Wednesday, May 29, 2013

balancing bear cubs

Two bear cubs show off their balancing skills as they walk on a fence.  Colin Davis saw the bears and took the photo.  He wasn't surprised to see the bears because he sees a lot of wildlife in his Snoqualmie Ridge neighborhood but was surprised to see them walking on the fence.  bears
Sgt. Eric Hille has started a new Memorial Day tradition.  On Monday, he walked 13 miles to honor a fallen hero and he plans to do the same every year.  This time he visited the grave of someone he knew well.  Sgt. Eric Holke was someone that Sgt. Hille could call a brother.  new tradition

McCartney at Elvis' grave

Paul McCartney hasn't been in Memphis for 20 years.  His "Out There" tour took him through the city once again.  Touring Graceland for the first time, Paul decided to leave something on Elvis' grave.  It was a guitar pick.  present for Elvis

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A & F

There's been a lot in the news lately about Abercrombie and Fitch.  Not about the clothes they sell but about the clothes they refuse to sell.  Mike Jeffries, the CEO, has made it very clear that he hates fat people and will not sell anything over a size large.  He's gotten quite a bit of backlash from it which I feel he rightly deserves.  Jes Baker is going after the A&F ads with some of her own.  They're entitled Attractive & Fat where she poses with a male model to show that every size is beautiful.  attractive and fat  and Jes Baker 

Tea with the Queen

A young boy had only having tea with the Queen on his bucket list.  Queen Elizabeth II wasn't able to fulfill the boy's last wish but an actress stepped in to take her place.  Helen Mirren plays the Queen on stage and she gave Oliver Burton and his family the royal treatment.  They rode in a limousine, watched the play "The Audience" in which Mirren stars, and then had tea backstage.  dying wish

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dancing With the Stars

Kellie Pickler wins!  One of the American Idol darlings is a double threat.  Acting next?  She was so surprised that she jumped into her partner's arms.  Congratulations Kellie

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

another huge tip

A server receives $1000 as a tip.  She had been chatting with a customer about how she would like to visit Italy.  When the customer left, there was $1000 on the tip line ear-marked for a trip to Italy.  The woman's daughter posted a picture of the receipt on her tumblr account.  There's no comfirmation yet that this is real but one can always have hope.
  huge tip

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The All-Star Race

I make no secret of the fact that I love NASCAR.  I run the board on Kicks106.3 for most of the races so that listeners can hear the race if they can't watch it on tv--or for those die-hard fans who like to listen to a different perspective as they watch it on tv.  The All-Star race had some changes last night.  I was a bit confused by all of it and I'm not sure why those particular changes were made.   I didn't think that it made anything more exciting.  Usually I can hear the excitement in the voices of the announcers and even without seeing it, I can imagine what's happening on the track.  That didn't seem to be there for this All-Star race.  If I had been at home watching, I certainly would have fallen asleep before the finish.

I didn't enjoy either of the singers and although it's awesome that fans got to say the most famous words in motorsports, I dislike screamers.  There's a huge difference between screaming those words and being enthusiastic about them.  

Of course, the red flag for rain didn't help matters either.  Jimmie Johnson wins in the last 10 lap shootout...yawn........I don't dislike Jimmie.  I think he's a great driver--very talented.  But once he got out front for those 10 laps, the race was over.  I hate the wrecks but I want to see (or hear) some battles happening on the track. There should be some mystery about who's going to win.  NASCAR used the driver's average finish from the first four segments to determine the order of the pitting before the last 10 laps and it was a mandatory 4-tire stop.  Jimmie's crew had an 11 second pit stop and the race was over.  The pit crew deserves the $1,000,000.  All-Star

Friday, May 17, 2013

lucky find

Richard Cerezo is facing foreclosure on his Geneva, IL home.  He was cleaning out a cookie jar where he keeps old lottery tickets and decided to take them to the local 7-11 to see if any were winners.  One of them was a big winner.  He was told that he had to file a claim for it.  That meant that it was at least a $600 winner.  To his amazement, it turned out to be worth $4.85 million.  winning ticket

high speed chase ends with duck

An officer in Portland, OR was involved in a high speed chase when he notice a duck in the road.  Instead of leaving the duck to fend for itself, the officer ended the chase and helped the duck to safety.  The speeder got away but the duck was saved.  Kudos to the officer.

7,000 % tip?

