Friday, March 29, 2013

TSA embarrassment

A TSA agent found what they thought was a laser pointer.  It was left at a security checkpoint at Kennedy International Airport.  Unfortunately, it was pepper spray and several of co-workers were sent to the hospital after accidently being sprayed.  And these are the people that we entrust with our safety?  pepper spray

Thursday, March 28, 2013

proof of aliens?

A memo has been released by the FBI that may or may not prove the existence of aliens in New Mexico.  The memo claims that three so-called flying saucers were recovered and each had three small human type bodies in them.  Of course the government is still side-stepping the issue.  read the memo

one hotel room

An "ugly" tower in Prague has one hotel room for rent.  It's at the very top and has an amazing view.  It's going for about $1300 a night and is gaining popularity as the word gets out.  The tower has survived through a lot of controversy--from being built on a Jewish cemetery, and having too high radiation levels, to being the ugliest building ever.  It also has three dimensional babies crawling up the side.  tower

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

surprise in bag of mulch

A baby squirrel was found in a bag of mulch.  How it got in there before the bag was sealed, is a mystery.  A Florida man found the squirrel and has raised it to be a healthy 5-week-old.  He's posted pictures and updates on reddit under the handle of Nadtacular.  baby squirrel


A teen driver was kidnapped at gunpoint and forced to drive her kidnapper to Pennsylvania.  But as she drove by a bridge, she spotted a police car and decided to run into it.  This possibly saved her life.  The kidnapper was arrested.  crash

Monday, March 25, 2013

Punxsutawney Phil indicted

A prosecutor in Ohio has indicted Punxsutawney Phil on fraud charges.  He claims that Phil knew what he was doing when he predicted an early spring.  Michael T. Gmoser is also seeking the death penalty for the crimes.  This would make room for Phyllis (Phil's sister) to take over the duties of the official ground hog.  I've been saying all along that I had a bun and some bbq sauce with Phil's name on it lol.  Punxsutawney Phil

Saturday, March 23, 2013

abandoned puppies find new "mom"

A Capybara was introduced to 4 dachshund puppies that had been abandoned.  They became fast friends; playing together, snuggling and nuzzling as they get to know each other.  The capybara is a large South American rodent and very friendly.  Cheesecake, as she's called, is no exception.  refuge takes in 4 puppies

Cat's dangerous journey

Staff Sgt. Jesse Knott had a special bond with a cat in Afghanistan.  The cat had brought him though a very dark time.  It was obvious to Jesse that the cat was being abused and mistreated so he hatched a plan to return the favor and rescue the cat.  The cat was taken to Kabul, a long and tracherous trip, by an interpreter who was also putting his own life at risk if he were caught helping an American.  Jesse's family paid $3000 to fly the cat to Oregon.  After Jesse's enlistment ends, he will return home and join his furry friend.  cat rescue

Thursday, March 21, 2013

rainbow house

The Anti-Gay Westboro church has a new neighbor.  Equality House has moved in across the street from the controversial church.  It's painted in the colors of the rainbow and is there as a reminder to the church that their bigotry and discrimination will not be tolerated.  Planting Peace

When road kill attacks

In Kalamazoo MI, an officer noticed a car parked behind a hotel with someone in the driver's seat.  The driver stated that he had hit a deer and was taking it home to feed his family.  But when the officer opened the trunk, the deer jumped out; startling the officer.  The deer eventually made it's way back to the woods.  not road kill

weight loss surgery

Jen Larsen lost 180 pounds after weight loss surgery.  She thought that it was going to be her path to a perfect body and a happy ending.  Not so!  She has a great message for people of all sizes.  Being thin does not fix everything.  It doesn't even start to fix anything and it can cause all sorts of health problems.  I've always been against amputating part of a person's stomache as a way of losing weight.  Losing the 180 pounds took a lot more than just the weight from Jen.  surgery

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The new Jedi religion

In Scotland, the Jedi's may get the right to perform marriages.  The Jedi Knight's Society has a huge following in Europe and could soon be awarded the same rights as religious group.  May the Force be with you!  Jedi marriages

bringing back extinct animals

Scientists have created a list of animals that they would like to bring back from extinction.  They met in Washington DC to decide which would be the best candidates.  Several criteria had to be considered...dinosaurs didn't make the list.  extinct animals

