Wednesday, August 24, 2011

9/11...10th anniversary

The date has become famous because of the tragedy that happened 10 years ago. It is a day of grieving and remembrance. It is time to take that day back from the terrorists. A couple plans to marry on that day--for them, it will be a day of celebration. Eddie Casinover and Christine Briggs will wed on 9/11 after winning a wedding contest. Musket Ridge Golf Club decided to run the contest to shed light on the fact that most civilians are avoiding doing anything that might be a celebration on that day. I know there are many quotes out there along this thought: Forgetting our past--dooms us to repeat it. My daughter entered the military one week before that fateful day which sent me for a loop. I, for one, will not give in to terrorists and will take back my September 11 from now on. I will never forget that day or those that we lost. 9/11 anniversary

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