Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jeff Gordon's on fire

And it's not on the track.  A bus pulling a car hauler caught on fire while on it's way to the Avocare 500 at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.  It appears to be part of the merchandise team. 
Luckily no one was hurt but both southbound lanes of traffic on I-85 in Jackson County were closed so the fire could be contained.  Jeff Gordon was not present.  fire

Bieber is at it again

Justin Bieber does not have a California driver's license.  This is getting him into trouble again.  Bieber should have gotten a CA driver's license within 10 days of moving there but he still hasn't done that and he's lived there since June.  citation issued

The Cat arrives

After winning the vote to become the newest Monopoly piece, the cat is finally here.  Hasbro has begun sending the games to stores with the cat in place of the iron.  This is not the first change to Monopoly.  new game piece

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Don't just rent a hotel room, rent an island

If you split the cost with with 5 others, you will pay just $1608.87 each per night for a minimum of three nights.  This gets you a private island that includes food, drink, and activities.  A helicopter even takes you over to the private island.  vacation of a lifetime

Happy Birthday Mary

Mary's daughter, Julie, wanted to say happy birthday to her mother in a grand way.  But mom didn't want a big party so Julie came up with something else.  She had a billboard created that told people to wish Mary a happy birthday and even provided a phone number to call.  a birthday to remember

Two and a Half Men

The show has actually been just two men lately but a new character is about to unleashed.  Charlie's daughter will move in and take the place of Jake Harper.  Jenny is much like her dad and loves the ladies as much as he did.  new twist


Are you getting double the "stuf" when you buy Double Stuf Oreos?  According to some students in New York, the answer is no.  They tested Oreos to see if double stuf or mega stuf was worth the price and apparently it's not.  oreos

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Love could be waiting

It was a summer romance in 1978...nothing more.  Each had fond memories of that summer but never saw the other again until they connected on facebook.  After all those years, they thought if they met again, it would ruin those happy memories.  But meet they did.  And now...they're married.  If things are meant to be, they will be.  love

Two daughters save mom's life

Asthma can be deadly.  There's no cure for it and the number of people afflicted with it are increasing.  I know the feeling of an asthma attack.  It is the scariest thing I have ever gone through.  Especially if you're far from an inhaler.  This happened to Heather Conrad-Smith while hiking with her family in Oregon.  She started having respiratory failure on the return trip from the hike.  She sent her daughters and their dog ahead to find help while dad carried her.  The girls ran over two miles past downed trees; sometimes having to navigate next to cliffs by a lakeside before they found a ranger and then gave rescuers detailed directions to find their mom.  These girls were only 5 and 7.  brave girls

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sandy reveals another bottle

Fifty years ago, Dennis Komsa wrote a note and placed it in a mason jar.  He tossed it into the ocean in the hopes someone would find it and respond to his questions contained in the note.  He also included a nickel so that there would be money for postage.  
Norman Stanton was helping with clean up after Hurricane Sandy and found the jar in some debris at his sister's home.  Norman and his sister have since met Dennis and they believe that this shows that anything is possible.  mason jar

everything is gone

Paul Irwin had just finished 5 years with the Coast Guard in Washington and was planning to head to St. Louis, MO.  His mother lived there and he was going to complete his education.  After being the best man in his friend's wedding, he had packed his U-Haul and was ready for an early Tuesday morning start.  When he awoke, the U-Haul, everything in it, and his attached car were all gone.  His car was found a couple miles away but the windows had been smashed and the stuff inside was missing as well.  Karma needs to find the thieves and slap them upside the head!  stolen

Friday, August 16, 2013

Bride's dress is stolen on wedding day

The bride called 911 to report that her wedding dress was stolen from her vehicle.  Touched by the bride's story, the dispatcher decided to offer her own wedding dress as a replacement.  The bride accepted and her day was saved.
 It took a lot of things to fall into place to make it happen but all was fine in the end.  wedding day saved

Bear plays Goldilocks

A bear tore through a screen and entered a lanai to take a nap.  It didn't go for any food or try to enter the house...just took a nap.  The Florida homeowner's son and babysitter took pictures of the bear before it just wandered off on it's own.  sleeping bear

Hey! That lion barks.

