Sunday, November 20, 2011

NBC brings back The Munsters

Instead of being a comedy, it will come back as a drama with all the usual characters. NBC may be banking on the latest success of monsters in mainstream movies and television series. The Munsters

Moms cheer for football team

A small school in Michigan (215 students) has no cheerleading squad. The football team is in the playoffs and some of the moms wanted to show support for the boys. They wear a spare jersey belonging to their sons and shout cheers from the sidelines even bringing back some old cheers that haven't been heard in a while. cheering moms

Shrinking lakes in Texas show surprises

The drought in Texas has brought unexpected results. A town, grave sites, and an Indian burial ground are just some of the things that have been discovered. Because of laws against disturbing sacred burial sites, no further excavation will be done there. The other graves discovered, however, will be exhumed and moved to a cemetery. town exposed


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Beer Hunter's Express

Saturday, November 19 was the Beer Hunter's Express. Two buses full of wild women went to 5 different spots to party. They also had dinner along the way from North Country Steak Buffet. My friend, Wendy, goes every year and always has a blast. It does look like fun.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

buy a "thin" house

The definition of a thin house is one in which you can touch the walls when standing in the middle of the room. There are a number of reasons why these houses were built. See some pictures and prices here.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chase driver will not race at Texas

Kyle Busch has been sanctioned for his role in crashing Ron Hornaday in Friday nights truck race. He will not be able to drive on Sunday so Michael McDowell will be in the number 18 car at Texas. In 7th place, just 57 points behind Carl Edwards, this will probably end any chance he may have had to win the championship. Kyle Busch

Marriage on Conan O'Brien's late night show

Conan legally officiated during a marriage ceremony on his show Friday night. They were filming in New York City where same sex marriage is now legal. The show's costume designer, Scott, wed his long time partner, David. Here's wishing them a lifetime of love. Conan wedding

Cleaning woman makes huge mistake

She cleaned what she thought was a stain from a piece of art worth a million dollars. The artist was Martin Kippenberger who passed in 1997. The piece was on loan from a private collector. Now decisions have to be made...try to restore it if that's even possible...trash it...file charges. That's one thorough cleaning woman--she may get offers for jobs...she might need another one in case she has to pay for the art. That would be an expensive lesson. million dollar oops

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Justin Bieber a dad?

A young woman has come forward claiming that Justin Bieber fathered her 3-month -old son. She says that they met after a concert and had an encounter in the bathroom at the Staple Center in Los Angeles. He's denying it, of course, so we'll have to wait for the results of the DNA test. daddy Justin?

Jeremy Mayfield in trouble again.

After being banned from NASCAR for failing a drug test, Mayfield fought the ruling but has not been allowed to race again. Now he's been arrested for meth possession. Police were searching his home for stolen items when the drugs were found. He's out on bail but it doesn't look good for him. Jeremy Mayfield