Wednesday, February 15, 2017

wandering rooster

A rooster showed up at a gas station in Michigan.  It ate some of the deer feed that was there and when it was gone, the workers thought the rooster would leave but it didn't.  So they named it "Kevin" and decided to keep it.  Kevin has become very popular with customers and now has a box coop for it's home.  A local woman brought some hay for Kevin and apparently he loves peanut butter crackers.  Kevin reminds me of Wendy.  I had a hen show up at my house one day and we have kept her.  She lives in a very large dog kennel with two houses inside and plenty of perches.  We've given her a heating lamp and lots of hay.  Wendy doesn't get any peanut butter crackers but she does get cracked corn every day, bread, and in the summer time...plenty of bugs.  Kevin

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