A zoo in China is in trouble after it was discovered that they have substituted domesticated animals for the rare live animals that were supposed to be there.  A woman and her son realized what was going on when the lion started to bark. Two rodents became snakes, a dog became a wolf, and a white fox stood in for a leopard.  There are even reports that zoo workers have painted dogs black and white to look like pandas.  fake zoo animals

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

poor dog

A white Dodge Durango with North Carolina plates was spotted on I-95 traveling at 70 mph.  Not really a strange sight until you see what's trailing behind it.  A small dog in an open airline crate was attached to the back of the vehicle by a bungee cord and a nylon strap on a cargo holder.  The dog had no water and not even enough room to turn around.  Calls were made to law enforcement but the vehicle wasn't stopped until it reached South Carolina.  endangered dog

pictures of Perseid meteor shower

If you missed the meteor showers, here are some pictures.  perseid

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

11-year-old driver

Tyler Clem can't even drive a car but he races in an 805 hp sprint car.  He finished 18th out of 20 in his first race.  His father, Bubba the Love Sponge (Todd Clem), is not worried about his son's safety even though there have been 3 deaths and the injuries to Tony Stewart in the last few months.  sprint car racing

Friday, August 9, 2013

Four puppies saved

A woman noticed a man stuffing 4 puppies into a plastic bin.  She knew that they wouldn't have air while sealed in there and set in motion a plan to save them.  The man boarded a bus so Samantha Haas called her friend, Annie Hart, who ran an animal rescue group.  They managed to slow the bus until Annie could get on and talk with the man.  She finally convinced him to let her take the puppies.  Three are doing great and the fourth should be fine but he's a tiny one and has some health issues.  rescued puppies

confused sea turtles

Nearly 100 baby sea turtles were heading for the front door of a resort in Florida.  A cop noticed the wrong-way turtles and set about to save them.  The turtles were put into a box and released into the water.  turtles saved

Thursday, August 8, 2013

dead shark

It's shark week and that's not just on tv.  A dead 1.5-foot shark was found on a subway train in New York.  Some took pictures (and added props) and some thought it was odd that it was there.  We may never know why the shark decided to take that train.  shark

Not a "white" wedding but a "wet" wedding

A couple from Alaska decided to get married in a very wet way.  They waded through a river as attendants held fishing poles to create an arch.  It was a perfect choice because the outdoors and fishing is such a big part of their lives.  wet wedding

boy saved after night in Australian wilderness

Seven-year-old Simon Kruger walked away from a family picnic and got lost.  He was picking flowers for his mother when a kangaroo approached him.  The kangaroo ate the flowers and then slept next to the boy which kept Simon warm all night.  He was spotted the next day by a rescue helicopter.  His family believes that it's a miracle and that the kangaroo was sent by God to keep him alive. boy saved

stolen package

An Arizona man caught a theft on camera.  Unfortunately it was the theft of his own Amazon package.  He's used his humor in trying to find out who the robber is.  package thief

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

no immediate return for Stewart

Tony Stewart will be out of racing for more than just one race.  He's already had two surgeries and has one more to come.  Max Papis will drive for him at Watkins Glen but Stewart will also need replacements for a few more weeks.  This will end his chances at a championship this year.  Stewart

Oh, to be this rich...

You're planning a trip and you absolutely must have your pet accompany you.  So, call a vet, who then arranges a flight and takes care of the animal while in flight.  How much money do you actually have to have to make this a reality?  Dr. Cindy Bressler is a vet to the celebrities and along with two partners
has started a business called, "JetSetVets."  They're the country's only private-jet, ride-along-vet, concierge service.  Talk about a pampered pet!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Stewart out for a race

Tony Stewart was competing in an Outlaw Race at the Iowa Speedway on Monday night when he was involved in a crash.  He was taken to the hospital where he had surgery on a broken leg.  This will put him out of the Watkins Glen race on Sunday.  He's currently in 11th place in the Sprint Cup standings.  This will probably push him out of the top 12.  He will have to fight hard to regain his place with only 5 races to go until the Chase starts.  There have been two deaths recently in sprint racing:  Jason Leffler in June and on Sunday, Kramer Williamson died during a qualifying race.  Tony Stewart

Monday, August 5, 2013

mayor wins second term

That in itself would not be an exciting thing but when the Mayor is only 4, it's a different story.  Bobby Tufts won the election last year at only 3 and decided to run again.  The town of Dorset, MN, holds the election every year.  They don't have a formal government in the town of 22-28 people.  Each vote costs $1 and the money is used towards the town's festival.  youngest mayor

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Jetman makes the news

EAA Airventure is going on in Oshkosh this week.  The jetman, Yves Rossy, is making news there.  He flew in formation with a B-17 Bomber.  jetman--see the video