Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Eagles Cancer Telethon

I remember the first time my youngest son competed in a singing competition. He was just a youngster but everyone who heard him knew he had an amazing voice. It was the Winona County Fair in St. Charles. I entered him into the kids' category and he would be singing a song called "Battle Hymn of Love." It was a duet but he was confident that he could do it all by himself. They started the music and he ran off stage. I convinced him to come back but as the music started again, he ran off stage crying. I knew if I didn't get him back on stage right away that he may never have the courage to sing again in front of people. So after calming him down, I went to the judges and asked if they could move him out of the kids' category and put him in the open category and I would sing with him. It was a duet anyway and the female was supposed to sing first. We did a great job and took third place...the open category is a tough competition. We won $10 which I let him keep. He has since amazed audiences all over the area.

Forward to present time...we will both be singing at the Eagles Cancer Telethon January 17 at the Rochester Civic Center. We have been given three sets and possibly a fourth. Our first starts at about 12:30am on Sunday morning. I'm not really sure how soon after or when the other sets will be. But for all the night owls, it will stream live on eaglescancertelethon.org and be broadcast on KTTC (channel 10 on Charter). I just hope I can sing well enough to match my son's beautiful voice.
This year means more to me than all the other years we've sung on this show. My recent surgery and the fact that I'm still alive and able to sing is a blessing. 

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