Sunday, May 19, 2013

The All-Star Race

I make no secret of the fact that I love NASCAR.  I run the board on Kicks106.3 for most of the races so that listeners can hear the race if they can't watch it on tv--or for those die-hard fans who like to listen to a different perspective as they watch it on tv.  The All-Star race had some changes last night.  I was a bit confused by all of it and I'm not sure why those particular changes were made.   I didn't think that it made anything more exciting.  Usually I can hear the excitement in the voices of the announcers and even without seeing it, I can imagine what's happening on the track.  That didn't seem to be there for this All-Star race.  If I had been at home watching, I certainly would have fallen asleep before the finish.

I didn't enjoy either of the singers and although it's awesome that fans got to say the most famous words in motorsports, I dislike screamers.  There's a huge difference between screaming those words and being enthusiastic about them.  

Of course, the red flag for rain didn't help matters either.  Jimmie Johnson wins in the last 10 lap shootout...yawn........I don't dislike Jimmie.  I think he's a great driver--very talented.  But once he got out front for those 10 laps, the race was over.  I hate the wrecks but I want to see (or hear) some battles happening on the track. There should be some mystery about who's going to win.  NASCAR used the driver's average finish from the first four segments to determine the order of the pitting before the last 10 laps and it was a mandatory 4-tire stop.  Jimmie's crew had an 11 second pit stop and the race was over.  The pit crew deserves the $1,000,000.  All-Star

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