Saturday, March 26, 2016

boy receives medal

Myles Eckert was only 5 weeks old when his father was killed in Iraq.  He carries his father's dog tags and wedding ring with him.  On a trip to a Cracker Barrel in Toledo, Ohio, 11 year old Myles found a $20 bill in the parking lot.  He thought about the things he could buy with that $20 but changed his mind when he saw a soldier walk into the restaurant.  He wrote a touching note to the soldier and wrapped the $20 inside.  He said that his family always pays it forward so that's why he was giving the money away.   He signed the note, "Myles Eckert, a Gold Star kid."  Myles went on to help raise nearly $2 million dollars for Gold Star charities.  For his selfless service to others, Myles has been awarded a medal by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.  After the ceremony, he went to visit his father's talk.  Myles, a Gold Star kid

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