A server at a Steak and Shake in Indianapolis, IN was shocked when a regular customer left a $446 tip.  She tried to tell Miss Jo that she couldn't accept it but the customer wouldn't hear it.  huge tip

paying an old bill plus interest

A young boy took a girl out for a Valentine's dinner but found that he was $40 short when it came time to pay the bill.  He spoke with the chef, Claus
Hjortkjaer who pulled $40 from his wallet and helped pay for the meal.  The boy promised to return the money.  That was in the 1990's but just last week the now grown young boy walked into Chef Claus' new restaurant and paid the debt with interest.  $100

Thursday, May 16, 2013

RIP Dick Trickle

He was a great racer.  I actually met him last year at the LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway.  Apparently he called police to report a body, his own.  By the time police arrived, he was dead from a self-inflicted gunshot.  So sad.  Dick Trickle

Deer boards bus

A young deer got a ride on a Pennsylvania bus when it ran in the road in front of the bus.  It crashed through the windshield and ended up running circles in the aisle and jumping on seats.  Luckily there was only one passenger at the time and she was seated way in the back far from the deer.  The bus driver managed to open the doors and the deer just walked off.  video

seeing-eye cat

Terfel began going blind when he was just 8.  He is a Labrador mix and took to staying in his bed to avoid bumping into things.  When his owner let in a stray cat, Terfel and the cat became good friends.  The cat (Pwditat) leads Terfel around in the house and the garden and helps him avoid bumping into things.  cat dog friendship

new Vikings stadium

I'm not usually interested in sports other than NASCAR but the new stadium for the Vikings has renewed my interest.  It's not because of the sports that will be played there, it's because of the design.  When finished, from one view, it will look like a sand crawler from Star Wars.  new stadium

I have another role model

Girls take note...Jennie Runk is on the scene.  She is considered to be a "plus-size" model.  Jennie has a fabulous attitude towards body image.  Everyone is perfect just the way they are.  She says that women should stop worrying about their thighs--they're just fine.  

Jennie writes, 
“There's no need to glamorize one body type and slam another. We need to stop this absurd hatred towards bodies for being different sizes. It doesn't help anyone and it's getting old.”  

refreshing perspective

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

crash at Minnesota airport

It was two bald eagles crashing to the ground.  Their talons were locked together and they didn't or couldn't release in time.  Both are expected to be fine.  One flew away while being transported to a wildlife rehabilitation center in Duluth.  The other is being treated at the center.  eagles

The Best Donut in Minnesota...

Everyone in Winona has known this for years.  But now it's official.  The best donut in Minnesota comes from Bloedow's Bakery in Winona.  If you haven't had these donuts, it's worth the drive to Winona to get some.  Bloedow's

Monday, May 13, 2013

When sheets of ice attack

Homes around the Lake Mille Lacs area were attacked by sheets of ice.  The high winds caused the the glacier-like ice to rise out of the lake and surge towards homes causing damage.  Luckily there were no injuries.  ice sheets


What would you do if you were at a playoff game for the Blackhawks vs. the Minnesota Wild and you went into labor?  You'd stay to see the end of the game of course.  That's what one Blackhawk's fan did.  Just hours after the game ended, she gave birth to Owen Michael.  That's a die-hard fan!  

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ghosts in Miley's house

When Miley Cyrus was on a European tour in 2011, she wanted a place to call home.  The house she got was not what she expected.  Twice Miley said that she saw a young boy watching her.  According to Miley, the ghost of the young boy may have been the son of a previous owner who is deceased.  Miley's ghost

puppy survives

Kia, as the puppy is now named, was trapped inside a locked vehicle for a month before it was discovered.  It lived on old McDonald's food that had been left behind.  She is being treated at an animal shelter in Kansas City, MO and will be placed in a foster home when she's healthy enough to leave.  Truly amazing that she survived.  Lucky Dog

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

sea monster

A carcass washed up on the shore of a New Zealand beach.  A video of the creature was posted on youtube asking if anyone knew what it was.  A marine mammal expert has claimed that it is a killer whale but DNA tests shows it to be a sperm whale.  sea monster?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Amazing helicopter pilot

Helicopter pilots often have to maneuver in tight places but there's one pilot who shines when delivering a doctor to an accident scene.  There is no place for the helicopter to land so the pilot balances on a guard rail as the doctor climbs out.  Then the pilot lifts off and flies away.  Amazing video

Twitter followers are fake

For Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Rihanna that just may be the case.  New software can identify accounts that are fake, or inactive, as well as legitimate followers.  It may seem like a good idea to buy fake followers but it can be disastrous if they lose them all at once or within a few short days.  Not as popular as it seems.

Not a snow day

A small town in Washington gave the kids a day off but it wasn't for a snow day.  They instead got a Sun Day.  The principal checked with parents and staff to make sure that it wouldn't be an inconvenience to anyone before he made the decision to cancel school.  Sun Day

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

dog mourns loss of friend

Beavis the beaver and Bella the dog were inseparable and had a friendship that lasted even after Beavis passed away.  Bella refused to leave the side of her friend.  Even saying goodbye in her own way after seeming to realize that her friend is not coming back. video

all dressed up and no place to go

Students at Bloomington High School in California went to their prom on Saturday night (April 27) but when they arrived, there was no prom.  It was a 40 mile drive to get to the venue but the place was empty.  The school calendar and the prom invitation listed the date as April 27 but the dance had actually been planned for May 4.  A make-up prom will be held on May 18.  Talk about being stood up at prom!  no prom