Tuesday, May 5, 2015

military honors

When military personnel retire, they are guaranteed medical care for the rest of their life.  However, when a military canine retires, they are entirely dependent on their adoptive families.  At least they're not left behind anymore.  They're brought back to the states to live out their life with a loving family.  
These dogs didn't ask to be in the military, they're drafted and they perform their jobs with great loyalty.  They never question why they're asked to walk into a mine field or why someone is shooting at them.  Many of these dogs develop medical complications resulting from their service to our country yet they are not eligible for any sort of treatment.  
Baddy was one of those military dogs who came back to the states to be adopted.  When he developed cancer, he was refused any kind of care from the government even though he protected two presidents.  Baddy's handler became his adoptive parent and spent every dime of her savings to give Baddy some extra time in this life.  Eventually, Baddy succumbed to his ailment and passed away.  The government wouldn't even give Baddy a military funeral.  Now, some may say that it's crazy to think that he should even deserve that but he served his country and DOES deserve at least medical care and a funeral. After all, he never questioned his duties.  
The local American Legion stepped up and gave Baddy the funeral service he deserved.  It even included a 21-gun salute.  
After reading this story, it took me a minute to compose myself.  It's very heart-wrenching to think that we essentially abandon these heroes after they retire.  Baddy's story

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