Sunday, June 17, 2012

Freedom Fest

Saturday night, June 16...Freedom Fest did not disappoint. The Remainders were fabulous as always and proceeded to rev up the crowd. Awesome job guys!
Then Foreigner took the stage and put on a very high energy show. My son commented to me that he didn't realize all of those great songs he knows had come from Foreigner. I was in and out of my seat--some picture taking...some dancing. Foreigner was gracious enough to come back out for an encore and it wasn't just for one song. But then we knew it had to happen because the Westby choir had not been on stage yet. They did a fantastic job.
After Foreigner was done, we got some bad news from Kelly Wilde; a storm was on it's way and a severe thunderstorm warning had been issued. We were all to take cover so some headed to a couple UWL buildings while my son and I chose to sit it out in our van. Less than half an hour later, we were back in our seats waiting for the Fallen Heroes tribute to start. My only complaint was not that we had to take cover but that there are some rude people who take advantage of a situation like that to steal seats.
The Fallen Heroes presentation was emotional as always. I spent the whole time thinking of my two children who are currently in the Navy. I can't even imagine what those families have to endure after losing their loved one.
Late but still raring to go, The Steve Miller Band took the stage. With a more mellow rock sound than Foreigner, they still had the crowd on their feet dancing and singing along with them. They too came back out for a multiple song encore to a standing ovation. I had been waiting for 'Swingtown' and finally got it!
A special shout out to my dinner friends from Freedom Fest...Brian, Gina, and Carrie!

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