Saturday, August 6, 2011

Poison and Motley Crue concert at Fort McCoy was awesome

I arrived just before Poison took the stage. At first, there was something wrong with their sound. That was soon fixed and I kept thinking that Poison should have been the headliner. They were amazing--we sang along and danced. But then... Motley Crue commanded the stage--came on with a bang (literally). If anyone in the crowd was bored, tired, or just not paying attention; they were well aware that Motley Crue had started. The crowd stood for most of their performance especially when Tommy Lee played the drums while riding around an upright circle contraption. I still don't know how he could concentrate and play amazingly while traveling upside down. A military personnel was invited to ride along and did great on the "air" drums. Both bands had awesome stage shows with plenty of pyrotechnics but I have to agree with my friend, Rick, that Motley's stage show was the absolute best I have ever seen.

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