Saturday, April 14, 2012

Trouble Shooter opens for LoCash Cowboys

Friday, April 13, was definitely a lucky day. Trouble Shooter took the Stoney Creek Inn stage at 6pm. The crowd had just started filing in so there was plenty of room to spare. By the time Trouble Shooter finished their first song, the space in front of the stage was full. Enthusiasm filled the room even if bodies didn't. As they played on, the number of party goers increased. There was dancing and singing right along with the band. As a performer myself, I know what it's like to play to an enthusiastic crowd--you give back the energy you get. There was definitely a lot of give and take going on. Trouble Shooter was upbeat and energetic and put on a show that was more than fitting for an opening band. Job well done guys!!
By about 8pm, the LoCash Cowboys were ready to take over and continue pumping up the crowd. Their high energy was evident as soon as they came on stage. Goosebump producing harmonies filled the air. Their new song, COUNTRY, was amazing! Now the room was full of screaming fans and they pressed forward towards the stage. From my vantage point in the front row, I got several awesome pictures and will be posting them on my facebook page (Terrie Burbs).

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