Sunday, September 7, 2014

idiot karaoke host

I despise karaoke hosts who are too stupid to know how to run a fair rotation. I met one Friday night. I signed up for one song--just one song--that's all I wanted to do. I did that at the beginning of the night expecting to sing my one song and then enjoy all of the other singers. The place was very busy and filled with Elvis impersonators so I understand why they were called up to sing. But two songs in a row for each one? That was a bit over the top considering all of the people who wanted to sing. Then this "host" (and I use that term loosely because he sucked at it), put all of his friends up before others. His friends who didn't even walk into the place until last minute. After 3 hours, I voiced my displeasure with him and I walked out.  I should've left earlier but I thought I would give the guy a chance.  And hey, I warned him I was a B***H!  He should've listened lol.  I'm glad that he is not from around this area because I will never go to another one of his shows. Plus, I will never step foot in that bar again because they allowed it. They can sell their $2.50 glass of pop to someone else.

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