Tuesday, September 6, 2011

retired firefighter--face of 9/11

Bob Beckwith was already retired 10 years ago when that fateful day happened. He went to help his grandson who had been hit by a car. He stayed with his grandson until the ambulance arrived then stopped by his home on his way to the hospital where he learned about the crashes. At the hospital, along with his family, he learned that his grandson would be fine. His thoughts then turned to what was unfolding at the World Trade Center. His family convinced him for two days that he shouldn't go down there. But on September 13, he learned that a friend's son had not come out yet and he decided it was time to act. He put on his old helmet, an FDNY t-shirt, and talked his way through the barricades. He helped in many ways but the most memorable was when a Secret Service Agent told him to help the "next person" up onto the rubble. That person just happened to be President George W. Bush. Instead of leaving as he had been told by the Secret Service, President Bush convinced him to stay and they had a picture taken together. This picture graced the cover of the New York Post and later Time magazine. After turning down several invitations to tell his story on national programs, Bob finally relented and began making public appearances. When offered money for these appearances, he asks instead that the money be donated to the Burn Center. Bob's story

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