Saturday, September 24, 2011

Adoption with minutes to spare

11-month old Alyssa wasn't theirs yet but they were determined to make that happen. A young mother had come into their church months before with a newborn that she could no longer care for. She willingly gave her to church members and eventually signed off her rights. After being passed around to different homes, Tracey and Marshall McClain became attached and wanted the baby to be theirs. Unfortunately, Marshall, became ill and didn't have much time left. He was a vietnam vet and wanted his benefits to go to Alyssa but that was impossible without the adoption. Under South Carolina law, if the father is known, he must also sign off rights before the child can be adopted. So, the search began. He was finally located at the Moss Justice Center in York. The McClain's lawyer didn't have 30 days to wait for a response to filing an adoption notice so he went straight to the jail to visit Alyssa's father. The father didn't even know he was one; but after some consideration, decided to sign off. From there, things fell into place. A cancellation became available on the docket, the guardian was also available, as was the woman who did the home study on the McClain's. Court documents were signed at 12:09pm. Tracey phoned home to let them know that Alyssa was theirs. Marshall McClain received the news and 8 minutes later he was gone. emotional adoption

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