dog

Tatortot was set to be euthanized but was rescued by Christi Smith.  Christi had only intended to keep the pit bull until a 'furever' home could be found.  But Tatortot proved his value when he returned the favor by saving Christi's 4-year old son.  Tatortot

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October is Anti-bullying prevention month

October 9 is anti-bullying day.  Wear orange!!  I'm wearing a bright orange shirt with a pumpkin face on it.  Doing double duty--doing Halloween too.  October is anti-bullying prevention month.  It's time to raise awareness.  Think about  your words and actions--don't be a bully.  Speak up for those that can't speak for themselves.  anti'bullying

Stolen photo returned

Ruby Hazen saw her photo at OregonLive.com.  She's 92 and was very surprised at the article that asked, "Ruby Ruff, where are you?"  Jim Williams had seen the picture at her parents' house back in 1943 and wanted to take it with him as he deployed.  He felt guilty about stealing the picture and has wanted to return it.  Finally accomplishing his goal 70 years later, he included a letter of apology and a list of all the places the picture has gone.  picture

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Barbie car gets ticket

An officer in Cedar Hills, UT decided to ticket a Barbie car that had been abandoned on a city street.  He moved it to a driveway before putting the bright orange abandoned vehicle sticker on the car.  The father of the two girls, 7 and 9 who had been driving the car when the battery died, discovered the ticket the next day.  ticketed car

Monday, October 7, 2013

fire goes out

The Olympic flame started out on a fantastic note but the fanfare has burned out...and that includes the flame.  While in Russia, the flame flickered out and had to be re-lit with a lighter.  flame extinguished

boy flies to Vegas from Minnesota

A 9-year old boy managed to board a flight at MSP and get all the way to Vegas before being taken into protective custody.  He didn't have a ticket but still managed to get on the plane without anyone questioning him.  The flight crew became concerned and called ahead for police to be waiting when the flight landed.  unaccompanied minor

Friday, October 4, 2013

giant squid

A giant squid washed ashore in Spain.  These creatures are rarely seen because they live at such great depths in the ocean.  A decision hasn't been made yet as to whether or not the carcass would be put on display.  squid

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Government shutdown doesn't stop visit

WWII Veterans plan in advance for their trip to see the monument built in their honor so the trip must go on.  The Government could not stop them from seeing it.  A group boarded a bus and headed to the monument in spite of the shutdown.   Park Police didn't stop the group from entering and even gave them a wink and a smile plus a clear path.  trip of a lifetime

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kitty fashions

The catwalk isn't usually used by cats but The American Kennel Club changed all that.  The kitties were all dressed up and ready to stroll on the catwalk.  Dogs even joined the "Meet the Breeds" showcase this year.  See the outfits

Letter from Paul McCartney

Two girls sent a message to Paul McCartney about 50 years ago but never received a response.  That's because their recording was lost all these years.  The tape was found at a flea market and forwarded to McCartney who then responded to the women...better late than never.  letter

running brothers

Tobias is 10-years old and has an 11-year old brother who has cerebral palsy.  Tobias wanted to take his brother running in a 5K but the small baby stroller he was using just wasn't meant for that.  He wrote a letter to a local news anchor who helped him get the equipment he needed.  brothers run