Monday, September 8, 2014

Elvis Explosion

This past weekend was the Elvis Explosion at the LaCrosse Center.  I'm not a huge Elvis fan but I do love watching a good performer.  ETA Brad Boice has become a friend  because one of my best friends, Cheri, is a huge Elvis fan and Brad's fan club president.  I got to see him perform on the big stage--wow!!  He is so talented.  The other headliners were amazing as well.  The sound, lights, and stage were top-notch.  It was definitely a professionally run show.  Kudos to Ronny Craig for that!  The backing band was phenomenal.  I learned that the contestants don't get to practice with the band--they just walk on stage and go for it.  That's a very difficult thing to do.  So the fact that some of them were not very good is not surprising to me.  Some of the contestants were awesome though.  I also discovered that there is an Elvis product out there for everyone.  Including a roll of toilet paper with Elvis' likeness on it.  Who would even use that?  There were clothing items, knick knacks, household items, and books available for purchase.  Elvis' bodyguard was there and he's got a book out that was written by his then girlfriend.  Living in "The Elvis World"  book info  
One of the contestants from Kentucky even drove an old collector car to the show and they had it available for pictures with fans.  

I even got to see Rod Stewart and Gene Simmons of KISS.  

It is definitely a night that I will not soon forget.  I do, however, think I've had my fill of Elvis for quite some time lol.  You can check out Ronny Craig's facebook page for more info on The LaCrosse Elvis Explosion.

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