Friday, March 11, 2016


Army Veteran Julio Munoz had expected to be reunited with his service dog when he returned from active duty.  The two had formed a bond while protecting each other in a war zone.  But when Munoz returned to the US, he discovered that his dog had wrongfully been sold to someone else.  The group in charge of reuniting soldiers with their dog counterparts has been caught selling these dogs instead of giving them to their rightful owners.  And it seems that the Pentagon is far not much can be done to get these dogs back where they rightfully belong.  Munoz is one of the lucky ones.  Kim Scarborough has had "Ben" for 3 years and tracked down Munoz so that he could be back with his dog.  Sure hope there are more people like Kim that will help get these dogs to their true owners.  one down, many to go

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