Wednesday, May 18, 2016

harassed in a bathroom

A Connecticut woman was in a bathroom when another woman started harassing her for being transgender.  First, it's not ok to harass anyone for using the bathroom and second, she's a WOMAN in a WOMEN'S bathroom.  This hysteria over transgender has to stop.  Think about it this way...if a transgender goes into a men's bathroom wearing a dress, how disruptive would that be?  It's much safer for her to use the women's bathroom. 
And how about the women who take their sons into the bathroom with them?  Some of these children are definitely old enough to use the bathroom by themselves but the mother feels it's safer for them to be with her.   Where do you draw the line on safety?
Transgender people have been using their identified restroom for years and no one has ever had an issue with it...why now?  stop the hysteria 

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