Thursday, December 8, 2016

Lowe's hires a dog

In Abilene TX, the local Lowe's was looking for a part-time employee.  One person who came for an interview was Clay Luthy who is a disabled Air Force Veteran.  He brought his service dog Charlotte with him.  Clay was the best for the job and was offered the position.  Lowe's also allowed Charlotte to be by his side.  She even has her own official Lowe's vest and is delighting customers.  Judy and Brian Rose took a picture and praised Lowe's for hiring both Clay and Charlotte.  They posted it on Facebook for their friends to see.  But the post went viral.  They've since returned to the store to apologize for bringing so much attention to Clay and his dog but he's not bothered by it.  Way to go Lowe's!

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