Pink's softer side

During the performance of a song, Pink stopped midway to comfort a crying child in the audience.  She asked if everything was alright and when she found out that it was caused by a fight amongst some concert goers, she scolded them for fighting around a little girl.  She then gave the little girl a toy and a treat.  We need more celebrities like that!!  Pink

surprise left on windshield

Samantha Ford has a sticker on the back of her vehicle.  It says, "Half my heart is in Afghanistan."  An anonymous person saw the sticker and left a note and $40 on her windshield.  This was so she could take her hero out to dinner when he returns.  Samantha posted a picture on the facebook page "Our Deployment: 101."  It has over 43,000 comments and over 200,000 shares.  surprise

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


In Greek Mythology, Persephone was the daughter of Mother Nature (Demeter).  Persephone fell in love with and married Hades.  This made Mother Nature very sad because she didn't like the idea of losing her daughter to live in hell.  They came up with a compromise.  Persephone would live with her husband half of the year and the other half with her mother.  In the fall, Persephone must join her husband in the underworld.  Mother Nature starts to cry and things begin to die.  In the spring, Persephone rejoins her mother, thus things start to come alive as Mother Nature becomes happy again.  Tomorrow is the first day of Spring so Persephone needs to hurry back to her mother. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Madonna takes on the Boy Scouts

Madonna was on hand at the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation's Vito Russo's Awards where she dressed like a Boy Scout.  She's standing up against their policy against gay scouts and leaders.  She also wanted to join the Boy Scouts when she was young because she got kicked out of the Girl Scouts.  Madonna

Girl Scouts learn valuable lesson

Girl Scouts in Oregon received a huge order for $24,000 worth of cookies from a local business.  They pre-ordered the cases of cookies and then called the company for payment.  They learned however that they had been pranked.  The company knew nothing about a cookie order and certainly not one of that size.  The girls were not fazed and held an emergency sale where supporters lined up to purchase boxes of cookies.  They sold at least half of the order recooping $12,000.  It's terrible that someone would do that to some little girls--it's not funny.  If I were in Oregon, I'd be lining up to buy cookies from them.  fake cookie order

Friday, March 15, 2013

Storage Wars

A judge has thrown out the claim of Dave Hester against A&E.  Hester will have to be more specific if he wants to refile.  He claims that the whole show is fake and that items were placed in lockers to make it more dramatic.  He wasn't my favorite character on the show.  storage wars

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hero loses job.

Paul Marshallsea was supposed to be on sick leave; not on vacation.  But when he rescued some children from a shark, he was caught on camera which showed his boss that he wasn't sick.  He's been fired because of it.  Hopefully someone will come forward to offer this hero a new job.  pulled shark away

Rescued by Miranda

There's a new definition for "lucky dog."  Miranda Lambert found a puppy abandoned in the middle of a highway.  It was left with it's bed and bowl--nothing else.  Miranda has taken the pooch home and is looking for a new home.  Or maybe he's found a new home...she named him Pistol Andy.  lucky dog

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jail time for laughing?

A New York man was issued two sitations for laughing too loudly.  He was in his own home but neighbors say that he could be heard across the driveway.  Robert Schiavelli said that he never knew laughing could get him in trouble with the law.  He also claims that because he's disabled, his neighbors mock him and laughter is his way of coping.  in trouble for laughing

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Taylor Swift is single!

Taylor is not dating Ed Sheeran.  They hung out together at a London hotel until 4am but that's all it was.  When asked, Sheeran said, "no," he's not Swift's latest boy toy.  He's in Australia and has been seen in the company of his ex-girlfriend.  Swift and Sheeran are about to embark on her "Red" Tour.  Taylor and Ed

strange golf course

In China, there is a golf course being developed that will add elements of miniature golf.  It will be a full scale, 18-hole course but it will include the Great Wall of China, a giant bowl of noodle soup surrounding a green, and some Mayan ruins.  golf course

Monday, March 4, 2013

Kellie Pickler's drummer injured in crash

Kellie Pickler's drummer was traveling on I-65 South Saturday when he was rear-ended by a semi.  He's in serious condition.  It's thought that the driver of the semi was too interested in a wreck that had just happened on the other side of the Interstate Highway.  Six people died in that crash--they were from Wisconsin returning from a trip to Disney World.  crashes

Friday, March 1, 2013

Clever rescue

A helicopter pilot uses a clever move to save a deer stranded on the ice.  It was too thin for rescuers to go to the deer so the pilot flew close to the ice and used the wind from the blades to slide the deer to shore.  The deer and it's fawn had been walking on the ice when it got too slippery; the fawn managed to make it to safety but it's mother wasn't able to do the same.  Thanks to the pilot for making a happy ending happen.  watch video

no more flyovers

Because of budget cuts, there will be no more flyovers for sporting events.  I get goosebumps every time it happens at a NASCAR race.  I will miss it.  flyovers stop