Friday, April 1, 2016

Trump supporter turns

This defector is named Stephanie Cegielski and she was Trump's top strategist.  She believed that he wanted to start a different dialog about politics.  But in the beginning he also claimed that he didn't want to be President...just wanted to force a change.  Now his ego has gotten in the way and there's no stopping him.  Stephanie is an expert in public relations and public policy.  That's why she was brought on board.  Her job was to make Trump finish second in delegate count but in no way was he going to be President.  She can no longer support Trump and wants other supporters to know the real story before a tragic ending to this election happens.  She claims that Trump is only out to benefit Trump...not his supporters or this country.  She has written an open letter to all of Trump's supporters in the hopes that they will see the truth.  read the letter

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